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  1. You could always get a double buckle belt and put the loops on the center piece.
  2. I don't care where you are, you don't need to know if the guns were real or loaded. Not even in California. It is all about perception and intent. But it's going to cost you in lawyer's fees no matter what, even if you were right. It gets down to, if you think you are going to die, then shoot. As an ex-cop and an ex-armored truck driver, we had to think about these things every day, and plan ahead. You can't be measuring all the pros and cons in the moment of crisis, or you will probably die.
  3. Most any of these buckles could be made to work, especially if you use slides. Permanent loops could also be used, but the adjustability will be limited. http://civilwarbuckles.com/pages/US.html
  4. On another note, the local Columbine officials say they are not a tourist attraction, so don't go there if you have some fascination with the school shooting. And yet they have Memorial services every year.
  5. Why would they be Berdan primed? They aren't that old, they are from Ducks Unlimited.
  6. I just re-newed mine by mail. I got the old version, I already have a Passport. The last place i want to go to is the DMV.
  7. Trailboss works great as long as you shoot loads with a decent charge. I like it as it is just one more level of protection against loading a double charge in my wife and kid's loads. I can't really put a price on that.
  8. Naw, he wouldn't do that. He would write a stage where you shoot the regular 10 and THEN shoot 4 with the '49's. And only get a bonus if you shoot the rifle targets with them!
  9. Just remember, it is not an EMF, it is an Uberti. So any Uberti parts, including the Short stroke kit, will work.
  10. I have a couple of .32's, a few in 38 S&W and 2 1849'ers, so I think I'm good for now! And I do have a holster pattern for 49ers when you're ready for that holster. Better finish up your knife sheath first, though And Tyrel's BP bullets for the grips. Which don't fit MY Opentops but do fit my wife's. Weird. So it looks like I'm going to be doing some gripframe swapping this weekend, as I ain't giving up those nice elk antler grips!
  11. Now I gotta bring mine to a shoot so we can both shoot BP pocket pistol.
  12. My son has it but I haven't tried it yet. Never got into video games, too busy with my motorcycles and guns in real life. I do enjoy some of his older games on Atari and Sega, but the new ones are "too realistic" to me. Would rather just use the real thing.
  13. If done right you can straighten out the curve while adding minimal length. I have done it a few times as I don't like Crescent stocks but don't always want to switch out the stocks for a shotgun or carbine stock.
  14. Whoo hoo! I may be slow and smokey, but I just added a bunch of style points.
  15. I can do that! It would sure class up my pair of Opentops.
  16. Wish I could. I have a pair of Patrick's grips on my WW1 era 1911 and my Mk 4 Webley.
  17. Not true. In CC I can't shoot a '97. I can't shoot a 38 Special. I can't shoot 2 handed. In B-western I can't shoot my '66's. So "all things are available to everyone" is just not true. The Categories have restrictions, and I wish some people would respect them more and stop trying to out-wit the rules. Just one of those pet peeves of mine, but I don't let it ruin my fun. I try and shoot against the guys who are like me and stick more with what I think was the intention of the category. I don't tell anyone else what to do, but I can and do express my opinion on things.
  18. In the long run is doesn't make any real difference, as there are no prizes or anything. But that's like asking guys why do they bother to install short stroke kits, better sights, and use holsters with the top half of the gun sticking out? It helps you do better against the guys that are in your category. So it is important to keep things as equal as possible in your particular category, otherwise, it isn't actually a specific category, is it? If we start getting a " just shoot what ya want, why does it matter?" attitude, we might as well just eliminate categories altogether and just rank everybody by total time. When I shoot CC it is specifically so that at least I will be shooting against guys who have to shoot a caliber that starts with 4, they have to shoot Duelist, and they can't shoot a '97. And they have to dress up even if it can get a bit uncomfortable, just to look the part. I don't expect everyone to go through that much trouble, but if you are going to shoot any sort of particular class, at least do more than just the minimum. Otherwise, why bother?
  19. I know this isn't NCOWS, and I don't want it to be. But it would be nice if we had at least one category for those of us who at least try to look like what most of us? think cowboys should look like and shoot with. CC is the closest we have managed, with the exception of requiring BP. I hate to see the rules nit picked until it isn't "Classic" anymore. To me, if the holster doesn't look like something I have seen in "Packing Iron" then it doesn't look right to me. But then, I shoot 1872 Opentops with 7.5" barrels with full power BP 44-40's. To each his own.
  20. It would depend on how snug the lower part of the holster is, some are more form fitting than others.
  21. I agree with Creeker. The rule as written seem to indicate that drop holsters and Buscaderos by their nature have the grip below the belt, when this is not necessarily so. I did say "IMHO" I shoot 7.5" pistols myself, and was thinking of doing the crossed belt thing to lower the handguns a bit.
  22. The bottom holster would be OK, but IMHO, the top one would not. Classic Cowboy is supposed to represent what "real" cowboys would have worn, so the totally exposed trigger guard and the open front would not qualify. And in spite of the grips being high enough, it is still clearly a "drop holster". FWIW, I could make a Buscadero rig and still make the grips high enough, but it would still be a Buscadero. Does this look to you like something that might have been worn back in the day?
  23. I wear 34 x 36 pants, so I don't hafta do nothin'! Although I do usually put them inside my boots.
  24. So that I won't be shooting agin guys with 38 Specials or smaller.
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