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  1. I have to go with Creeker on this one. It is not that I am a fellow Nevadan. It’s not that I am a fellow gunfighter. In fact, Creeker and I are often on the opposite side of a dispute. However, the dispute of whether the case was “on the carrier or just in the gap” That is NOT the issue. SHB p22 states “Leaving empty or live round(s) in a magazine, action, or carrier of the long gun in which it was loaded.” Is there any question that the shell was “in the action.” The gun was flat on the table and not elevated by the case (although I wouldn’t consider that affecting the call. MSV. I prepared this prior to PW posting, but got distracted and didn’t look for new posts since Creeker’s. Always happy when PW agrees with me.
  2. Friendly bump for a really pleasurable match.
  3. Kajuns goin Krazy on the deal. Almost made sense to drive from the West Coast to pick it up! Congrats.. NN
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