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  1. I have been taking Plavix and a lo dose aspirin since I had a heart attack 17 years ago. Recently I was taken off the aspirin and placed on warfarin since I have a recurring problem with A-Fib. I take Plavix in the morning and warfarin at night. Other than I bleed quite a bit if injured and bruise a bit easier than if I wasn't taking them, I have had no problems. I get a finger poke once a month which is no big deal. My cardiologist suggested one of the meds that don't required a finger poke and I asked how much that med would cost. He looked it up and it came to something like $500.00 for a 30 day supply. That works out to be about $16.00 per pill. I'll skip that and just get the finger poke thanks.
  2. Not looking at another Ranger. The new Rangers have been completely redesigned--much bigger than what I am used to.. I've been driving a pickup for about 20 years now and am looking for something different. I'm figuring that whatever I get will likely be my last vehicle.
  3. There was some snow coming down but nothing serious. The roads were dry and clear. I had been driving at highway speed for the previous 30 miles. Up to that point other cars were passing me. I guess I was just unlucky to hit that patch. As I said, even the LEO was surprised. Just looked at Subaru and it doesn't have sufficient towing capacity for my needs. And, yes, I only tow in good weather--never in winter.
  4. 2009 Ford Ranger Sport. 4x4 with 5 speed manual trans. Had about $2,000 worth of front end work done on it in October. It had just turned 80K miles.
  5. One of my model 97s is named Jezebel. She seems to work well when loaned to another shooter but invariably gives me a problem. My Uberti lever action is named Gene because that is the name of the person I bought it from. My carry gun is named Nancy--as in Nancy Carry Gun (Kerrigan)
  6. I've been driving a car for 56 years. I've never had a speeding ticket or an accident. Until yesterday that is and it was a doozy. I was driving on an interstate. There was some snow coming down but nothing special. I hit a spot where there was no indication of it being slick but boy was it. My car started to spin and I tried to correct it, but at 70 mph things happened really fast. I ended up doing a 360 spin and then slid to the side of the road where my momentum caused a roll over. My car stopped upside down. A couple good Samaritans stopped to help me. I opened my window and they pulled me out. No way that the doors would open. I went to the ER and got checked out. No indications of any problems for me including an okay CT scan. I'm just a little bruised and stiff. I'm just thankful that there were no other vehicles involved and that I was traveling alone. Even the LEO that stopped said he didn't think it had been snowing enough to make it slick. Ironically, I've been looking at different models of vehicles with the thought of replacing my current vehicle in the Spring. I think I just blew my trade-in value. But, I guess I'll be getting a different vehicle a little sooner than planned.
  7. And there is a reason that your grandson can't do both? Go to fancy semi-auto matches with dad and go to cowboy matches with mom and grampa.
  8. Actually, this is something I learned years ago when I was working as a teller in a bank--always face up and always facing in the same direction. Drives me nuts when I get change from making a purchase and the bills are going every direction. One should also look at the faces on the bills rather than just at the number in the corner. I've seen more than one instance where a $1.00 bill had the corners cut off and replaced with the numbers from a $20.
  9. A couple years ago R. J. Law went to Ontario to shoot a match. IIRC he posted a link somewhere that gave the information you are looking for. You might want to contact him. I second the idea of contacting someone official in the Canadian government to get an official answer.
  10. A few days ago I received my renewal reminder in the mail. It says I can renew on-line. I have gone to the renewal page (which is really hard to find BTW) and there is a big box there for entering information. The trouble is: there is no indication of what information you should enter there...SASS #, Alias,???
  11. Not exactly what you are looking for, but I've found it to be helpful when writing matches. http://www.damascusiwla.org/dwr/ShootingSequences.html
  12. I attempted to quit several times but it was actually more for my wife than my desire to quit. I was smoking a pack to a pack and a half daily. One day while on vacation I decided I wouldn't have one that day. The next day I thought "that wasn't so bad. I wont have one today either". I've been "not having one today" for about 35 years. And like Capt. James H. Callahan I occasionally dream that I am smoking.
  13. We are going through that right now with our dog (9 year old bull mastiff/Irish wolfhound mix). He quickly developed a lump on his side. We took him to our vet and she referred us to a more advanced facility. CT scan and biopsy were performed. The CT came back showing that there is a mass between his skin and his ribs. Most likely a cancer of some sort. The biopsy results were inconclusive. The surgeon said that if she was to operate that there is a very good chance that she would have to remove ribs along with the mass + some lymph nodes and of course, no guarantees. He does not appear to be in any pain. His appetite is good and he is his usual playful self. My wife and I decided that we would not put him through all that surgery only to have it come back again at a later time. We decided to just let him live out his days while he is still comfortable. We have spoken with our vet and she agrees with our plan. When he gets uncomfortable we will get meds to keep him comfortable but not drugged up to the point of being comatose. As my son said when we were telling him about our decision--"we are making the right call---Quality of life, Not quantity". When the time comes for the meds to be needed we will make a determination if we are keeping him going for his sake or for ours.
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