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  1. If you haven't already purchases Black Hawks consider this: at some future time you might want to change categories. You'll be somewhat restricted on what new category you can choose because of the adjustable sights. I shot my Black Hawks for several years and then decided I wanted to change to Duelist category. So, I was forced into buying another set of revolvers. Wait, more guns? What am I complaining about?
  2. Better yet, let them walk into you while you are standing still.
  3. How about renaming the school George Washington and Robert E. Lee University? That would be a good substitute for the portraits. Sheesh!
  4. I found it interesting that the reading of the bill says "you are guilty" of a felony. Doesn't say anything about being subject to arrest or anything like that. Just plain "you are guilty".. Where is the due process as guaranteed by the US Constitution?
  5. I'm sure that if the arm wrestling had taken place, Hogg would have demanded disARMament.
  6. My son and I did the working cattle ranch thing about 30 years ago. I think it was the summer after his freshman year in college. The ranch we went to was on the Montana/Wyoming border. It was hard work. We were in the saddle for hours each day. I have said on numerous occasions that it is a pretty good racket to get people to pay you in order to work for you. It was expensive--flying from Detroit to Billings and then paying the fee to work there. BUT, I'd do it again in a minute if my body would stand it. My old bones just couldn't handle it anymore I'm afraid. It was very rustic when we were there. No running water (except the mountain stream nearby), no electricity, no heat (except the campfire, slept in sleeping bags on the ground in a teepee. When we were there, the group was comprised of 3 people from England, one from Switzerland, a young lady from California, a sports writer for an Indiana newspaper, my son and I. I just now looked and they are still in business. Anyone interested can send me a PM and I'll be happy to provide information.
  7. Thanks to all who posted. I have been in contact with the vendor and we are working things out. I was more concerned with the safety of using these than with having them replaced by the vendor. Nevertheless, he has offered to "make things right".
  8. I've always been a fan of handing out cream of mushroom soup--not in the can. prepared and just plop a ladle full into their bag.
  9. Recently got some lead bullets from a new (to me) vendor. They are 125gr TCFP. Some of them are missing a bit of wax lube and a few are missing the lube altogether. Is it safe to use these or should I give them a toss? I'll be using them in my rifle and my revolvers.
  10. That's like asking which is better--Ford, GM or Chrysler. My wife started out with a SxS. She tried my 97 and hasn't shot the SxS since. I tried the SxS and couldn't do well with it so I went back to my 97---but I'd been shooting the 97 for about 50 years before I got into this game. I know several people who shoot both interchangeably--sometimes in the same match.
  11. I seem to recall that there are 10 type people on this earth. Those who understand binary and those who don't.
  12. Sorry to be asking so many questions, but I've been seeing terms here that I am not familiar with. So, here is another question: Not sure what is involved in the Sunday Shootoff. What is it about? Thanks
  13. The wife and I have tried to "coach" an inexperienced TO as to where he should stand behind the shooter so he can see where the guns are aimed and to not watch the targets. Even after coaching him he insists on standing off to the side--usually several feet away from the shooter. I guess our best option is to request someone else to be the TO for us. Perhaps that will get the message through to him. And with him several feet away from the shooter there is no way that he can react quickly enough if an unsafe situation occurs.
  14. Can't top any of these, but the sound of your dog vomiting in the middle of the night will wake you up quickly
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