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  1. That SC crew may not be as fast as the rest of you but I guarantee nobody has as much fun as we do when we travel. It's usually reflected in our scores!
  2. To a certain degree I have to agree with Phantom. A few well placed commercials such as on a Wednesday night during the Outdoor Channel's "Wednesday Night at the Range" would be a great target audience. Even if only it ran a couple of times during Shooting USA. Jim Scouten and crew have always been supporters of CAS so why not?
  3. Although we're experiencing an overall drop in shooter numbers we have been getting more frequent new shooters but they were not prepared for the lack of loaded ammo and or components. The ones we've missed are mostly the older sect because of covid concerns but component shortages are now starting to catch up to the rest of us. I've helped several regular shooters with primers and such but now I'm worried that the Warden and I won't last many more months before we too are sidelined. When we run out we'll continue to run the club, write stages and hold matches for those who can still shoot but we'll be spectators.
  4. I've noticed about a 1/3 drop at just about all of the clubs we shoot at around the state. Some due to Covid but most say it's because of the shortage of ammo and reloading components. Our home club used to have ~35 shooters at the monthly but now we have ~ 23-25.
  5. I can attest to this. That TN whiskey flowed mighty freely when I got a drink. I'm sticking to a a nice cold glass of milk this year.
  6. I told Kitty I'd buy her a new broom (the little red sports model) if she'd put a hex on a select few of my competitors. Barkeep, Kajun, and Rough Kut y'all better not stray too far from the outhouse!
  7. I don't know about the rest of y'all with your hoodoo and voodoo but if you see High Cotton Kitty walkin' around with a ginger root and shakin' her chicken leg give her a wide berth. That woman is just plum mean. But, if you do see her please let me know. I'm usually the victim of her many curses.
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