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  1. Ok, i just got back from the Eye Dr for my annual check up and he says you still have 20-20 vision. I said well I came here to talk to you about my eyesight and my shooting. I seem to be missing more frequently with my pistols this year than before. Oh, he says, your eyes are in great shape but at under 12 inches or so, you have mature eyes. I looked at him and he replied, your getting older. We went through some tests and lenses as if I was shooting and yea, I didn't realize how much of a difference there was. He wrote me a scrip and talked about some options. My question to the group (without offending anyone..lol) is what have those of you wearing glasses done to correct your individual issues? I spoke with him about getting transitional lenses going from 2.0 to 0 and have talked about bifocals. I think the transitional lens makes more sense but I am open to hearing what others have done. Swan
  2. Howdy Is anyone out there still using an old Steven's side by side to compete. Grew up shooting one for birds and rabbits and, thought it might be fun or nostalgic at least to drag one out. Swan
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