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  1. Robyn came through again. The rest of us “winners” were 1st losers or greater. Fun match. You need to show up next year. NN
  2. And I thought Creeker drew a number of pictures.
  3. Can’t think of any parks in that area. A good option is Sam’s Town which is off the 95 at Flamingo. Only a a couple of miles from Flamingo exit and relatively easy on and off. Good luck. NN
  4. Best reason I know. Congrats
  5. Sorry to hijack the thread again, but that is the Lumpy I know!
  6. All things being equal, I think you will enjoy the new chore. Congrats. NN
  7. Must be a first! Lumpy responded to Bull’s question, gave a good answer and didn’t take advantage. Didn’t even tell Bull to be careful in the rain at WR. Get a doctor, I think something is wrong with Lumpy.
  8. Great cowboy! He will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. He fought a tough battle. Vaya con dios, my friend. Nasty Nels
  9. Counting down the days until F&I! That means Winter Range is close. NN
  10. OK Rye. I'll take 5 flats. But you have to deliver! NN
  11. Seamus: And you didn't load up the truck? NN
  12. You must have had our weather because it was cold, windy and raining for our match today. Give it back! NN
  13. I am doing the same thing next week. I am going to WR.
  14. Bubba: What happened? Swiss and you were down on the list! NN
  15. I have gone to Yuma for two years and enjoyed it. I was scheduled to drive to Yuma today but was asked to do a eulogy this afternoon. I decided to pass on Yuma and go to Cajon to remember Calamity Candy this Saturday. Yuma will be on my schedule again next year. I hope all the Cowboys and Cowgirls shooting this weekend have a wonderful time at a great match. NN
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