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  1. Hey is the uberti 73 44 mag capable of shooting modern loads? I heard some guns are not capable of shooting the heavier bullets with higher pressures. I'm not talking buffalo bore +p just normal factory mag.
  2. Sweet dude thanks. Black powder seems like more fun. I love my lyman plains rifle. I love stuff like that
  3. Have two good hats but need some good cowboy threads. I plan on going to some big and tall stores around me for the shirts and vest but was wondering where I could get some pants with the button suspenders? Some civil war syle pants maybe. Problem is that I'm a size 46 and most places don't have my size but come one......... There has to be some fat reenacters out there...... Maybe all of them? I'm not stuck on civil war Era either just some cowboy pants. Anyone know of a place I could send my measurements? And BTW cost isn't a huge issue as I have an extra 300 to 400 a month to play with. I just cant buy 4 guns and everything else all up front. The other option I'm thinking of is an old time style gambler's suit. Hope you guys have some good ideas on costume apparel too!
  4. I agree with the rear view comment. I have been saving my money for the last ten years with my dad. We plan to move on to the same property in two different houses and build a ranch with livestock. I love CA but the gun laws are harsh and the property is too expensive. On top of that my rugged good looks and staggering figure get me cat calls and whistles everywhere I go. Plus everyone thinks my cowboy hat is part of a pole dancing costume! I just want to go where a cowboy can be himself. That's why I'm moving to Idaho.
  5. Yeah??! good to hear! I was looking into Richmond and I planned on attending the 14th to check it out. Cool deal!
  6. Thanks guys, I live in the east bay of San Francisco, yes I can reload but would need to go through my dads reloading dies and such then buy what I don't have. I plan on reloading and even casting my own bullets because I like that kind of thing and already cast fishing jigs and weights so am familiar with the process. Thanks for the info guys. I will go to a match and get a feel for what works for me. I like 45 lc better than 357 because all my favorite cowboys from the movies had them. I just want to go have fun. I'm not interested in being the fastest gun in the west at this moment. In fact I'm looking into black powder revolvers as well and the Griswold kicks like a mule but is my favorite because.... Reasons. Clearly not the best competition piece but I have always wanted one. I mainly wanted to make friends and have fun.thanks for your help I appreciate it guys.
  7. Hey fellas. I have not even joined a club yet or even have the guns I need but I saw Cas on youtube and I knew it was something that I wanted to do. Question 1, can I start doing cowboy action with just a single action 45 lc? I figured I could start with quick draw and eventually I could afford two 357's. A shotgun and a lever action. Also could I do the shotgun, rifle, and pistols event with two 45 lc? I know most folks use 357 but could I get by using the 45? Lastly could I use a 44 mag lever gun using 44 special underpowered rounds. I know it's not ideal but I already have one. Thanks fellas. Kind of an expensive hobby for me but I really love the idea of dressing up and playing cowboy again 30 years after shooting cowboys and Indians in my backyard with my red ryder.
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