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  1. I would bet that if you drew a mile circle around all schools, churches, rec. areas, bars, liquor stores, day care centers and residential areas , it would be impossible to find a piece of property that was not inside one of these circles.
  2. Is this the Blackpowder pepperbox 4 or 5 barrel gun that you have to manually turn the barrel?
  3. Windshield water fluid IS soapy water. I feel confident I can make my own.
  4. Hardpan's insurance pays for it and then gets the money from your insurance company.
  5. My brother has the B and I have the Super. Pretty sure I can talk him out of it. They are both full size guns, not commander size though.
  6. Buy a Star B. Looks an awful lot a Colt and comes apart the same. Or a Star B Super and shoot 9mm Largo, for more oomph. I know where you can find both.
  7. My parents didn't get me anything, so I bought my own motorcycle! Been on one ever since.
  8. My kids are Emma and Adam, no messing with those names yet. We wanted to name him Morgan, but felt there were too many female Morgans running around.
  9. Last year one of the Boy Scouts from my son's troop wore a red MAGA cap to camp, and it totally pissed off the girl helping run the archery area. Afterwards he was not told he couldn't wear it though. Freedom of expression still holds in Boy Scout camp, at least this time.
  10. You are right, I forgot you just moved here. I registered my AR the first time they did this over 18 years ago.
  11. I could be wrong, as I am not a AR guy, but if it was featureless was it necessary to register it as an Assault Weapon? Kinda defeats the point, IMHO.
  12. I had a Stainless version of one of these once. Shoulda bought another instead of selling it. Free bump to the top.
  13. It will be easier to find 44-40 pistols to go along with the rifle, but other than that, both will work fine for SASS. I would take the 44-40 myself, as i am all geared up for that caliber.
  14. If this was made 40 years ago, then the plastic zip ties are not original, as they were invented in 1958, the year before Aldo started Uberti firearms. And they were originaly made from metal, not plastic.
  15. He spelled George wrong. As in George S. Patton. So all his credibility goes right out the window. IMHO
  16. Make sure they are made from vegetable tanned leather, of the proper thickness. I prefer at least 10-12 oz leather. Oil tanned leather or just too thin of leather will result in floppy holsters that will be difficult to re-holster you pistol with, and thin belts will sag and get misshapen. Fitting well on the belt is also important, you don't want the holster sliding around on the belt.
  17. I keep all my powder and primers in an old mini refrigerator. Small, insulated against fire, at least for a little while, and free. The sheet metal is thin and the door seals against moisture and dirt but will blow open if the powder goes, unlike a locked box like an ammo can, or worse, a gun safe. Plus I store it all outdoors in a tool shed. I do what I can to keep everybody safe.
  18. " Dang it, I was going to blow something up but now they passed this law, so I guess I can't" , said no terrorist, ever.
  19. I have an NRA sticker on my truck, I'll take my chances. Hopefully they will cut the crap out of themselves on the glass.
  20. I just got mine back yesterday. Took 2 tries as the blood the Doc took wasn't accepted by the Lab, so I had it re-done at the Lab. Came back as 9. Yoohoo! That will keep my wife off my back for while. On the form it says Osha wants it less than 20, WHO wants it less then 40, and BEI less than 30.
  21. Jim; my post was in no way a criticism or your info, it's just that I personally keep running into people who think all guns in California have to be registered or they are illegal, and it just isn't true. They have seen too many movies, I think. Just trying to keep things straight.
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