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  1. sold This is a complete set-up for your vintage buffalo hunt. SPECIAL PRICE FOR MY SASS COMPADRES...$2200. Sorry for yelling but this is a special deal for my SASS compadres and will be going up on GunBroker for $3k if no one takes it. First the rifle. This is a Davide Pedersoli 45-70 and functions perfectly.. It has Long Range Soule sights and the globe front has a spirit level. Pistol grip buttstock and checkered fore-end. Double set triggers work perfectly. This is a used gun, but I have gone through it and fixed everything. The set trigger is brand new direct from the factory. The buttstock is solid but some small gaps have been filled with walnut and acraglass. Bright bore. I will also include the Buffalo robe coat. It is an XL, and fits me fine, I'm 6', 1 230 pounds . It has two large tears that are shown in the pic, a couple of the toggles and loops are missing, but all are easily fixable and wearable as is. Next is a pair of buffalo sticks, a fringed leather gun scabbard, a 46" long canvas cartridge belt, 25 once fired Winchester Western pieces of brass, 50 Laser Cast 405 grain RNFB lead bullets, and a possibles bag. Finally, there is a vintage skinning set. The block is covered in genuine buffalo hide and has six vintage skinning knives. Gun must ship to an FFL and the non-FFL item I'll ship directly to you. Postage will be outrageous so I'm charging $50 and I'll cover the rest. $2250 shipped. I need cash for Christmas so I can't trade.
  2. This is an xtra large pair of Horse Hair (maybe brown bear) Gauntlets. Very good usable condition. Very large, I'm 6'2 and these fit me with plenty of room. Gauntlets are very large...9" wide at the bottom and 15" long. Leather palms in good condition, worn but no holes and still supple. Corduroy lining. I estimate they are from somewhere between 1870 and 1910. I got these when I lived in Fairplay, Colorado. $125 shipped.
  3. This is the perfect coat to wear when you visit your kid at college for parent's day or homecoming. Let everyone know who your kid is. Make them proud to be your son or daughter and let everyone know "That's my dad,,,one of of the cool kids!"
  4. sold $350 shipped. Vintage Raccoon coat. XL size. I am 6'2, 230 pounds and it fits exactly. Probably about 48 to 50 inch chest, calf length. Excellent condition, no rips or tears, no bad smell, fur is supple, ready to wear. Perfect for Old West, College or Gangster stuff. Two large outer pockets, one internal pocket, knit cuffs inside wrists. Button closure, all buttons and closure intact. Very hard to find XL size and in near mint condition. Currently for sale on e-bay and could end any time, don't delay if you want it.
  5. Sold pending funds to Tell. PM sent. I was right in the middle of listing this on e-bay.
  6. Armpit to waist is 16" to 17". Armpit to bottom of coat is 40". Armpit to armpit, laid flat, is 25"...about 48"to 50" chest.
  7. SPF This is an original Bear skin overcoat. Special price to my SASS compadres before it goes up on e-bay. It is in excellent condition with no rips or tears and is ready to wear. I am 99% sure this is Bear skin, although there is a slim possibility that it is even rarer winter coat horse hair. I place its age anywhere from 1870 to 1910 based on my knowledge of Buffalo/Bear/Horse overcoats. I have several in my collection. I am 6'1, 200 pounds and it fits me with plenty of room. I estimate that it is about a 50" chest. It is rare to find these coats and finding one in an XL size is nearly impossible due to the small stature of men at the turn of the century. The lining is intact with the leather armpit reinforcements in pristine condition. There are two large external pockets and one internal pocket. There is a split tail and knit internal sleeve cuffs. The coat has toggles on each side and can be closed left over right or right over left. Large stand up collar to protect against wind and snow. Now you can be Beau Dorn. $800 shipped.
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