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  1. I found some, they are Larado. After I look at those site I bookmarked them for future reference. Thank you
  2. I have extra wide feet (3 E) when I retired I throw all my boots away, most were not the right size anyway. My daughter is getting married so now I need to get me some more boots. I need extra wide boots, who sells extra wide boots that will not break the bank
  3. When I worked as a carpenter I worked with a guy that would call out 3/8 as 6/16 or if he was felling real froggy he would call out 12/32. I am like you I try to break it down as far as I can
  4. That is one of many reason I do not like taking anything I own to a shop to fix. My step dad was an automotive machinest, he was well known all over town because he was very good at his job. When I was around I would go with him to different shops to help load or unload stuff. The things I seen and heard from those shops left me very untrusted of any shop
  5. I can't walk that far any more my arthritis will not let me, so I would drive to Walmart. I know it sounds lazy but it is not
  6. The hell you say, I swornan oath 2 time to the constitution and have never been relieved of my oath. It is absolute
  7. Hey Rico how has life been treating you? Let everybody know I live in free America now, Grangeville Idaho. I was kind of forced into early retirement a few years ago so now we do some traveling around the country
  8. Well I have an inexpensive source for, deer, elk and Buffalo hides done that old fashion way of tanning hides. I will take your suggestion Forty Rod about finding someone to machine sew it, not sure I can hand sew it anymore.
  9. I am wanting to make a cover like Quigley. Anybody have a source for a pattern or a really good pic of it. All the pics I google look terrible and I can't see much detail.
  10. Funny you talking about Texan presses, just bought a Texan shotgun press for $35 complete, the Texan I have been using is missing a few thing and starting to fell like it is worn out
  11. You don't have to wait, even at the Walmart in Fernley where they clean out the shelves before they head north from there, it is pretty ripe in there long before they even get to burning man
  12. Having lived in Fernley NV., for those who don't know is just south of that reservation, and the last civilization before burning man. I think it is absolutely hilarious that those res Leo's destroyed that crap. I don't much care for the burners either, when they leave burning man there garbage is literally everywhere. They over fill dumpster, clog up the 2 car washes in Fernley so bad plumbers have to fix.
  13. I bought one of those parts washers harbor freight sells, after I tumble without pins I just dump everything on the Grate that is in the washer, do a quick rinse then let the brass dry in the sun where the parts washer sits
  14. John wayne was 4f because of a football injury
  15. Just to clarify for a couple of you guys. Along with other ailments I have, it was confirmed a couple years ago I have arthritis in both knees( the left one pretty bad) both hips and lower back and neck. I don't get on my knees unless I absolutely have to, so when I do have to get up off my knees. I have to exert so much energy to get up and the pain get so bad sometimes it almost put me in tears. Since moving in with our daughter, she has chewed my butt at least a half dozen times for doing stuff I should not be doing anymore because of my good old buddy art h ritis
  16. I can't do that anymore, once I got down on the ground I would never be able to get back up lol
  17. Around 20 years ago, I was on a job site having lunch with a bunch of guys I knew. The conversation turned to guns. I knew this one guy that was there was an ex con, he started getting real nosy about where I lived. I told him if he could get over my fence or though my gate, past my dogs and into my house, that I had a 15ft extendahoe ( that's all I ever knew them as ) and 10 acres. He quit talking got up and left.
  18. I watch a bunch of those videos on Facebook. Some of those LEOs make stuff and laws up to pull people over then act like a nazi. Before you say I am bashing LEOs I am not because some of those drivers are like you said a$$hates to get out of tickets.
  19. I had forgotten about that when I posted my statement
  20. In the 60s Petaluma was over 20000 and the egg basket of the world at that time. I lived there from 63 till 78 when I joined the Army
  21. At one time I knew a bunch of lowlife that would take care of things for me if I ask them to
  22. My understanding from different thing I have seen and read, ever since a certain person got a sweetheart deal( a Judge refused yesterday). That it is a 5 to 10 year sentence and that there have been people convicted for lieing on a 4473. I have watched a bunch of house and senate video clips and reading about a certain individual that was given a sweetheart deal for it
  23. That's nice work Bearfoot. I have 3 of the boyscout canteens that I keep saying I am going to do that with them
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