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  1. That works too. I just pushed the safety rod up all the way, put a new notch in it at that point and re-installed the pin. It works fine and all my original parts are still in the gun if I need to go back to stock, like if I sell it.
  2. Interesting fact. I was told by the guy who made my buckskin jacket that deer hide can be washed in the washing machine on gentle and it doesn't hurt the leather. I was shocked, being a worker of cowhide, but he swears it is true.
  3. I have tried to tell my son: do a proper job, even if you don't have to. It's just the right thing to do. Maybe one day he'll understand what I am saying.
  4. There is no such thing as dies for C54S, as yet. You need to make up a set using parts of other caliber sets. There have been a few discussions on this here in tha past few months. I personally use an 45 Colt/Schofield RCBS Cowboy set for sizing and bullet seating, and use a shortened Dillon 45 Colt die for roll crimping. Using 45 AR dies will get you most of the way there also, but will size the brass smaller.
  5. I helped the problem a little bit with my wife's rifle by only sizing the top half of the case. A better solution was to switch her to C45S brass. Smaller amounts of smokeless powder but seems like higher pressure to help seal, but without increased recoil. Still runs dirtier than my BP 44-40 guns
  6. You didn't say what you use for bullet lube. Might make a difference.
  7. Do it every time I clean my BP rifle. With a little Murphy's Oil Soap added.
  8. Reasonable is what they were selling for when they were in stock. Normal right now is closer to 100.00/1000 if you can find them. Kind of depends on how long ago you bought them and if you need the money, or just want to give some of your shooting buddies a good deal.
  9. Maybe, but I would feel better about it if the factory in Australia was making that statement.
  10. Nice vest, always wanted a Duke vest, but it has 3 too many X's to fit me.
  11. The wax has to be slightly warm. It is the degrees of "slightly" that is the key problem. But once you get the details worked out is isn't too difficult, if you don't need more than a few hundred. Me, I bought a Lubrisizer and never looked back.
  12. Except most 44-40 guns have .429 barrels, same as 44-40. I reamed out both my 44 Special '72 Opentops to 44-40 and use .429 bullets with no problems. I rented a reamer that was made to SAAMI specs and it barely even touched in the neck area. It worked so well that I reamed out my 4 other Uberti 44-40 revolvers so that they would all be the same and not be so finicky about ammo.
  13. They are probably the newer XR-3 grips going by the chart I was just looking at. Slightly smaller than XR3-Red. Just compared my ROA to the kids' 3 screw Single Sixes, looks like they might fit except the locating pin hole is a bit higher.
  14. I can do that, for 25.00 each. I originally did that for a friend who hung 6 of them on his cart when he shot C&B guns. He always had a pair ready to go that way. Black color is no problem. I have 2 of the doubles on my cart as my wife and daughter like to take park the guns when not shooting.
  15. Pauldoe; I called him this afternoon. He hasn't shot a match in 8 years but he "isn't ready to give up cowboy yet", he said. I tried.
  16. 1 or a pair? My brother has a pair, and I was just telling him last week now is a good time to sell. He hasn't shot SASS for at least 6 years. Where in the Bay Area are you?
  17. I have a Large Flat Rate box full of once fired ribbed Estate hulls, about 425 in there, if you think they will work for you. 25.00 shipped.
  18. MY wife has in the past shot my 44-40 through her 45 Colt rifle. I eliminated to problem by switching her to C45S brass. Accuracy was off a bit, but the brass did not split. More than once at the public range I have found 9mm brass that the neck was blown out to 40 caliber. I assume it was shot in a 40 S&W caliber gun. And 44 Russian shoot fine through a 44-40 pistol, at least with my BP loaded rounds. With high pressure Smokeless, who knows.
  19. Cleaning the bottom the first time can take a while as it is lacquer coated to keep it shiny. At least mine was. Otherwise Brasso works as good as anything.
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