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  1. I'll give you a hair cut hardpan , anything for a friend
  2. I would do what I was taught to do for body work. Hammer and dolly what I could, mig weld body filler then paint
  3. Lumpy I was driving donner the same time frame, thats where this happened between state line and truckee going west bound. There was no caging brakes and 80 was opened and closed 6 times I knew of and one of them was for 36 hours rough week up here last week And as far as chains it was a mix of max. to min. to no chains and any where state line to gold run (about 120 miles) there was 4+ feet of snow on donner and most of it was from Tues storm
  4. Why not?? I will if I have a good pattern for one
  5. George was my friend, shot with him for a number of years, he wrote good stages, always willing to help anybody that needed it from beginner to experienced. He was positively without a doubt a man to ride the river with. I am glad I knew him as long as I did and prode to call him a friend. RIP George
  6. +1 My brother a Vietnam veteran (Aug 18 1950 Nov 4 2016
  7. geee and nobody understands why I do not buy new vehicles
  8. LOL you are funny CC, I put chains on the semi I drive in jeans and t-shirt (i do not wear sandals) most recent in a snow storm with winds up to 70 mph, although my wife did find out and made me buy one of those bright yellow safety wind breaker but now I just fell like a target
  9. final score 4,305,793 , 357 bounces , 8 accidents .
  10. I load my Brass shells totally different then everybody else here, a friend of mine made me a deprimeing tool I also prime and reload on an old Texan reloading press, drop my powder overpowder card, plastic wad (for now looking at alternatives) shot, then I press in a 10 gauge overpowder card
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