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  1. Yup, it was a great weekend!! Thanks to Barb and all those involved for pulling off another great weekend, especially during this crazy time. I wish we could do it again this week. swan
  2. OK, first I apologize, I just got home from work and opened up this conversation to find that I could have stopped this had I been more specific in my post. Yes, the shooter walked to the line with gun holstered on an empty chamber. He pulled his 2nd pistol, opened the loading gate on his Ruger Vaquero and indexed the cylinder so he could place a round in the empty chamber. He closed the gate and fired 6. i called it a no call, and based on what I have read, it appears that I was correct.
  3. No, it was during the course of fire, the pistol didn’t leave his hand
  4. First time I ever remember this coming up. The stage had a pistol reload on the clock. Shooter runs his first pistol then pulls his second pistol, opens the loading gate, drops a round in the open chamber and shoots 6. The rule is that a pistol is supposed to be on an empty chamber when holstered or staged. We ended up calling it a no call because we couldn’t come up with an answer. Some felt that it was no longer on an empty chamber while others felt that it was in hand, down range and on the clock. What’s the call? Swan
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