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  1. Captain Curly Strait… I’m a bit perplexed by your question. Your title “Spirit of the game” suggests a question about one of our rules, but it appears you are considering a more global application of the term. If your question is about the merits of shooting clean vs shooting fast-and-clean vs just shooting fast and darn the clean, then I think you’re approaching a very slippery slope, as each of these three virtues can be supported by rather lengthy and interesting responses and arguments. Seems that the essence of your question is that we should all shoot fast and accurately (i.e, CLEAN) as if our lives depend on it. Is that a correct evaluation of your question? RR
  2. JJ... Let's connect realtime - I may have a 19˝ barrel for you. What length are you looking for? Are you shooting at PRVC this weekend? RR
  3. Mad-Cap Zack... Thx for photo. While it appears that lifter is coming all the way up, it is hard to tell its precise height from the photos. Helps to know rifle is brand new so friction fit of lifter should not be the problem. I'd like to suggest that you try some RNFP. Regarding your request, I'm using a 185g RNFP (with 4.5g Trail boss) and I find they feed better than tapered bullets. Did you check that the firing pin is not getting stuck in its forward position and interfering with the cartridge's rim as it comes up? (The firing pin in the Pedersoli Lightning has a spring - so it should not stay in the forward position.) I'm sending you a PM with contact info - let's communicate real-time. RR
  4. MCP... As I mentioned previously, I don't think its a crimping problem. Still sounding more like the lifter not staying fully up - or possibly not coming fully up. Did you check the lifter's friction-fit as I suggested in previous post? RR
  5. Mad Cap Zack... Or... 4) if you are not the original owner, a previous owner might have tried to ease the fit of the lifter in the lower trigger assembly. The lifter should be a good friction-fit in the trigger assembly so that it stays in place after it comes to its most UP position. You can test this by: a) have no cartridges in the rifle, b) open action fully, c) close bolt about 1/2" to 5/8", and d) push down on lifter with a stick or pencil. There should be some reasonable resistance before it can be pushed down. (If the lifter goes down too easily, it will allow the cartridge to cock upwards at a bad angle, as shown in your photo, rather than being pushed into the chamber.) If this is the case, the problem is easily solved by simply replacing the lifter (as long as previous owner modified the lifter and not the lower trigger assembly frame). PS: I don't see this as a crimping or OAL issue. The Lightning is very forgiving of OAL, as long as you do not exceed the designed OAL of a .45LC cartridge (1.600") the length should not be a problem. RR
  6. Mad Cap Zack - I sent you a PM so you can get assembly/disassembly manual (Thanks Yul !) Sounds like one of several problems - could be that: 1) someone removed your ejector plates and put the left one back in the right side and vice versa - this will improperly position the cartridge between the lifter and the ejector plates (which act as guides when cartridge is being loaded (can't tell from your photo). 2) that the lifter is not coming up high enough. 3) that cartridge is not sliding up against the face of the bolt (check to see if firing pin is sticking out of bolt face and preventing rim of cartridge from sliding up bolt face and into extractor (can see in photo), 4) or.... ??? I sent you my cell phone info in PM - can you text me a video of what's happing? Roger Rapid
  7. I was asked about the Chemistry stage: Gunpowder ’N Grace’s scenario calls for three P/R targets with letters “C” “H” and “O” on them. Stage starts with the TO asking “What prevents scurvy?” to which the shooter responds “Vitamin C - C6H8O6” - at the beep, shooter engages the three targets with pistols and rifle (in any order) in a 6, 8, 6 sweep starting on the left, then moves to shotgun targets. RR
  8. Ditto on Bushy Blonco's recommendation on Bear Creek Bullets. Bear Creek owner - Steve - is a great guy to work with and his bullets are very reliable and feed super well, especially in rifles where bullets feed from angled lifters like '92s and Lightnings. RR
  9. At the Pozo River Vigilance Committee (Santa Margarita, CA) we run several theme (team) matches each year. In January we do Bushy’s Diabolically Deranged Distance Deviations in which each stage features targets at different distances from “Bordertown close,” to SASS minimum, to SASS maximum, to darn far away, etc. In March we do a “James Gang” match with each team shooting outlaw style. Then, in July we do a “Custer’s Last Stand” match where each team attacks about 50 red and blue targets spread out and back up on the hill in our Eliminator Bay - with many of the targets being the swivel type that turn from red to blue - or vice versa - when hit and turned (the team with the most colors standing wins). And, in October we do a “Gunfight at the OK Corral” match at our “Alright Corral” with shooters attacking reactive paper targets with pistol and shotgun only, but only shooting the pistols double- or single-dualist. They’re all fun … but our last match on September 28th was super fun - and challenging! It was our first “Back to School” match created by PRVC member Gunpowder ’N Grace. G’NG is a school teacher and she hit it out of the park with six very clever scenarios, each of which related to a school class: Spanish, English, Math, Sports, Chemistry, and History. For example (see photo), it started with the English stage that featured four pistol targets painted with the letters S L O P, and five rifle targets with the letters M I S P. The scenario called for the shooter to spell “SLOOP” with the first five shots, and “POOLS” with the second five shots. Moving to the rifle window, the shooter had to load an extra round and spell “MISSISSIPPI.” And the day just got better from there, including a brain-testing sweep at the math stage, a chemistry formula sweep at the Chemistry stage, and a lot of movement from Position to Position at the Sports stage. Folks even got a report card. And, to top it off, Ruthless Rose provided desserts of Twinkies, DingDongs, and cupcakes! As to challenging, well out of 25-30 shooters, we usually have at least three or four who shoot clean, and receive our coveted clean-shoot Bison pin - everyone failed school and no one nailed a clean match! And, I must admit I really do know how to spell “MISSISSIPPI” but my rifle tried to spell it a different way this time! Wanted to share the idea and the fun (happy to share the scenarios if you’re interested.) RR
  10. Jailhouse Jim is right about the CURRENT over-10-round-magazine-issue in California - BUT if you do Google it be sure to check the date of the ruling you find. It's been a bouncing ball in California. The rule was passed about a year and a half ago, then about six months ago it was rescinded for about a month or so (where there was a buying spree on high-capacity magazines) and then that injunction was thrown out again, so we're back to high-capacity magazines being illegal. You can get a 10-round mag for the carbine. RR
  11. Jabez Cowboy... Thanks for the input. I'm curious what you see here as different from other Long Range events you've attended? RR
  12. Snakebite... At PRVC's Lazy Arrow Annual ShootOut (Memorial Day weekend) we do include Long Range: 1) Same day as other side matches 2) First shoot included in match fee, each additional shoot is $2.00. 3) We shoot by distance and gun category, not by age: 100y and 300y in lever smokeless, lever BP, single shot smokeless, single shot BP, and Quigley (320y) - i.e. nine categories. 4) Distances are 100y, 300y, and 320Y(Quigley) 5) Shooter has maximum of two sighters (3 shots only on Quigley, no sighters) 6) Each shooter shoots 10 rounds; takes from about 30 seconds to about 100 seconds (I don't have last year's data in hand). 7) Scores are based on most hits in shortest time (I don't recall that we've ever had a tie-score problem). 8) Of 83 shooters at last year's match, my guess is that 20-25 participated in LR. 9) We've had requests for a bolt-action category, and to open our 500 and 750 yard targets, both of which we have no plans of doing in the foreseeable future. 10) We present a certificate only for side matches (including LR) - no medal pendant - and for First Place only. Best, RR
  13. Surprised ... Roxy West (Amelia) used to respond to emails within same day. Wonder what's going on. RR..
  14. Search for several posts on this topic - it's an important one. There's a rather extensive white paper on the subject in the "DOCUMENTS/PAPERS" section of our web site at: www.PRVCatLazyArrow.com. It is entitled "Controlling Blood Lead Levels." The document is specific to cowboy shooters, is a free download, and has been recently updated to include more details about lead on our hands. RR
  15. Pardners... Regarding my assembly/diassembly manual, I'd like to ask that you do not forward it to someone else unless you also provide me with their email address. I send out updates and corrections from time to time - the current version is rev. 15 - and I want to be sure everyone gets the most current version. I promise not to use the email list for any other purpose than to provide updates or information related to the Pedersoli Lightning. (The current version is 28 pages and the PDF file is 9M.) Thanks... RR
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