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  1. Did you actually own them or read a story about owning them?
  2. I'm not familiar with the Model 70s but I have a few Miroku smoke blowers and all are beautiful and great shooters.
  3. These still available? Asking for a friend. Also, PM sent.
  4. Well, an ironing board makes a good bench rest
  5. Lemme guess, you didn't score high enough to get in?
  6. In my opinion, the movie was awesome. Kate Mara...
  7. Keep us posted with what you get!
  8. If it looks stupid, but works, then it ain't stupid...
  9. When I deployed in 2019, it was also Puerto Rico ANG's turn to go. The 141 ACS were some of the best people I met.
  10. 1944 Colt Frame. Remington Rand slide. 1985 barrel. 2021 owner
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