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  1. I have a few questions for those of you who have offered/set-up a cops and cowboys match. How did you determine how many cops and how many cowboys would be allowed to compete? Or was it anybody who wanted to compete could and the top "X" shooters from each side were declared the winners? How was it decided who would represent the cowboys or did you just allow anybody who wanted to compete to do so? How was it decided who would represent the cops or did you just allow anybody who wanted to compete to do so? Did you charge the regular entry fee for competitors or was it something different? Did you allow spectators--did they get charged a spectator fee? If so, how much? I'm assuming that proceeds went to charity--at least that is what I am planning if we have a match in my area. Were proceeds divided and half given to the cops' charity of choice and half to cowboys' charity of choice or did all go to the winner's charity? Was the "press" involved at all in getting the word out about the match (press release)? How far in advance of the event did you make contact with the local law enforcement to get their buy-in? Thanks in advance. Outrider Outlaw
  2. Just now looked at the Cabelas web site. Shows them in stock.
  3. When my son was playing Little League baseball his coach told all the parents to be sure to come to practice on a particular Saturday and he suggested that we might want to bring a camera. He had some sort of connection with the Detroit Tigers organization and had made arrangements for Alan Trammell to attend the practice. He was still playing shortstop at that time. Heck of a nice guy and it was really amusing to see him hitting grounders to the kids. My son was maybe 10 years old at the time.
  4. A follow up to my original post. I have to say I am about as impressed as I could possibly be. Last night I received a phone call from Cabelas corporate offices regarding the problems that I had with my order. Unfortunately they couldn't resolve the issue that I had with my order but just the fact that I got a call from their corporate headquarters in Nebraska says a lot to me about the company. They told me that they had sent me another 2 e-mails just then and that I should have received them. I checked my e-mail account while I had them on the phone and there was nothing there. I asked the very nice lady if she would give me her e-mail address so I could send her something to see if there was anything going on. She got what I sent her and sent a response back to me. As of this morning, I still haven't received the e-mails that were sent last night so there is clearly something odd going on. The lady went so far as to give me her direct phone number and told me that she would check in with me in about a week. She also said that she would keep an eye out for the availability of the primers I want and would call me when they became available. Whether or not she follows through on the promise of calling me when the primers are available is irrelevant. The fact that they called me in the first place to discuss the problem tells me that they really are concerned with their customer's satisfaction. OO
  5. Last October I ordered Federal small pistol primers from Cabelas. I ordered them on-line and their website showed that they were available. It wasn't too long after that I received notification that they were out of stock but my order would be placed on back order. I contacted Cabelas via "live chat" to see if they could tell me when they'd be in. They said end of the month. When I got nothing by the first part of November I again contacted them and they said they hadn't received their order but should get them in by the end of November and that my order would be processed then. Well, first part of December comes along and still nothing. So I contact them again. Same story, they should be in by the end of December. I just now contacted them again and was told that my order had been cancelled. They supposedly sent me an e-mail on 12/16 wanting to know if I wanted my order to stand and that I had 10 days to respond. I never got an e-mail from them other than the one back in October acknowledging my order. I'm very conscientious abut checking my e-mails and I had nothing from them. I even went back and checked my deleted items folder and my spam folder---nothing there from them. I'm really pretty disgusted by the whole thing. OO
  6. If Ft. Wayne, then only a 3 1/2 hour drive to the Michigan State Championship in Port Huron (Kimball) Michigan.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion Pat Riot. I did a Google search using your suggestion and found a very interesting discussion about this topic. One contributor made a comment that seems to me to be the most reasonable. In essence that contributor suggested that there really is nothing that can be done to really preserve the skin of a dead animal (leather) and any efforts to preserve it by artificial means will likely increase the rate of deterioration. The suggestion: do nothing other than try to keep it in a controlled environment with mild temperatures and low humidity. On a side note, I wish I had also inherited the item that my brother was given--my great grandfather's 1854 Harper's Ferry musket complete with bayonet. His daughter has actually fired the musket after it was thoroughly gone over by a competent gunsmith.
  8. My great grandfather, Charles H. Barton, served in the 11th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War. I inherited the leather goods that he carried during the war. Among these are his cartridge box, cap box (complete with cap tin and some caps), and his belt and US buckle. I'm looking for some advice on how to keep these in relatively decent condition so I can pass them on to my children or grandchildren. TIAA OO
  9. Glad that the Lions 2008 record is still intact. I was worried for a bit.
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