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  1. Hey Barkeep, even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then. I just got lucky.
  2. I finally got my tail in gear and got our apps out today. Camping reservation made at SOC and been busy loadin' ammo. Lookin' forward to another great match! Only thing left to do now is negotiate with Barkeep as to what kind of handicap he's gonna give me. He's been the FC State Champeen longer than I've been shootin'.
  3. TKD, If you still have a 30 amp camping spot please put my name on it. I'm mailing apps in tomorrow so I'll include the camping fee. Thanks, Traveller
  4. While visiting one of our lgs today they had a model 19 Marlin shotgun. From a distance and with it turned around on the rack I thought it was a 97 but when I asked to look at it he told me what it actually is. I've never seen one before but it was an interesting firearm. Does anyone have any experience with these and are they a legal sg for SASS? Thanks, PT
  5. I was lucky. Kitty was standing beside me while I was yacking with Widder and we both distinctly heard her say to buy the consecutive serial number pair of youth models. We weren't real sure if she gave her blessing on the third one but since we weren't sure I went ahead and got one for myself too. Widder and I both had to do a double take when she gave the go ahead but who am I to question my wife telling me to buy shiny objects.
  6. You got to be carefull talking to that Widder feller. We got to jawing last year and the next thing I know I was bringing three of those pretty Henry 22s home with me. And NO alcohol or nanner splits were involved either!
  7. This is no reflection on the op's situation but probably happens fairly often. A few years ago I purchased a pair of OMV and upon receipt they just would not function correctly. The cylinders didn't lock up consistently and the base pins would bounce out when they fired. I was one unhappy hombre thinking I had just bought a pair of worn out pistols and considered asking for a refund. That is until I took them apart and saw how bad they were gummed up. I don't thing they had ever been really cleaned. After a complete disassembly and thorough cleaning they worked like a charm. I'm glad I didn't go with my gut reaction. Moral of the story is while they may have seemed worn out they were just neglected.
  8. Hey Max I've been loading App in a Dillon 550 for years. The only thing I ever did was wipe the powder hopper down inside and out with a dryer sheet..
  9. High Cotton Kitty and I are planning on being there. We'll send in apps this week.
  10. +1 for Bullets by Scarlett. Great person to deal with!
  11. We have the Slix straight trigger in 5 rifles and really like them especially if you "slap" the trigger.
  12. Doc Who out of Columbia, SC has been doing that as well.
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