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  1. Hopefully the San Jose Mayor's Office will back down also.
  2. San Jose, where I live, has closed down the gun stores as they were deemed "non-essential". Not the only place this has happened, and the NRA is already sueing cities for doing this.
  3. I'll just save mine for the time when they want me to pay it back. I don't believe it will come with no strings attached.
  4. I didn't put in a light spring, it is just a bit softer than it was originally when it was made in 1916! I have tried 230 grain bullets but if I don't hold it rock solid I sometimes got failures to eject(stovepipe) The heavier bullets cured this. I use my home cast 454190's.
  5. Light springs and heavy bullets seems to work well. fffg for more power to cycle the action. And a firm grip.
  6. I shoot BP in one of my old 1911's, guess I could do it with 2 at a time. You up for that, El Hombre?
  7. I cast my own bullets, make my own lube, load my own ammo and have as much fun as possible! I load for 4 shooters so I try and keep it all simple.
  8. For the last year I have been loading my daughters and my 44-40 with full cases of fg, works fine in my Dillon powder measure. She likes the extra sparks! Doesn't seem to run any dirtier with 44-40, 45 Colt might be different.
  9. Might want to check, seems like .401 and .429 would be more normal.
  10. Both my kids are now online students due to their schools closing, so now I have even more homework to help them with! But I don't have to drive my daughter to school, and they gym is closed also, so I have managed to cleanup my casting area and my garage so that I don't trip over everything every time I do something. Been running with the dog more also, so that is good. And just in general catching up on my backlog of work. Put in tomatoes, peppers, squash and zucchini in the garden yesterday. Hopefully this week I can install new tires on the sidecar rig, been meaning to do that but haven't had the time.
  11. You want to see calcium, meltdown some old used lead pipes. THAT make a mess. Sure made good bullets, though. I'm no expert but seems to me Calcium would make the connectors much more brittle and not function well as a clamp. Which looks like the OP was actually using, not the battery lugs/posts. I have melted down quite e few clamps for BP bullets, never had a problem, but then I try and stay upwind of the fresh melt, if for no other reason than tire stems STINK!
  12. Funny, 20 years ago cigarettes would have been one of the first things to be hoarded. Now it's toilet paper. How times have changed!
  13. Nice looking rifle, but I don't understand any of what you said was wrong with it. You had a bulged round but you chambered it anyway? What spring chambers the round? I must be missing something.
  14. Yul: without the pins the insides and the primer holes don't get clean enough for me. The insides get pretty dirty with BP. More than one way to skin a cat.
  15. My older 3 screw Single Sixes use XR3(no red) grips. Thus the chart. Says Xr3 right there cast into the grip frames.
  16. Brass juice works better than any of the other suggestions here, and I have tried them all in my wet rotary tumbler. I shoot BP so I probably have to clean more than most of you, but separating theins is no big deal, just use your rotary separator you probably already have. I just put my brass in the sun for a few hours, always get dried out just fine. I have just started knocking out the primers before cleaning with my LEE APP press, so we will see how many of the pins get stuck
  17. https://www.gunblast.com/Hamm_Ruger-SA-GripFrames.htm
  18. I have 2 teenagers who go to school and Boy Scout meetings, so a shoot for me is probably safer than being around them. In any case. I'm 63 so technically in a high risk group, but I am not skipping the shoot this weekend. I'm not much of a hugger and kisser anyway, so I won't have to change my ways.
  19. I like my Dillon measures, they work fine for 44-40.
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