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  1. Gamer...anybody that outshoots me. So that means there's a whole heap of y'all out there. Around our crowd it's pretty much used for fun but I agree with others in that it's someone that works extra hard to excel. Cheaters got no place in the game.
  2. Chase, check with Junky. I believe he's got a guy that can do that for you.
  3. Prayers for a complete and speedy recovery Blackwater. It just wouldn't be the same without y'all.
  4. Can anyone recommend a good campground for the FL State match? We're not into dry camping so the range is out. Thanks in advance. Traveller
  5. I’ll echo what everyone else is saying. SOG is a top rate pard. I have the 1 pc firing pin in my 73 and love it. I even had a snafu of MY OWN doing and George still sent me a replacement at no charge.
  6. Miz Pete I vaguely remember having to pick you and Kitty up ...oh wait, I almost forgot, what happens at BG stays at BG. It was funny as hell though!
  7. As long as none of ya have to go in a straight line you'll be ok. I've seen more than one cowboy and cowgirl have trouble walking in a straight line at BG. No way in hell could they dance backwards!
  8. The one pc pin also helps if your rifle is worn and the bolt / extension are starting to get a little sloppy.
  9. You can also try Snake Oil George aka Doyle Stockstill at J&J Gunsmithing (918)729-0430. They did mine about a year and a half ago and it was a huge improvement for me. Highly recommend them.
  10. You can get Black MZ from Sportsman Warehouse for $9.99 / lb. I used to load 9.5 gr behind a 125 g bullet.. Now only use it for sg.
  11. Congratulations to Tucker as well. You won't find a nicer feller anywhere. I'm also fortunate to have a couple of his fine knives.
  12. Many thanks to all the hard working folks that put this all together and pulled off a fun match. High Cotton Kitty and I had great time. A job well done.
  13. The little ones are ALWAYS mean! But, after 30 years together she's starting to show signs that she MAY be trainable, just maybe.
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