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  1. Call Rugged Gear and ask them! I ruined one of mine because the way the clip works was backwards from what I expected. If there were any instructions with it, I did not read nor save them. I did manage to fix it so that wheel's never coming off again.
  2. I agree with August. The range on the wireless is pretty limited. If I'm not wearing it I usually set it up on a tripod and leave it running. Here's a link to a refurbished one from GoPro. I think this model is the most useful and easy to use. (I have several) https://shop.gopro.com/refurbished/refurbished-hero5-session/CHDNH-B16.html
  3. I can relate to this, I have about 300 pistol rounds that I can't use in my revolvers right now because the primers back out and jam up the gun. Fortunately they do work fine in my Bond derringer so I guess I'll be getting a lot of derringer practice in the near future. I loaded some new ones with the recommended minimum charge and found I like them better as they shoot a tad higher on the targets. The shooter mentioned in the OP doesn't reload and purchased his ammo from a supplier in Montana that sells reloads specifically for CAS. I suggested that he request a refund and tell the supplier to pay return shipping if he wants them back.
  4. I didn't notice the error in the OP, It only happened twice. On stage 1 he got a reshoot and used his backup rifle. All 10 rounds fired and cleared the barrel but they were very light loads (even for CAS). On stage 2 he had another squib on the very first shot and the TO told him to ground the rifle and finish the stage. He was offered another reshoot but the shooter had two rifles with him and with both of them now plugged, he declined. He borrowed a rifle for stage 3. This club takes a 15min break between stages 3 and 4, during which he got one of his rifles cleared and I gave him ammo for the last 3 stages.
  5. After the 2nd Squib the TO did tell the shooter he would have to change ammo to continue the match and the shooter complied.
  6. It's a fun diversion from Cowboy shooting. There are two coming up this week at Sussex Shooting Sports in Waverly, VA. One on Thursday 12/27 and then another on Sunday 12/30. Same rules, same people, just different range. Let me know if you're interested. Send me a PM with your email address.
  7. You did very well, You won the main match and the JFrame stage. I won the 1911 stage. Sent you a PM with the score sheet attached.
  8. You do not have to deprime first but if you don't you're missing out on one of the advantages of wet tumbling. Both types of media work very well but being able to pick up some stray media with a magnet can very handy at times.
  9. When I'm spotting, my goal is verify 'hits' first and a correct sequence/round count second. If I witnessed a hit on an appropriate target, it's a hit If I witnessed a hit anywhere else, it's a miss If I did not witness a hit anywhere AND I am certain that there was not one on an appropriate target, it's a miss. I call what I am certain of. I am aware that we can all be completely certain of something and still be wrong. I try to relax my focus and take in as much of the field as I can so that I can detect stray rounds, ricochets, edge hits, etc... Our matches frequently include round count stages so you have to be looking at all the targets since you can't be sure where the shooter will start or what order they will proceed.
  10. Uh Hmm, so if everyone was to start doing this, are you saying that you will too? (you set yourself up and I couldn't let it pass )
  11. Reminder: TOs are not allowed to call or overrule hits/misses. (period!) In fact; no one can overrule your call on misses but you can be out voted (which is not a bad thing). on Q. One. You could say you are hearing a miss but it would be more accurate to say that you heard a hit that was not on a valid target for that firearm, which constitutes a miss. On Q. Two. I too have witnessed favoritism occur on occasion and in one case was so blatant I nearly gave up this game before I really got started. However; I have come to accept that this game is played by people and everybody has bias' of one sort or another. Reality sucks sometimes and is rarely fair. btw; I am also very popular and I'm sure everyone adores me. I think this is why everyone seems so intent on paying extra close attention and catching every little mistake I make.
  12. I believe this is the reason that some of the guns break transfer bars and other don't. If the transfer bar is too thick and/or the hammer relieve is too shallow, then the transfer bar absorbs all of the energy of the hammer falling. When fit correctly, the upper tip of the hammer should contact the frame and take the majority of the pounding. After 3 broken transfer bars, all my Rugers now have SBH hammers with half cock notches and welded up noses so they no longer use transfer bars. I kept the original hammers and have transfer bars to install if I decide to part with or repurpose the pistols. Ruger will replace the broken parts for free but it won't be much consolation for the match you just lost 'cause your gun broke. btw; the transfer bars I have do have an added thickness to them at the top which I now suspect is there to allow for fitting. Didn't notice this until after it was no longer an issue for me.
  13. I followed the link to the guidelines that you just provided to Texas Jack and it may (or may not) surprise you that I had never read them before.  I just rely on my own sense of decency to guide me and it serves me well in most cases.


    Well... I still haven't read them, 


    I got through the first 30 lines or so before just scanning the rest of the way and deciding that it was going to be way too much work for me to parse that out in a way that my brain can absorb it.  The guidelines are written in a fashion similar to the terms and conditions that many organizations publish.  In the case of Ts & Cs, they are done that way on purpose to discourage people from actually reading or truly understanding them (along with using microscopic fonts).  I don't believe that is the intent here.


    I took technical writing classes in college but that was so long ago that I cannot quote all of the rules and/or suggestions but one that I am always conscious of is: You need to provide adequate empty space between thoughts and paragraphs to give the reader a chance to catch their breath, ponder, and understand what they have just read.  The forum guidelines I just looked at are in desperate need of empty spaces.


    If you were to poll your local community, you may find someone that does technical writing for a living or sideline and might be willing to do some editing.


    Anyway,  I hope that you will accept this bit of criticism in the friendly manner in which it is intended.  I chose to present this privately in light of the current climate and didn't want to provide some folks with more stuff to rant about.


    I do want you to remember and consider that many of us truly appreciate the work that you and the others volunteer to do for the benefit of all.  I don't always agree with you but then, I never always agree with anyone.  (not even myself :huh:)     I am not trying to be sycophantic!   (I learned a new word today and I'm practicing using it in a sentence. :D)


    Now!  back away from that computer! Grab your guns and ammo and go shoot something! (inanimate, of course) 

    1. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Hi Cody,


      You did not Private Message me. This message is on my profile for all to see. As is this answer.


      I agree wholeheartedly that the Guidelines are hard to read. I also agree about the empty (I learned it as white) space. I am well versed in Business Communication and Technical Writing. I have a 1998 BS (LOL) in Business Administration (Accountancy Concentration) and at my last job, took several classes in technical writing. I just do not choose to spend more time than I already do on the Wire.


      I've searched and searched; but cannot find it. Someone, rewrote the Guidelines in an easier to read format. I sent it to HQ and nothing happened.


      Thank you for your message!



    2. CodyMaverick




      It started as a private message but after typing all that and clicking send, I was informed you could not receive it.  Box full maybe?  Don't know...


      Tried it this way and I supposed it's reasonably private in that someone would have to visit your profile to see it.  It was never meant to be 'secret' just didn't want it to be 'fuel'.


      I was not suggesting that you could not do a better job of writing that stuff, in fact I was quite certain you could even without knowing your educational background.  I just wasn't about to suggest that you (personally) should because of what you just confirmed,  you do spend more than enough time with this and you've taken it on as a job.  As for myself, this is just infotainment.


      Over the few years I've come here, I have seen many people make some offense and be told to go and read the guidelines and now I wonder if the suggestion was meant as punishment.  Just kidding.:DHowever; should it ever become my turn, please just make me go sit in the corner. :(

    3. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217
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