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  1. no dog in this fight, just my .02¢ worth.... I have horn grips on my Rugers. One big benefit is in wet weather, or sweaty hot weather, they get sticky, not slippery! and they are very distinctive. Your guns will stand out on the loading table !
  2. I know I can buy a replacement hinge joint. I’m going to experiment with some sort of plastic bonding glue or epoxy resin. I was just curious off anybody had found something that worked. The hinge is a definite weak point. I’ve learned not to lean on the handle, but others will lean on it.
  3. Anybody figured out a way to repair the plastic hinge on a rugged gear cart handle? I’ve tried JB Weld, no luck.
  4. Hoss

    So this happened!

    Haha, they do look bigger. One thing I can tell you, if you ever have a gun pointed at you, them holes look big enough to crawl into! it’s kind of a novelty gun, not a whole lot of practical use, but it’s pretty neat. And besides, my 401-G appreciates more in value than my 401-K !
  5. I didn’t know you shot pocket pistols
  6. My 38 SW Lee sizer die 38 auto my 32SW Lee sizer dies 32ACP
  7. I’ll look it over. The ability To pull a hull out at powder station would be great.
  8. I’ve seen that. I fear tapping the cast iron base is beyond my machining abilities.
  9. I bought one at an estate sale. I think the guy may have croaked while loading. Still had unfinished shells in it! biggest drawback: you can’t take a hull out once it’s past station 1, unless you unhook indexer and back them up. If you have a fouled hull at wad setting station far easier to just keep a knife handy and cut the shell in 1/2 and let it go around. You will spill powder and shot. Just live with it! I got a spring loaded aftermarket primer pin. It will automatically adjust primer setting if you change hulls. I load about 90% STS, a few AA. doesn’t matter
  10. Hoss

    So this happened!

    Do you know anybody in Delaware? one of the neat things about the SASS classifieds is you can find most anything there, and I’ve never had an issue buying or selling a gun or other item on the wire. Cowboy shooters are honest folks!
  11. Hoss

    So this happened!

    I was trying to keep it a secret so you would let me write the side match scenarios for our upcoming annual match in December.
  12. Hoss

    So this happened!

    No. Just 4 shots period. However you want to do it
  13. Now all I have to do is convince a MD to write a 4 shot derringer side match! Not sure what I’m going to do with it, but have wanted one for a while! HJS Arms 22 4 shot derringer. Modeled after the C Sharps derringer. Has a nifty rotating firing pin on hammer.
  14. 70/K us a steal! I saw some at gunshow last week for $400/K needless to say, I didn’t buy any!
  15. They all drop at exactly the same rate. 32ft/second squared
  16. If allowed anytime, and your rifle will hold 11, as you pick it up, stuff one in. Otherwise I go over the top. Using right hand. Practice only doing it one way. I see people try to go over the top with action closed, then open action and try to go thru the gate! (Yes, done it myself!) For pistol, shoot 1, open gate, put one in cylinder. No need to roll cylinder or count clicks that way. Practicing at home, can be done in nano-seconds . At a match, with timer running, takes hours!
  17. At gunshow in Corpus Christi today. A vendor had primers for $400/K!
  18. If you read the book, it kind of goes more in-depth of the thought process. In those days, horse stealing was a hanging offense, as leaving a man horseless was likely going to cost him his life. The Suggs boys were outlaws. Stoke horses, killed, hung, burned the sodbusters. Jake went along with it. Mostly due to weak character. Call couldn’t hang them and let Jake go.
  19. I’ll watch anything with Barbara Hershey. She may have been my first crush when she was on The Monroe’s
  20. At the start of the book they talk about how much sugar Bolivar puts in his coffee. Gus remarked that his droppings were so sugary the shoats had started stalking him. Newt thought it was probably true because they stalked him and his droppings were mostly bean. Just cracked me up! the character development in the book was rich. Each of the characters you got to know, and realized that each of them could be “the lonesome dove”.
  21. That came to mind to me as well. But not sure they want to do SASS events. But they could pull it off!
  22. I use a Frankfort Arsenal Vibra prime. Load straight into Dillon pickup tube with the pick up end off. Just hold it in the Vibra prime.
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