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  1. I use the A-Zoom aluminium dummies. Last pretty well and duplicate normal cartridge dimensions. Scattergun
  2. Could be several reasons for that. Smaller diameter shell bodies/Very short shell length/Undersized rim diameter are a few. If it does'nt happen during live fire training then it's not an issue.
  3. Does anyone have any recomendations for a shop that will duplicate the buttstock for my Nikko Model 23? I've looked around and found a few but if anyone has good experience with a particular one then let me know. I'm making a custom stock and need a shop that can roughly duplicate and inlet a few copies of the original so that I don't have to spend days doing it myself by hand. Scattergun
  4. Thanks for the reccomendstions. I've been round the Golden Gate, the Nike Missle site, got a whole new bunch of clothes from the Xmas market at Cow Palace, booked Alcatraz for Wedsday and I'm off to see some big @ss trees tommorow. The Winchester house is on the list and the closest Bass Pro Shop. Lot of fun so far in a city that has twice the entire population of Denmark....
  5. I'm on my way to the US to visit family for the Holidays. I've got 3 days to burn in San Fransisco. Can anyone recomend a good Firearms/Wild West/Gold Rush museum to pay a visit to thats in the area? Thanks Scattergun
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