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  1. Glad it worked out. At least here it isn't like Craigslist where it just disappears after a certain amount of time.
  2. Go heavy and avoid really large meplat bullets. As for diameter, best to slug your barrel so you aren't guessing any more than you have to. And like Lumpy said, what are you calling long range? A longer barrel doesn't a long range gun make.
  3. I have worked for 2 Government agencies, and hated to politics in both. I have had "bosses" (in name only, mostly incompetent) say they were going to "watch me" because of something I did they didn't agree with. I let them watch me, who cares, I was doing nothing wrong and was proved out every time. Makes them feel like they are important.
  4. A few years ago someone found an empty .223 shell on the elementary school grounds my kids went to. I was talking to the janitor about it while waiting for school to get out. Apparently everyone was in a bother about it. When my kids came out the Principal was right there, so I asked her about it, just to mess with her. She was all upset about it, and then she remembered I was a shooter. So, she looked at my son(1st grade) and then looked at me and asked if I knew anything about it. I answered " it couldn't have been my son, he never carries anything smaller than a 44 " and walked away, enjoying the funny look she got on her face.
  5. Absolutely not true. We can also buy bullets, primers, and powder. When we can find them, that is!
  6. The old double action Colt? I have one, but not sure if it is legal as a pocket pistol being double action.
  7. Not that it is better but pretty sure wind turbines kill more eagles and hawks than cats do, who mostly kill smaller songbirds. My cats mostly bring home mice and rats and lizards. Not too many birds. Once in a blue moon a squirrel.
  8. I've been working from home for the last 15 years. The only virtual part is my website.
  9. I would probably have to sell every other gun I own in order to win this auction, and that still might not be enough.
  10. fffg, but I use a 260 grain bullet.
  11. TT: I didn't know there was Silicon Valley in Arizona.
  12. Maybe Natchez has some BECAUSE they charge an arm and a leg? And sales are slow?
  13. Why would we do that? Goex isn't the only Blackpowder maker in the world.
  14. I e-mailed Redding today to check and see if the normal crimp die in the set was also a profile crimp die. The answer is no. The die in the set does a roll crimp, whereas the Profile Crimp Die has a slight taper in front of the roll crimp. So, to me, that means it feeds the front edge of the brass into a slight taper before it crimps it, making for a smoother transition. Makes sense, and works best for me, compared to other crimp dies I have used. I have no crumpled cases with the Profile die. And the die above looks exactly like my Profile Die.
  15. EHSN: you ever coming back to shoot with us, or is the Covid thing slowing you down?
  16. The heaviest Big Lube 44 is 200 grains. I know the guy who casts them if you want to pm me for his info. I have been running the lighter 165 grain 44Slim Big Lube in 44 Russian cases through my Remington 1875's for the last 3 shoots as I wanted to try 2 handed shooting and my Opentops don't like it, just duelist shooting for them. They get dirty but still last 5 stages just fine, with a compressed load of fg.
  17. They are interchangeable, but some are better quality than others.
  18. I would call a procedural and a miss, because he didn't hit all 5 pistol targets in window C with his 4 remaining bullets. The miss didn't cause the procedural, in case that was you problem. The rifle didn't matter. He already had the procedural from the second pistol from the wrong window. IMHO
  19. A store might buy a case of cartridges, but just like now, would mark up the price to sell to their customers by the box.
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