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  1. That’s a good price. I wouldn’t sell my similar 66 for that. And Pit Bull Tex is a good pard to do business with. If he tells you a chicken can pull a wagon....get a harness!
  2. I thought I made it clear that I’m not a fan of making new rules, But some read into a post whatever they want. That being said, obviously when a shooter of your experience and breadth of knowledge has this wrong, then perhaps some clarification is in order. And I’ve never claimed to know it all. But I try to learn. And when I’m wrong, I’ll admit it and move forward.
  3. Yes, I certainly don’t like others moving my guns. Or worse, sliding their guns over, pushing mine with theirs.
  4. Sounds like a cartoon! Rat eats powder, cat strikes match I bet they were after the plastic, didn’t eat much gunpowder. Load it up and chute it!
  5. Grizz, I agree that leaving loaded pistols or any guns on table is a bad idea. In 7 years of SASS avg 3 matches/month I’ve maybe done it twice. But, I’ve had lots of folks say”watch my guns” while they go to their cart or wherever. As much as I hate “new rules” I could support a “no leaving table once guns are loaded” rule.
  6. Hoss


    an interesting aside, once saw a shooter (probably had 4-5 matches experience) serving as a spotter. Had is pistols holstered, was sub-consciously cocking and decocking them in his holsters. I told him that was a big no-no, dont do it! He was not really aware he was doing it. Just nervous energy I reckon. People do stupid things!
  7. I've had a similar thing happen. loaned pistols to a new shooter. (monthly match) he returned them to my cart holsters. I picked up from cart, holstered, went to LT and found the un-cleared pistols. I showed them to PM who happened to be loading behind me, explained the situation, he said no call on me, and said to discuss it with the new shooter, which I did. We did not penalize him in this instance, even tho we probably should have. in reality, this was a failure on several of us. Shooter for not clearing pistols. TO for not escorting new shooter to ULT. ULT officer for not clearfing pistols, and probalblyte club in general for not having a mentor assigned to the new shooter to walk him from point to point in the stage. As for me checking pistols when I picked them up, I dont think checking pistols at my cart would be a good idea, especially as I knew I was going directly to LT. And for the record, my Uncle, who taught me gun safety, drilled into me to check every gun every time you pick it up. and if you dont know how to check it, dont pick it up!
  8. one variation that has taken hold at several Texas clubs is the "Sharpshooter" category. Shotgun is the same, pistols are shot at rifle targets, rifle is shot at a second set of targets set further out, 30 to 75 yards or so. best to have similar target arrays but some clubs use what they have, if they only have enough targets for 2-3 targets per stage, they make it work. This category gives some shooters a different type of challenge.
  9. Some clubs offer an unofficial “working cowboy” class with just one pistol and rifle. But most matches are going to have 2 revolvers, rifle, shotgun. Most shooters only shoot with their dominant hand, many using a cross draw holster. Some use a right and left straight hang, draw and transfer gun on weak side to strong side. As for shotgun, most shoot a very light load, and typically 4 targets to a stage. Check with a club. Somebody will take you under their wing and get you started. Welcome to the fire!
  10. I’ve never loaded a bullet like that. There is no way it was one of mine. Guessing it’s for 30-06. Im 99% sure the powder jug was sealed, but I suppose it could have been opened, partially used, returned to store. Bullseye probably not a popular powder for 30-06 shooters tho. I guess I’ll never know!
  11. Once a year or so we have a 5th Saturday match where we shoot different categories every stage. One of them is Buckaroo, shoot 22s and 410s. It’s a lot of fun! Next time we have it I may ask special permission to shoot my 22s and 410 every stage.
  12. Was emptying out the last of a 8lb jug of Bullseye powder into a 1lb jug. Heard/felt something in the jug, figured it was a desiccant pill. Turned out to be a bullet. I’ve never loaded this caliber, never loaded a gas checked Bullet. No way it was one of mine. Night the powder new, it’s never been out of my reloading room since I brought it home. Wonder where it came from???
  13. I know there is an outfit that makes glass hoppers for Dillon presses. Would that alleviate the static concerns?
  14. Done. Looking forward to results.
  15. Here’s a kinda funny, kinda scary, but true story. Shooter shooing 97. Has had shotgun ammo issues, poor crimp allowing shot to leak out. He has a poof, shot dribbles out end if barrel more due to gravity than powder force. Wad definitely did not come out. TO and 1/2 the posse yell SQUIB. shooter goes to load another round. TO says no, you have a wad stuck in Barrel. Shooters says no problem, I’ll shoot it out. TO says no put gun down. By this time smoke is pouring out of ejection port. Apparent the plastic was was burning in the barrel!
  16. Hard to beat a Rugged Gear cart. But yes, they are on the spendy side. But I think worth it.
  17. Put me in the allow shooter to continue with one barrel camp. If if not allowed, what would happen if I shoot first barrel, squib, before anybody can react I shoot 2nd Barrel. Would you call that a miss?
  18. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/mobile/BPI-Wad-Popper/productinfo/0740005/
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