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  1. Roop County Days was preceded by the Nevada State Wild Bunch Championship. What a great week of shooting and hanging out with old, and new, friends. This was my first time to Roop. I was obligated to complete a mission. Glad I did it. Had a great time and look forward to next year, if I am not blackballed! NN
  2. Just got back from the Nevada State Wild Bunch match and Roop County Days in Fernley, Nevada. Great time in the North. Eldorado is only 17 days away! Don't forget to bring the 1911, large caliber rifle and a one hole shotgun. The Wild Bunch side match (4 stages) will start at 1 pm on Thursday, October 3, 2019. Round count: Pistol 98 Rifle 21 Shotgun 18 Since there will be a Cowboy side match at 9 am AND 1 pm, bring plenty of ammunition and do both! NN
  3. Welcome to the Jedis. May the force always be with you. NN Jedi #248
  4. HB Bill. Another year goes around and you still whoop the “Kids”! NN
  5. How about 5th at Regionals., my pard, Quickly Down Under? With the sizable Southern Nevada contingent coming, we should get more respect. Looking forward to a great week. NN
  6. While Kajun beat me to it, I will repeat the statement that it is another elegant piece of furniture to be used on the range! Congratulations to DbD. She will be very surprised and grateful.
  7. Welcome to the Jedis. May the force grow within you. Nasty Nels
  8. Whatever the case, we will be shooting a Wild Bunch side match at Eldorado because some Cowboys like to stoke their shotgun and shoot lots of rounds in a stage! The Wild Bunch Side Match Director said so. NN
  9. Having learned from Creeker, and with vocal close and big shooters, my "standard" is 5 paces for pistol, 7 for shotgun and 8 for rifle. Shotgun doesn't come any closer, although pistols and rifle have been known to be short stroked and placed a little closer. Once in a while we will have a challenging stage with pistols at 7 or 8 paces and rifles as far as 12 paces. To quote TA Chance, "they are my paces", not necessarily yards. NN
  10. Having watched Painted Lady since she picked up a firearm, and quite frankly it looked like she was scared, she has come a LONG way and deserves the CONGRATULATIONS!!! I cheered her every stage of the match for shooting clean. First of many more to come. NN
  11. Sportsman’s Warehouse is doing the deal too. I believe John Wayne had “gun control” properly defined; “one in each hand!” Left SW with a blued one for my left hand and a stainless for my right!
  12. Nasty Nels


    Truly a sad day. My best wishes to Via Con Dios and the rest of the family.
  13. Counting down the days until F&I! That means Winter Range is close. NN
  14. OK Rye. I'll take 5 flats. But you have to deliver! NN
  15. Seamus: And you didn't load up the truck? NN
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