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  1. Buffalo Brothers. I have the on my S&W Performance Center Schofields and like them. They come over size and you fit them yourself. http://buffalobrothers.net/epages/6e0660d3-c48c-462c-bcf4-e93d79a29461.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/6e0660d3-c48c-462c-bcf4-e93d79a29461/Categories/On_Line_Store/4-G
  2. A great excuse to get my 1930's vintage Marlin 410 lever out.
  3. Shoot starts at 11, 4 stages, near Pringle SD https://schofieldbob.wixsite.com/blackhillsshootists
  4. Hmm, I must be doing something wrong. When I click on the "more" button it only says" "page quality".
  5. DUH! What a novel idea. Thanks, I'll get on that. Can't believe I didn't think of that. I put in on our Website and just spaced out on the FB page.
  6. I made a Facebook page for our club, Black Hills Shootists https://www.facebook.com/BlackHillsShootists1880/?ref=bookmarks It hasn't brought us any new shooters, but has generated some interest and it's WAY easier to post pics and news than the WIX Website my wife and I created. You did a nice job, I especially like the FAQ's Good Luck
  7. The barrel looks too long for a Coyote Cap model, both of mine have the 18 1/2" barrel.
  8. Wish we were still there, 25 and snowing here in Piedmont, SD.
  9. You need to check the SD time they gave you, it's wrong.
  10. Thanks, he was a great friend and I'll always treasure his friendship.
  11. Marshal Cotton aka Dwain Hudson a very long time SASS member, regulator and all around great guy and a great friend passed away unexpectedly today. Dwain was member of the Black Hills Shootists , but moved around and shot all over the South and West. He will be missed.
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