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  1. I went to the gym with my wife about 3 weeks ago, because my 19 year old son doesn't want to go anymore, says he isn't fat and doesn't need it! So, we were doing weight machines, and I had my wife go first and then did twice the weight she was doing, as it was pretty close to what I felt like doing. Until we got to one machine, and it just seemed too light, so I opened my big mouth and said " let's triple it!" 2 days later my right shoulder hurt, but I says to myself, it'll get better in a couple of days, no pain no gain, right? Wrong. After a week I went to my regular Dr. appt., had him look at it, and it seems one of the muscles had pulled out of it's track, and maybe torn a bit besides. He put it back, showed me how to tape it in place, and said be very careful with it. Finally, 2 weeks later it doesn't hurt and wake me up in the morning. Didn't hurt to use it, just a dull pain in the morning., which is finally gone. I have to keep telling myself, I'm not in my 50's anymore. And as for the kid, he just started training to be a light rail train operator, except they start him out on buses to pass his class B license. For the first week he was complaining that by the end of the day he was so tired that if he had to hold the brake down for too long his leg started shaking. So now he has agreed to go back to the gym with me, fat or no fat, to strengthen his skinny legs up. I didn't laugh in his face when he told me this, but I did smile a bit Call me fat, will ya!
  2. This is the twin to one I have. Wish I had something to trade with that you needed.
  3. A 2 shell slide isn't going to do you much good in a match. 4 is kinda the minimum, in my experience, 6 is better in case you drop one.
  4. Personally I like using the pins as I like the inside to be shiny too, as it is easier to check powder level. I use a Frankfort Arsenal media separator as it makes the job easy. As for the Lemi-shine, my cases get clean without it, but they get shiny with it, so I will continue to use it. It seems to cut down on tumbling time also. I mostly shoot BP, so YMMV.
  5. How do you open a driveshaft? All the ones I have seen are closed on the end, with either splines or a universal joint.
  6. Like I first said, use a single stage and a universal primer punch.
  7. If I have just a couple of primed cases to de-prime I usually just use my Dillon 550, and be careful. If I have a large batch I use my LEE APP. For the OP I was thinking they might be stuck a bit as they have been in there a while, or be staked, or sealed. A single stage with a depriming die would work the best then and be safer, as no powder hopper is present. He could always just use a pin punch, hammer and a block of wood with a hole drilled for the primer to drop into, to be really simple and cheap. Just don't put your face over the top of the shell, just in case.
  8. Use a universal de-capping die and a single stage press. Wear safety glasses and ear plugs in case on of them pops off.
  9. So bottom the primers, not crush them, and don't worry about it .
  10. I'm with Bob. When I took my pre-employment Polygraph for the Sheriff's Dept. I told them I had never even tried Pot. Apparently the guy didn't believe me so he asked me again during the test. Still negative. He actually turned off the machine and said "Really? Really, really?" Apparently he rarely comes across this during testing. Nowadays most places probably don't even ask, being legal in so many places. Still difficult for me to get used to.
  11. I modified a mould in order to cast 125 grain .360 bullets for my pockets. No reason to stress them any more than necessary, as I am not worried about any effectiveness other then hitting the steel plate.
  12. I use the same soft BP lube in my SASS guns and in my 45acp and 9mm autos. Use the same softer alloy of lead too, for that matter. I have never had a leading problem, but I do tend to run bullets a thou or 2 larger than a jacketed bullet.
  13. Funny, all you non-metric guys seem to think only Japanese bikes use metric. My favorite bike of all of them were my Laverda 750 twins. Air cooled, chain drive, nice handling but a decently heavy bike. I was working at Honda bike shops at the time and caught some flack, mostly good-natured, as it looked like a Honda 305 on steroids. Nice in the twisties, and yet it worked great for longer distances, like when my best friend and I went on a 10 day ride covering most of California and some of Nevada. It got better mileage than his Honda 500 Four. It did vibrate a bit, making the mirrors mostly decorations. I liked it much better then my Moto Guzzi El Dorado, even though that was bigger. For the last 15 years my main ride had been a BMW R100, an air cooled 1000cc twin. I met my wife due to that bike, so she has told me I can never sell it. It now has a sidecar on it, drove the kids everywhere with it. Not a good twistie bike, but I don't do that any more anyway, as I don't heal up as well as I did in my pre 67 year old days. A few months ago I bought a used 1982 Honda GL500, a watercooled transverse v-twin, with shaft drive. I always liked them back when I worked on them as a Honda mechanic, so I figured I would try one out again. Yes, I am not crazy about radiators but it allows the bike to have tighter tolerances and help it last longer in spite of the higher revs needed. And they didn't cause any problems back in the day, as it is a simple set-up with all the parts easy to access. I am going to add a small windshield, as one of the things I do not like are huge fairings. You may think a radiator is a non motorcycle item, but it is nothing compared to the huge hunk of plastic hung in front of the handlebars. Blocks your view, gets in the way of maintenance, makes the bike heavier in the worst, top heavy spot. Almost as bad as a huge luggage trunk hung behind the back seat. But then I am still at heart a lo-bar kinda rider, just go slower than I used to. I ride most every day, and haven't managed to get myself knocked off for the last 40 years. Guess those early crashes taught me something.
  14. A full steel bucket weighs about 140 lbs. Hard to tell but if those 2 lead rolls on the ground are tightly wound the sheet is maybe another hundred. Good score!
  15. I have only had 2 serious accidents in my 50 years of riding most every day, and both could have been avoided by me. On my Honda 350 all cafe'd and Yoshimura'd out I tried to keep up with some Triumph's and just overstepped my ability and ran myself off the road. Launched my self over the bars and knocked myself unconscious, but later managed to drive home, even though my bike now only turned hard right and straight! The second time I had a Pinto(told you I have been driving a while!) pull a U-turn right in front of me, leaving me no where to go. I managed to slow down enough so that I wasn't thrown from the bike, but I did manage to dent the right passenger door pretty good. It was mostly my fault as I had just done some engine work to the bike and was paying more attention to seeing how it ran instead of paying attention to traffic. Fortunately I managed to learn from my mistakes and haven't had more than a few close calls in the last 40 years, mostly with people in other vehicles not paying attention. Cell phones have had a part in most of these. My sidecar about 15 years ago. I wasn't driving my bikes much at all because of the kids so I hung a sidecar on it to haul them to school, Karate lessons, Boy Scouts. That is Little Blacky and Thunder Iron sitting there. Thunder will have his own bike license on the 30th of this month. Little Blacky has parking lot drove the sidecar as most of my bikes are too tall for her, she is only 5" tall. I think the 1964 Honda 160 Dream I bought recently might fit her OK, though. FWIW I much prefer the handling on the Honda compared to my Blue Kawasaki next to the Honda, although both are much too small for me.
  16. I'm with you Jabez. I'm in the middle of fixing up a Honda GL500. I came with a single disk up front but am installing the optional second disk from the Interstate version.
  17. I have owned the first 2 but not the 3rd. Personally, when I got to feeling too threatened by the cars I hung a sidecar on my 1000cc BMW. Not as maneuverable but I sure get cut off a lot less. I do feel safer on my Honda 500 then my Kawasaki 200, the bike just rides more steady and is less affected by irregularities in the road surface.
  18. On my bucket list. 1. Restore a motorcycle from the ground up 2. Never buy Starbucks/Peet's or any other expensive coffee 3. Never shoot an age based category, unless my equipment forces me to, as in I really want to shoot my ROA with adjustable sights for fun. FYI I am 67. 2 and 3 are still good, working on #1. 1964 CL77 Honda. 305 Scrambler for you younger folks.
  19. Instead of "guys" just say "folks". Gender neutral. I have a few nines, the oldest being my Radom, the newest being a Sig 2022. Have a few 45acp chambered autos also. Mostly just shoot 44-40 these days, plus my new experimental 44 Cowboy short for my 44-40 revolvers.
  20. My wife uses hers for pushing in the last round of Cowboy 45 Special in her rifle, as she pinches her finger if she uses that.
  21. HR: it says you cannot receive messages. My e-mail is whyteLW at comcast dot NET
  22. I made another batch of pushstick holsters with deer antler pushstick. They come in brown or black, with brass or silver rivets, to fit 2.5" belts. 15.00 each plus 9.00 Priority shipping, and I can fit up to 4 in the same box. The pic is a representative example, all the stick are very similar.
  23. https://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?265478-My-44-40-Black-Powder-Journey&highlight=43-215C
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