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  1. And... using properly fitted screwdrivers will go a long way towards reducing slot wear. RR
  2. At the SASS Western Regional (CVR) and at the Lazy Arrow ShootOut (PRVC) the first round is free, and it is $2.00 for each additional round. While many matches record only the fastest scores, we record the time for each round the shooter does. More often than not, they like to review how they've done, and, if they see continuously-improved scores, it temps them to go again. RR
  3. Just got off the phone with a shooter who asked if the bison in the photo Bushy Blonco posted are actually at the range and how available the wildlife is to see if the shooter brings family. The ranch is primarily a working cattle ranch and is fairly well fenced off in various areas according where feeding, water, and breeding is at any time of the year. The North American bison are located near the entrance of the ranch so you will undoubtedly see them when you come in. There are also several pens with exotic animals that the Camatta Ranch raises for sale to various zoos, private ranches, and various institutions, and these are easily visited - and if you can get some time with Camatta Lilly (ranch co-owner and our #1 Deputy) she will give you detailed background and history of the various exotic animals. Our Sheriff, Mountain Man Mark is the other ranch co-owner and most likely will be shooting with us. If you’re lucky to be on his posse he can fill you in with a lot more about the wildlife. On the part of the ranch where our wild west “camp,” range, and camping area are, it is very common for us to see wild boar, deer, cattle, eagles, coyote, and more. So if you are tent camping, you do want tents that fully close, and want to keep food in your vehicles. We are literally in the “wild west.” In fact, last year, an Indian Sqaw rode over the crest of the hill during our opening ceremony. RR
  4. Yul Lose... Yes, I agree that they are great match rifles, and it is amazing how well the original Colts run. My only concern was on shooting an "original" in our sport where things get banged up both on and off the firing line (unless they go in one of your carts, of course!!!). When I first started shooting CAS, I was using an original great-condition first-gen Colt SAA in .32-20 (180,xxx sr#) that I've had since I was a teenager. A cowpoke friend got my attention by telling me what is was worth and alerted me to Uberti's for $600. So, I guess I'm just reflecting on that. I guess I'm just jealous as all get-out they Typhoon is shooing one and having fun! RR
  5. IMHO, an original Colt Lightning (rifle) "in good condition" is a wonderful thing to own, and would best saved for your gun cabinet and occasional plinking. Pedersoli makes a very nice clone in .44-40 that you won't feel as bad about dropping on a table, and dinging it from time to time. I'm jealous! .RR
  6. Allie Mo - that's scary! Glad it didn't escalate further!!! Wow... Best, ...RR
  7. TBJ... If you are referring to my post, consider a situation where: ... a shooter is showing his new gun(s) to someone away from the stage, and carelessly sweeps folks around him. The Match Director is called to alert him of the safety problem. The shooter repeats the carelessness with another attendee and is again told to be careful of muzzle direction. On the third incident the Match Director tells him that he is disqualified from the match, can stay if he wants to help, but his guns must be put away. The shooter is angered, doesn't want to help, and is "thinking" about leaving. Hypothetical situation, but plausible. What would your concerns be in this case? Have you had this - or a similar situation happen? How was it resolved? RR
  8. Bushy brings up a good topic and the responses are valuable. Snakebite talks about ways to "not punish the shooter" (which I agree with), and Garrison Joe points to an MDQ for someone intentionally violating the rules (which I also agree with). This brings up the question of dealing with someone who is either beligerant or reckless and asking them leave the match, knowing that they are armed - for lack of a better word. Have any of you ever faced a situation where you were concerned about someone that you have had to ask to leave the match, and they weren't very happy about your call? RR
  9. Cowboys, cowgirls, drovers, gamblers, and rustlers... Don’t let your posse saddle up without you… … Register right now for the 4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut! The 4th Annual Lazy Arrow ShootOut, May 24-26, 2019, will be hosted by the Pozo River Vigilance Committee (PRVC) in an incredible setting on the 32,000-acre Camatta Ranch in Santa Margarita, California. The event features speed pistol/rifle/shotgun, a morning and afternoon 3-stage warm-up match, 12-stage main match, a very fun team shoot, a "top-gun" eliminator stage (open to all shooters), long range, Quigley, quick draw, and poker tournament, all topped off with a real Wild West BBQ dinner followed by our awards ceremony. Our range boasts camping (dry) for up to 125 trailers and the campsite features flush toilets and hot showers. Reduced-rate early-bird registration expires the end of March, so now's the time to sign up and save some buck$. To download a Registration form (PDF) please click here: • To watch our 6.5 min promotional video, please click here: • To learn more about PRVC, or review the ShootOut schedule please go to our website and click on the “Our Annual Match” tab. • Questions?” Don’t hesitate to PM or email me. Come on out and shoot with us! Roger Rapid Roger Rapid • SASS #96080 Deputy, Pozo River Vigilance Committee at Lazy Arrow www.PRVCatLazyArrow.com PO Box 292, Santa Margarita, CA 93453 siminoff@siminoff.net PRVC range phone (shooting weekends only): 805-470-9560
  10. Pardners... Regarding my assembly/diassembly manual, I'd like to ask that you do not forward it to someone else unless you also provide me with their email address. I send out updates and corrections from time to time - the current version is rev. 15 - and I want to be sure everyone gets the most current version. I promise not to use the email list for any other purpose than to provide updates or information related to the Pedersoli Lightning. (The current version is 28 pages and the PDF file is 9M.) Thanks... RR
  11. Lost Vaquero... The firing pins on the .357 models are .060" diameter and are prone to breakage. Rather than replacing it, I'd suggest you install a .45LC firing pin which is .095" dia. The larger diameter of the firing pin end requires drilling the bolt. The larger firing pin runs as well and will not break. I can do it for you if you are concerned about drilling the bolt. RR
  12. Update to my last post re: "...my opinion may change...": My left thumb refuses to do what I tell it to when it is 32°! RR
  13. Hmmmm... Yes, there has been rain and hail, and it's been COLD! Wet holsters making the process of pulling pistols somewhat sticky. Bundled up jackets and rain gear making shouldering shotguns and rifles somewhat iffy and slow. Worse than what's falling down on us is what's happened to the ground below us. We've had 3" to 4" of mud, with some boardwalks and floors being slippery. But, what the heck, the Wild West wasn't just days of sunshine and 90° temperatures. No matter how you slice it, it's been fun so far. (Although my opinion may change after our last four stages tomorrow!!!) RR
  14. Warden Callaway... The spring should work just fine and .040˝-.050˝ is great. You might also want to consider changing out the firing pin springs for lighter springs. The Liberty ones are much too stiff, as is the spring for the break-open lever. The addition of your spring, and lightening the firing pin springs should go a long way to helping you run that shotgun with the lighter hammer springs - i.e., no need to change them. RR
  15. If the hammers don't drop far enough before contacting the other end of the hammer spring (which pushes hammers back up and away from firing pins), it will cause light hits. When your hammers are down, how far is face of hammers from end of firing pins. If more than 3/32˝, you can lower their stopping position by putting a small brass tube around the spring support (see photo). The thicker the tube, the closer the hammers will come to the firing pins. If you can get them a 1/16˝ or so away from the firing pins, your problem will most likely be solved. RR
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