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  1. I don't see anything on the schedule but is there a location for a swap meet on Thursday?
  2. My trifling self finally got our apps off this am. I'd promised Fast Eddie that Kitty and I would be there but it's been questionable as to whether Kitty would be able to shoot. After the accident on her way to the SC State Match she developed a small brain bleed and I told her unless the Doc signed off on it she wouldn't be shooting at the FL Lady's match or GA. She took it very easy in FL and hasn't had any problems from it so she's ready to go for GA. As for me, I just need a break!
  3. What Boomer said +1000. One big posse lends itself to the same 6 or 7 people doing the work for 30 people instead of just 15. It chaps my tail to see so many people standing around and not pitching in while a few work theirs off.
  4. Kitty and I will definitely be there. Always a great time.
  5. The strut, transfer bar and any other sharp or jagged edges where there's metal to metal contact. (not the sear). One of the reasons these are so affordable is the final fit and finish is a little lacking.
  6. Way back when we first got started my then 13 or 14 year old son forgot his boots while shooting in the SE Regional. Our solution was for him to put my boots on when it was time for him to shoot and then we switched back when I shot. I wore a size 12 and he was in a much smaller pair of Vans that only about half of my foot would go in but it satisfied the officials and we went to Wally World that evening.
  7. Tell I applaud your efforts to help your fellow shooters out. If I were closer I would not hesitate to try a brick. If you still have any available and will be at CAC I will gladly take some off of your hands. I live in Columbia, SC and there's not a single store within a hundred miles that caters to reloaders. The best we have is Sportsmans Whse and saying they're terrible is an understatement.
  8. Just completed refinishing a Belgium A5 and used 6 coats of Tru Oil on what was questionable wood. Came out very well. Will definitely use this technique again.
  9. Wolff will tell you that even the 17 lb are too light but if you do a bit of polishing to the internals they'll work very well.
  10. Who's this Blackhawk Henry feller? I've heard of him but that was long time ago.
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