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  1. I tried using the sit on type pony but hated it, so I just do it all without anything but a couple of needles and thread in my hand.
  2. Mine are all by hand. Gives me something to do when watching TV with my wife, pretending to enjoy her British Mysteries!
  3. Johnson; Yeah, they ask 2.00/lb, but those ads tend to stay up a while. I just got back from buying some Craigslist lead. 3 hours of driving and I bought 390 lbs for 1.00/lb. Plus I stopped off at the leather store to pick up half a hide, saving me another 1.5 hours of driving there. Stopped off at the bank, hit the Auto Zone. I rarely go out for just one errand, gas ain't cheap either and my time is worth something too. As for components, I need to go out and take a real inventory. I load for 4 shooters, so things get depleted faster than you think sometimes.
  4. I bought that exact same model a year or so ago. I was at a shoot and one of my fellow shooters was talking about this Webley he had planned to buy to complete his Indiana Jones persona for Wild Bunch. We got to talking Webleys, and he said that he had changed his mind as it wasn't the exact right Webley. So I got the owners name from him and bought it myself. Been wanting a 38 version for 30 years to go along with my mk 4 and mk 6 .455's, but seemed every time I came across one it was the bobbed hammer type, and didn't want that one. It had 1 wrong screw in it and the auto eject didn't work at first, but I corrected both problems. Still haven't shot it, need to load some correct ammo for it. I suppose I still need to find an Enfield version of this, more of them were used by the military. One of these days.
  5. In Stock Rifle and Pistol Primers at DSA DI DS Arms Inc<customerservice@dsarms.com>
  6. FWIW, we never get leading in my wife and son's smokeless bullets. Ya just gotta go softer and bigger.
  7. My son has a similar gun, and it is a perfectly good gun for SASS as long as you never want to make it go faster, as some of the parts aren't the same as the newer ones. 650.00 would be a better price, be a good starter carbine.
  8. It says he is in Middle Tennessee in the box underneath his alias.
  9. Try switching hands for a while, using 2 strong side holsters. I think you will find it is not a problem at all, unless you have some disability like arthritis or something similar. I thought the same thing when I switched from Crossdraw 10 years ago, but it worked out fine.
  10. I have a 4 3/4" I could sell, in 45. Might get you by until you get the other one.
  11. How did that belt close? A zipper, or snaps? Pretty sure most cowboys just put a few silver dollars in there, they didn't have lots of money, and you didn't take it out of the belt in public, it was for safe keeping. Plus your holsters would get in the way. If you are looking for a money belt you put lots of money in and hid under your jacket, that is a different animal.
  12. A "real, usable" money belt should look similar to the pic. It needs to be open at the buckle end, and have the slot at the end of the belt for the billet to go through to keep all the money inside when worn. Some are sewn at the end, making them un-usable for storage of money. I have been using the one shown for almost 10 years. I like this style as the belt is made from 2 thinner, softer layers of leather sewn together and as such it conforms to the body better, and is more comfortable for me.
  13. I don't know how. I can send pics to e-mail addresses though.
  14. 5-1000 dollar bills shouldn't be too difficult to fit. Or 3-1 oz gold coins. 250-20 dollar bills might be a stretch.
  15. Is it just moving up and down or are you pulling it up and it springs back down on it's own? Because it IS a spring and you should be able to lift it up a bit. Changing to a SS kit will change how the lifter moves and how you work the lever, thus changing how it ejects shells.
  16. Happy Birthday. Without your help some of our guns would not be running so well.
  17. If melted down already, then about 1.00/lb.
  18. Seems to me this is a good reason not to install a lighter firing pin spring.
  19. I have them in 3 rifles, all were easy to set up and I haven't had any problems at all. I always swore I wouldn't do it but after running a rifle with a SS kit for a few years it feels funny to shoot any without. As for waiting for smoke to clear, I am not one of those guys who has 4 pieces of brass in the air at any one time. I run full cases of fg in 44-40. I mostly like the SS as I have less motion going on with the shorter stroke so it is easier to keep on target. I suppose I could go a bit faster, but mostly I like shooting with my wife and 2 kids, and am there to have fun. I am thinking my daughter is ready for a SS kit, but then maybe she will beat my times, so maybe not She shoots the same ammo I do, a little girl making lots of smoke and noise, just like she likes it. She is the reason I switched to fg, as it tends to make more sparks, and maybe more smoke.
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