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  1. Thanks Imis and all for all the good ideas. I think separating by manufacture and cutting small batches makes the most sense. I will be busy for a while.
  2. I miss type my target length. It is .0892 which is the length of the star line brass I bought. I was trying to get every case that length and driving my self crasy trying. I am trimming non-split cases but I did notice little cracks in the case edge. Thanks for the help.
  3. I have already bought new 45 Colt brass. I am just trying to extend the life of the old brass by trimming it instead of tossing it.
  4. Howdy, The brass (45 colt) I am using has been reloaded many, many time. Lately I have had 5-10 split cases per match. I have been loading 45 CS using brass I purchased from star line and using in my pistols. I was going to buy some more 45 CS brass but after reading some of the treads on loading 45 CS I decided to trim the old 45 Colt brass to 45 CS length. I finally got the trimmer set up and working fairly well. While I am trimming the length varies about 10-15 thousandths. I noticed that the rim varies between brass manufacture by up to 10 thousandths which may be contributing to the variation. If I am targeting 0.092 in., how much variation would be acceptable? Thanks all,
  5. Howdy Gunslinger,

    Thanks for responding. You say you can help with acquiring a Super Blackhawk hammer? Please let me know what you have and how much you want. Marshal Jack Murphy (mtnboy@peacefulacres.com)

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