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  1. There are several Canadians who regularly shoot matches at Michigan club monthlies (is that even a word?). I've never heard any of them say that they had any particular problems crossing the border with their guns and ammo. As stated above, keep the firearms cased and separated from the ammo. None of these should be accessible from the passenger compartment of your vehicle. On another related topic, make sure that under ordinary circumstances (not transporting firearms) that you would have no problems coming into the US or returning to Canada. In Michigan there is an "enhanced" driver's license that is issued to those who frequently cross the border. I'm no expert, but you might need a current passport. Check with US and Canadian Customs.
  2. My experience-which admittedly isn't that long--is that Range War is always Labor Day weekend.
  3. I admit that I am not real familiar with the Henry rifles. That being said, the ones that I have seen all require removal of a spring along the bottom of the barrel for loading and then reinsertion of the spring. I have seen several cowboy shooters become frustrated when they accidentally jack out a live round during a match and must either struggle to load another round or take a miss. There are occasions when stage directions call for loading a round into the rifle while on the clock. The penalty for not doing so could be a miss, a procedural or even a SOG for not attempting to engage a target.
  4. Well, I had to look at a map to see where Rosswell is and it appears that you are close to PA. That being said, you are quite a distance from Michigan, but (two years ago we had a competitor from New Zealand attend--now that's a long trip) I would urge you to take a look at The Wolverine Rangers Range War information. Range War is the annual Michigan state match. It takes place over Labor Day weekend every year. The festivities begin on Friday before Labor Day and end on Sunday, the day before Labor Day. This year (2019) will be the 21st Range War. The first 21 on-line entries that have never shot Range War will be awarded a 50% discount for the entry fee.. Whether you choose to attend Range War or not, I urge you to look at the Primer for Range War First Timers on the Wolverine Rangers web page. The primer can be found here. Additional information about Range War and an entry form can be found on the Ranger's Range War page. Whatever you decide, keep playing the game. Come for the shooting, stay for the people.
  5. It appears that the thought police are coming to Michigan. http://fashthenation.com/2019/03/michigan-to-create-thought-criminal-database/?fbclid=IwAR2Mcm3l0UgCs1j3-GxQdlwe5xnYByjMvqJCfKCkMWa3KBHoySyQ04r2psw
  6. Michigan's governor has proposed a 45 cent increase in gasoline tax to be implemented over the next few years. The new tax is supposed to be used for road improvements. We've been down that road (pun intended) before. Tax increase--funds diverted to some other "worthwhile" cause.
  7. "Both Pressley and Meng argued that 16-year-olds are permitted to drive cars, get jobs, and pay taxes, and therefore, they should be permitted to vote." Let's also require that they no longer can hide behind "juvenile offender" defenses in courts, mandatory Selective Service Registration, etc.
  8. I use an excel spreadsheet for mine as well as taking jpg pics of all my guns. I keep a backup copy on dropbox.com of both the spreadsheet and the photos. Spreadsheet contains make, model, serial number, caliber/gauge and a comments field.
  9. Well, let's see. For starters, until I got the Runnin' Irons I was using Ruger Blackhawks, so no safety notch there. Of course, the Runnin' Irons had to be put on half cock to load-unlike the Rugers. Maybe I'm just ignorant, but I really can't see what noticing or not noticing a safety notch has to do with my original comment which was that I hadn't noticed that the firing pin "floated" inside the hammer.
  10. I'm glad to have seen these videos. I have a pair of Running Irons that I got a year ago. I used them all last year including the Illinois/Indiana state match and the Michigan state match with no problems at all. I was doing some dry fire practice a few days ago using snap caps and that was the first time I had noticed that there was some play in the firing pins. I was afraid I had broken something but am relieved to see that it does not appear that anything is amiss.
  11. The Spring 2019 issue pictures 2 Wolverine Ranger members in an article called Striking Gold. The article itself is about the Henry Golden Boy and how it would be a good practice rifle for our game. Pictured in it are Ginger Sass and her father Spartan Johnny--both SASS members and Wolverine Rangers. Its good to see young women in our sport and with family participation. With national exposure like this it can't do our sport any harm. I have only two objections to the article--first, it doesn't make it clear that .22s can't be used (for the majority of our shooters) and second, it doesn't give the names of the people in the pictures.
  12. Well, there are two possibilities I guess. On Friday there will be a swap meet where participants can bring whatever to sell/ swap. At least I think it will be on Friday--that is yet to be finalized. Or, you may set-up as a vendor. Information about that will be posted on the Range War web page. In the past there has been no charge to be a vendor and I feel confident that will be the case this year. If you are going to set up a canopy you will need to fill in the vendor application.
  13. Dear Cowboy Action Shooting Friends, This year marks the 21st Anniversary of the SASS Michigan State Championship, also known as Wolverine Rangers Range War. In honor of the 20th Anniversary last year, the Wolverine Rangers offered half off entry fees for the first 20 shooters to register online that had not shot Range War before. It was such a big hit that we decided to offer half off entry fees again this year for the first 21 shooters to register online that have not previously shot Range War. Junior shooters are always FREE. If you were hesitant in signing up in the past, now is the time! Join us in celebrating one of the best state championships around! Range War is being held over Labor Day Weekend (August 30th – September 1 st) at the Blue Water Sportsman’s Club located at 4866 Ravenswood Road, Kimball, MI 48074. Registration is available on our website at www.wolverinerangers.org. Shooters of all skill levels and categories are welcome. As a reminder, there must be at least 3 shooters in any non-official SASS category to be eligible for an award. All shooters registered before August 1st will receive a FREE Range War T-shirt or shooter towel! Range War is a weekend packed full of fun activities and camaraderie. On Friday we have our Mini Matches (Wild Bunch, Cowboy, and Plainsman), Long Range and Speed Side Events, FREE pizza lunch, and Cowboy Swap Meet. Saturday is 5 Stages of the Main Match, Cowboy Trap, BBQ Dinner in the Clubhouse, and Cowboy Campfire and sing-a-long in the Campgrounds. Sunday, we have Cowboy Church in the morning, 5 Stages of the Main Match, and our Awards Banquet at Alexander’s in the evening. Please visit our website for more information or to register online. This is one shoot you won’t want to miss! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Best regards, Cosmopolitan Christine, Wolverine Rangers Secretary
  14. I'm glad I read this thread. I had no idea this was coming and I have people in other states that are far enough away that flying is the best way to get there.
  15. Well, not the Southwest and not EXACTLY September, but the Michigan state match--Wolverine Rangers Range War--is over Labor Day weekend. The fun starts on Friday, August 30 with side matches and the main match being Saturday 8/31 and continuing on Sunday 9/1. A great awards banquet is held after the match on Sunday evening. More info may be found at www.wolverinerangers.org
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