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  1. Not true, you should see the truck stops in Europe make American truck stop look like nothing
  2. Hey Hardpan, I am getting ready to move from my Nevada home in a couple years because it is starting to turn into California
  3. Hey Marshal, my wife has a bad hip that needs to be replaced, she has a stool she sits on for when she cooks ( not very often either) or when she has to do something in the kitchen. Just a suggesting if you want to cook more.
  4. Hey Blackwater, about 15 years ago I had a chevy pickup that the proportionante valve was messed up and caused my front brakes to drag. Messed up the rotors, so my step dad and I replaced everything from the valve forward except the lines. All new brakes, rotor caliber I think we even replaced all the bearings too. About 2 months later, went to get new tires and alinment, and they told me my brakes were almost gone and I should not even drive the truck home. After a long line of assorted words I went and got tires someplace else
  5. There are a couple other thing like that, but I can't remember any of them off hand
  6. Brother Hardpan, my stepdad who raised me since I was 12, was an automotive machinery. He would never let me take any of my vehicles to any shops especialy dealerships. Made me work on everything I owned (don't know if that is good or bad). Now days I just do not trust anyone working on my truck and if I do have to take it somewhere I am standing there watching them work on it
  7. Use beeswax when the blade is still hot enough to melt the wax then polish the blade
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