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  1. Yes, that revolver can be suppressed. Oh, I'm sorry, was that not your question?
  2. Definitely not overlooking him, I've heard nothing but great things. Just want to see my options before I choose.
  3. The actions of my Miroku 73s have been great out of the box. My Uberti 66 that I just got is AWFUL.
  4. I didn't want to hijack Kid Rodelo's thread as his request for a gunsmith was specific to his situation so I started a new one. I recently acquired a new Uberti 1866 and a new to me Uberti 1873. The 66 needs work in a big way and the 73 is allegedly stock so I'm thinking of having it slicked up also. I hear Johnny Meadows is fantastic, but I like to shop around before I make my choice. Who are the other good smiths for our game? Thanks, all. -Tall Tale
  5. I love when my Territorial Governor dispenses that golden wisdom.
  6. I'll shoot against anyone but we would all be well advised to beware an old man in a profession where men die young. Or something like that.
  7. What did you find, Hardpan? Also, why can you not accept PMs?
  8. That thing is a disgusting abomination. On an unrelated topic, I'm disappointed that it's an airsoft gun because I would absolutely CCW one of those.
  9. I agree. Double Double animal style should be provided to the handyman.
  10. Well, in their defense, In N Out does put out one hell of a burger...
  11. Which brings us back to 1) Is it cool? And 2) Do you want it? You answered yes to both. That gun must be illegal as hell.
  12. Crisis averted. My anxiety can take a chill pill. Much appreciated, Ron!
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