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  1. Thanks for all the helpful comment. Well the situation has gotten worse. I tried removing them by drilling them out when the drill bit jammed and snapped off inside the barrel. I will be taking to the gunsmith and hopefully they can get it out. They will most likely have to remove the barrel. Thankfully I have backups. Many leassons learned.
  2. Thanks everyone. Well I just measured from both ends to the obstruction and it appears that I may have 3 bullets logged in the barrel. I believe that the only way is to drill them out. I think I will try it drilling using a a metal sleeve to guide the bit. I let y'all know how they come out.
  3. OLG: My reloading procedures are just fine. This ammo was not mine. I had left my ammo at home and borrowed this ammo. Assassin: Tried your suggestion and the squibs still don't move. The brass weight of the squib tool weighs more than my revolver. Now what????
  4. Yesterday I had a squib. Having a squib removal tool I was not to worried about removing the squib. Well the round was near the muzzle and when I started driving the squib out it moved until it stopped about half way down the barrel. Now it is stuck and won't move. I have placed the revolver in a vise, put some kroil in the barrel and am still unable to budge the squib. I believe that it is possible that the may be two squibes in the barrel because the last shot on the previous stag was light but I thought the bullet came out but maybe not have. Any suggestions on how to clear the barrel?
  5. Howdy all, You are going to want to be at Briggsdale County Shootists 8th Annual SASS Shot and Wild West Show for the 2020 Colorado State SASS Championship September 11-13, 2020 2020 Colorado State SASS Championship Registration Hope to see you there.
  6. Howdy Gunslinger,

    Thanks for responding. You say you can help with acquiring a Super Blackhawk hammer? Please let me know what you have and how much you want. Marshal Jack Murphy (mtnboy@peacefulacres.com)

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