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  1. Full Color Buckles for Top 5 Are the buckles for top 5 overall or for top 5 in each category?
  2. GPS?? LEARN TO READ A MAP!! Sorry, can't agree with that one. If you are in unfamiliar territory reading a map is just not the ideal. Especially if trying to navigate city streets that come up quickly. And yes, I was taught in 4th grade how to read a map. It is a skill that should still be taught in schools.
  3. Thank you for the quick response. Another related question: At another recent match I saw something similar although I don't have a picture. I'm not sure if the slide was over loops on the holster leather or if the slide was "scrunched up" as if it was too big to go between his holsters. Either way, it didn't appear to me to be conforming to his body.
  4. At a recent monthly match I saw one shooter with what appeared to be a shotgun slide over the top of the built in shotgun loops on his holster leather. The shells are obviously at or below his belly button as per the rules, but it seems to me that they are not confirming to his body. If you look closely you can see the loops that are built into his holster leather. .
  5. This past weekend at a local club's monthly match I was the TO. After one shooter had a particularly bad stage I polled the spotters as usual. One spotter had 4 misses, one had 6 misses and the third said clean. I went to the third spotter and said the other two had 4 and 6 and you had clean? She admitted she wasn't paying attention. I called it at 5 misses. Did I do the right thing or should I have gone with 4? Yes, that 3rd spotter got a particularly nasty look from me.
  6. Not exactly what you are looking for I think, but my mom had a few. For example: Things always look darkest just before they go completely black. If you don't feel well, go to bed with a good book or with someone who has read one. You can lead a horse to drink, but you can't make it water.
  7. The 97s come in both 12 gauge and 16 gauge. Either is legal for SASS, but you'll be better off with the 12 gauge. Shells for a 16 gauge are hard to find and more expensive.
  8. Sean Penn or Sean Young? Jan-Michael Vincent or Jan Murray (oops, wait)
  9. When my wife and I got into CAS about 7 years ago we bought an RCBS turret press. We both shoot pretty much every weekend during the season (we live in Michigan) and have no problem with running out of loaded ammo. We started out loading just .38 on it, but now use the same press for .45 Colt, .45 ACP, 9mm, .32 s&w. Just had to buy the correct dies and shell holders. To keep it simple we also bought additional turrets so once the dies are set up we wouldn't have to do any swapping out of dies. Each turret has space for 6 dies so we are able to load 2 calibers with one turret. For example, the turret we use most is set up with 3 dies for 38 and 3 dies for 45 Colt. Our process is that we resize/deprime/prime with the first die for 100 empties. Then turn the turret one notch and bell the 100 primed empties. We drop powder from an RCBS Uniflow powder measure set for the correct charge (we have one set for each caliber we load). We then double check by looking inside each cartridge to make sure there is powder in it and that it doesn't appear to be double charged. Then set a bullet onto the cartridge. Turn the turret another notch to the next die and set and crimp. We can usually turn out 100 rounds in about an hour. Not a super fast speed, but then again, we don't have to worry about too much or too little powder. We also check for primer seating depth by giving each round a quick feel after priming. We have found that that the "holders" (don't know what else to call them) that come with 45 acp cartridges are an ideal size for putting the primed and charged empties while looking inside (with a small flashlight) and for placing bullet onto the charged cartridge. We've had a couple things break on our press (our fault) and RCBS was quick to replace them at no charge and no shipping charge. I just now looked on-line and see that Midway has the deluxe press kit for $520. The deluxe kit includes: Turret Press Uniflow powder measure Model 5-0-2 reloading scale Nosler 7th edition reloading manual Universal case load block Case lube kit Fold-up hex key wrench set Primer tray-2 .17-.60 deburring tool Powder funnel
  10. Several years ago at an elementary school open house I quietly pointed out to my son's teacher that she had spelled a word wrong that she had put on the blackboard (remember those?). Anyway, she was thoroughly embarrassed even though I pointed it out to her privately. My son didn't do too well in her class and I always thought it was because I had pointed our her mistake. For what it is worth, my son went on to graduate high school with a 4.11 GPA (honors classes) and is now a physician so I don't really think HE was having a problem in the class.
  11. Keep in mind that only Buckaroo/Buckerette category can use .22s. That category is for 13 and under which means your 11 year old would only be able to use the .22s for CAS for 2 years maximum.
  12. As far as which manufacturers make the best period appropriate firearms...you'll get as many different opinions as there are manufacturers. Go to some matches and see if people will let you try theirs. See what you like and don't like. Ask questions. Good thought on using same caliber for revolver and rifle.
  13. We have placed a rope across the steps onto our front porch with a sign on it that says please leave deliveries at back door. We've had delivery people actually take the rope down so they could leave a package on our front porch. We don't use our front door and there is no sidewalk from our driveway to the door--only lawn.
  14. Fascinating. I looked up the two that I have. One is 1942 and the other is 1905. Thanks for posting the link to the website..
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