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  1. The swinger at Dark Day was pretty cool.
  2. This was going to be our first AL State Match but the good thing is we have several more opportunities for it. Black Gold, Wartrace, or back in AL for the Regionals.
  3. Dang, I just cancelled vacation I had scheduled so we could come to AL and let you, Kajun, and Ruff Kut whoop up on me. Oh well. There's always Wartrace.
  4. Ol TW let his truck run outta gas last year because he couldn’t walk away from the ice cream. Fortunately we had a little extra for the generator at Kitty’ Kloset.
  5. Glad to hear everyone seems to be ok. Our neighborhood had a lot of high wind with limbs and a few trees down but nothing major.
  6. I had the pleasure of shooting with Dutch Luke E and Cracker Smacker at Dark Day and after 10 stages of running the clock for both of them I now need to get the fillings in my teeth reset. It was quite entertaining watching the leaves fall off of the trees behind the targets every time they pulled the trigger. I'm thinkin I might just need one of them '87s in 10 g.
  7. Hey Jack, I'll take the rest if the lt brn vest is sold or all of it if it's not. Thanks, Traveler
  8. I keep a pair of Tucker T's squib rods on my cart. Top notch product.
  9. The APP 3F is your answer and Scarlett is a great source for App, bullets, Ballistol, etc....
  10. I don't usually load the real thing in my Grabber but do load plenty of bp subs. The only thing I did was wipe the bottle down inside and out with a dryer sheet and that eliminated any static electricity.
  11. I'm with Slim. I'm too busy trying to remember what I forgot to bring or deal with Kitty's trials and tribulations to actually do any "prep".
  12. Like Junky and Capt. Bill we also shoot 5 times a month at least and that's year round. I hear the complaining about winter but all I want to do is take the summer off. The only thing between Cola, SC and hell in the summer is a screen door.
  13. A pretty woman OR bourbon will do the job but combining both you're just asking for it!
  14. Just finish shooting. Since he only placed one on R4 and then his next hit was on R5 the shooter has already earned a P. He can't reload and maintain the sequence so it's just a matter of how many misses he has at the end.
  15. I'm in the 1 miss camp as well.
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