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  1. Midway USA has it at $11.99. Shipping is an issue unless you spend $50. I have been using One Shot for more than a decade. Spray a little in a quart storage bag and throw in cases. Shake a little and load. Never had a problem with primers going bang and powder throwing the bullet out of the barrel.
  2. Page 4 of the SHB under “Outlawed Items”, states “All types of athletic shoes, or combat boots, no matter what material from which they are constructed.” They don’t appear to be “athletic shoes or combat boots,” so not outlawed. On page 2 of the SHB under “Clothing and accoutrements” it states, “…all clothing must be typical of the late 19th Century a, B-Western movie or Western television series.” While the shoes may not be what is desired, unless shooting in a category that requires “boots”, the call was appropriate. We can split hairs and question whether “clothing” includes footwear, but the circumstances justified the approval.
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