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  1. HB Bill. Another year goes around and you still whoop the “Kids”! NN
  2. How about 5th at Regionals., my pard, Quickly Down Under? With the sizable Southern Nevada contingent coming, we should get more respect. Looking forward to a great week. NN
  3. While Kajun beat me to it, I will repeat the statement that it is another elegant piece of furniture to be used on the range! Congratulations to DbD. She will be very surprised and grateful.
  4. Welcome to the Jedis. May the force grow within you. Nasty Nels
  5. Whatever the case, we will be shooting a Wild Bunch side match at Eldorado because some Cowboys like to stoke their shotgun and shoot lots of rounds in a stage! The Wild Bunch Side Match Director said so. NN
  6. Having learned from Creeker, and with vocal close and big shooters, my "standard" is 5 paces for pistol, 7 for shotgun and 8 for rifle. Shotgun doesn't come any closer, although pistols and rifle have been known to be short stroked and placed a little closer. Once in a while we will have a challenging stage with pistols at 7 or 8 paces and rifles as far as 12 paces. To quote TA Chance, "they are my paces", not necessarily yards. NN
  7. Having watched Painted Lady since she picked up a firearm, and quite frankly it looked like she was scared, she has come a LONG way and deserves the CONGRATULATIONS!!! I cheered her every stage of the match for shooting clean. First of many more to come. NN
  8. Sportsman’s Warehouse is doing the deal too. I believe John Wayne had “gun control” properly defined; “one in each hand!” Left SW with a blued one for my left hand and a stainless for my right!
  9. Nasty Nels


    Truly a sad day. My best wishes to Via Con Dios and the rest of the family.
  10. Counting down the days until F&I! That means Winter Range is close. NN
  11. OK Rye. I'll take 5 flats. But you have to deliver! NN
  12. Seamus: And you didn't load up the truck? NN
  13. You must have had our weather because it was cold, windy and raining for our match today. Give it back! NN
  14. I am doing the same thing next week. I am going to WR.
  15. Bubba: What happened? Swiss and you were down on the list! NN
  16. I have gone to Yuma for two years and enjoyed it. I was scheduled to drive to Yuma today but was asked to do a eulogy this afternoon. I decided to pass on Yuma and go to Cajon to remember Calamity Candy this Saturday. Yuma will be on my schedule again next year. I hope all the Cowboys and Cowgirls shooting this weekend have a wonderful time at a great match. NN
  17. I am shooting at 11, so I can help on the speed events from 1:30-4:00. NN
  18. Aces was built by Niftybytes, a company owned by Pit Viper (Ken Nelson). CONTACT INFO Call 877-643-8911 @NiftyBytes sales@niftybytes.com http://www.niftybytes.com/o They continue to work on programs for USPSA, IPDA, Steel Challenge but I don't think they have done anything with Aces in years. I haven't talked to Ken much since I started SASS, so I am not comfortable calling him to find out what is up. NN
  19. I had the privilege of knowing Curly Sue. She fought a hard battle. No matter how she felt, she showed up to matches with a wide smile and pleasant disposition. Curly Sue was an inspiration. The entire Las Vegas cowboy community feels the loss. Prayers up for Montana Prairie Dog and the entire family. NN
  20. Congratulations Kaya. Something tells me this will only be one of the many accolades you recieve in your life. Slim, you best be grinning from ear to ear! NN
  21. Yesterday was a sad day and a huge loss to everyone who knew Candy. I am not a Southern Californian but found myself at Cajon frequently. Candy befriended me and made me feel like part of the family. I was always on her posse and we had a great time; even when the targets kept moving. She was an inspiration, tireless worker and friend to many. My best wishes go out to JJ, Debby, Rudy and the grandchildren. While we share in their loss, it is hard to imagine the grief they must endure. Our hearts and are prays go with them. Nels
  22. Thought it said where to get the "high capacity" mags. Made a bad joke, so I deleted it.
  23. Last year I was fortunate enough to be one of the few shooters who was able to stay on the Range. Don't know if I will get that lucky again this year, so I think making reservations at an RV park will be a better idea. Any recommendations on a park? NN
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