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  1. If you shoot these at Bordertown and have a scenario where you can stage your pistols, you can put the grip on the table and rest the end of the barrel on the target!!!! RR
  2. Brandon A Bovine and Chuck Steak... Do you happen to have the latitude and longitude? I've got scuba gear! RR
  3. I think an equally inappropriate, but possibly more accurate question, is: "How many gun safes do you own?" RR PS: I should have added, "...in each room of each building?"
  4. MGS.. I understand you wanting to have the part in place, and I assume you noticed that the Colt Lightning will function properly without the slide lock. The job of the slide lock is to lift the rocker arm which releases the slide and enables the action to be continuously cycled to empty the magazine of its rounds without the hammer dropping. (When the Colt Lightning is fired normally, two tangs on the bottom of the hammer lift the rocker to allow the slide to be cycled.) RR
  5. MGS... I've worked on a few original Colt Lightnings but don't have any extra/spare parts or detailed mechanical drawings of original parts. I have a few photos of some parts but not of the one you need. I'll PM you. If you have another Colt Lightning, take measurements of the part you need from one of the other Colt Lightnings you have. RR
  6. If you ever had a hankering for shootin' where the air is clear, the weather is perfect, the folks are super, the scenarios are both fun and challenging, and the Saturday night banquet dinner is top-of-the-top, then you just have to mosey on out to the SASS Western Regional at CVR! Eight miles from the Pacific Ocean, fun nearby fishing village (Morro Bay) to wander through in your spare time, and much more. Gotta shoot this one! RR
  7. Smokestack... even a bit lighter is same #25 bushing (which should drop 395g of #8) and 14.3g of Clays. RR
  8. Side-by-side shotguns - and your shoulder - greatly benefit from running lighter loads. While there's no great financial savings in reloading your shotgun shells, even the Winchester AA Low-Recoil 980fps rounds are just too hot for our sport. These guns take a heck of a beating from factory loads, and you can extend their life, reduce your frustrations, and maybe do better with your shotgun if you run lighter loads, RR
  9. Not an uncommon problem on various brands of s/s. Can be carefully spot welded in place with great success. Not pretty, but invisible when covered by fore grip. RR
  10. Cowpokes… Here’s the schedule for 5th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut, May 22-24, 2020 at the Pozo River Vigilance Committee’s range in Santa Margarita, CA. Trailers and campers may arrive on Thursday, May 21 after 1:00pm. Our Warm Up and Speed Matches are on Friday, and our Main Match begins on Saturday with six stages Saturday and six Stages on Sunday. Sunday’s Eliminator Match is open to all shooters. The Camatta Ranch’s heralded Wild West BBQ dinner is on Sunday night along with our awards presentation and bluegrass music concert. This is a super fun match on the beautiful 32,000 acre Camatta Ranch - a working cattle ranch with lots of Wild West history. Our range features 13 permanent bays, including our Long Range Bay, Fort Morrison (with targets from 100y to 1,300y), and our Wild West “camp” is nestled in a beautiful canyon. Trailer camping is dry camping but we have flush toilets and hot showers in the campground. Water fill is available when you come into the campground and our Campground Host, Ruthless Rodg, will help you get settled. The campground is immediately adacent to our range, and our range also features flush toilets. To download a PDF copy of our Registratrion form, please CLICK HERE. Attendance is limited ro 90 shooters, so sign up now. (There are significant savings if you register before April 1.) To view our 4.5 minute fun promotional video about this match, please CLICK HERE. And, to learn more about PRVC, our Annual Match, our range, or directions to PRVC, please CLICK HERE to go to our website. Come shoot with us! Roger Rapid and Dust ’N Bottles Match Co-Directors
  11. PWB - thanks for clarification. And, by "staging" it implies the moment it leaves shooter's hands - yes? So, for us TOs to help the shooters, this means examining rifles on their way to the stage, not when they are "staged" (left shooter's hands). .RR
  12. Happy to have new ruling on arriving at stage with cocked/half-cocked rifle, and that TO will have shooter cock rifle, fire it down range and nothing happens = no call, and that "bang" = SDQ. However, is this if cocked-hammer condition is discovered after shooter stages rifle? The rules call for an SDQ if cocked rifle left shooter's hands. Does the new rule override the "cocked rifle left shooter's hands" rule such that the shooter doesn't have the opportunity to prove it clear? Or, must the cocked/half-cocked rifle bar discovered before rifle is staged (i.e., leaves shooter's hands)? RR
  13. To the previous comment about Georgia being so free on gun control, it is interesting to note that of the 4,432 firearms seized by TSA in carried-on baggage in 2019, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport had the highest incidents with 323 LOADED firearms found in checked on baggage! (Compared to 217 in Dallas, 140 in Denver, 138 at George Bush Int'l, 132 In Phoenix, etc.) RR
  14. Thanks to all for a lot of great input and rebuttal on this topic. The underlying spirit of this post was that despite all the rumors and wives tales, you absolutely CAN bring your cowboy action guns and ammo into California as long as you transport them according to California law; not loaded, ammo separate, locked in trunk. There’s a bunch of us Californians who regularly travel to our own clubs, and to our sister clubs, without fear of driving through the whole of California transporting our guns and ammo in our vehicles. And, there’s a bunch of us who travel out of state every year to Winter Range, End of Trail, Bordertown, and more without fear of leaving and returning to California with guns in our vehicles. We have about 35 CAS clubs in California, and many of us host major matches, and we’d love to have you out-of-staters come and enjoy our state, experience our clubs, meet new fellow cowpokes, and enjoy our matches with us! Come shoot with us! RR PRVC’s Lazy Arrow ShootOut
  15. Ah ha... Further north. Better for us. We'll make it one of these days! RR
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