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  1. “It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it.” Robert E. Lee. Civilian casualties are definitely a part of war, but I don’t much care for Sherman (might be cause I’m from Georgia) especially his “foragers” specifically targeting civilians for resources so that Sherman didn’t have to rely on a supply line that could be disrupted by guerrillas.
  2. Thank you, never even knew you could break a sear from that. Coming from a hunting background I was a little thrown at first, but I have gotten used to the hammer down method. Thanks again for the information.
  3. Completely agree on the empty chamber deal, just curious why a quarter cock or safety cock on an empty chamber ain’t safe. I can’t pull the trigger on my marlin unless the hammer is all the way back. Thank you for the help though. Is that pistol still doing good for you?
  4. Also, after reading the discussion on the starting line, I would like to thank all the folks I shot with at the southeast regional last year. The theme was the movie a million ways to die in the west (a movie I haven’t seen) and after reading the little booklet about the stories and starting lines, I didn’t feel comfortable quoting it. No one got frustrated and Krazy Kajun told me I could choose my own lines (mostly Clint Eastwood quotes) so thanks again!
  5. Howdy! Don’t know much about the rules cause I ain’t been shooting long, and even had take a break from it this year due to cost of ammo and fuel prices, so if someone knows why this rule is what it is, please let me know! I shoot my dad’s 1894 marlin carbine 38/357. First couple of matches I went to, the timer operator watching me warned me about having it on quarter cock on an empty chamber. My daddy always taught me to keep a gun with an exposed hammer on quarter or half cock in case you dropped it so it didn’t go off. Always thought that was safer than hammer down.
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