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  1. Marking as sold pend funds(i think that's the correct way to do this)
  2. Like new cimarron 1872 open top 45 colt. Army size grip, 71/2 inch barrel, nice color case hardening on frame. 5 years old, but like new with very low round count. Probably under a hundred rounds through it. Accurate with a smooth action. Looking for 600 plus shipping and ffl on both ends, but open to reasonable offers. Only trade I'm interested in would be a colt style (1860 army, 1851/62 navy, dragoon, etc) black powder pistol + cash. I'm not picky about manufacturer.
  3. Thank you sir. I bought it on the way home from my first match which happened to be oe of the coldest days that year.
  4. Outback trading company full length duster. The size is small. This a great duster and fully waterproof. 85$+shipping.
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