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  1. Thinking positive thoughts in both your directions, Utah Bob.
  2. Earned mine in 2005. Troop 301 out of Fresno, CA. At my Court of Honor, I was joined by 5 other members of my patrol, the Black Dragons, and 1 member from another patrol for a total of 7 getting their Eagle. To this day it is my proudest accomplishment.
  3. Hardpan, I am indeed home from the war. Got back 30 October. We going to see you at some shoots pretty soon?
  4. From my best friend's father: "If it doesn't fit, force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway." When lifting heavy things: Put all the weight on the small of your back and lift with a jerking, twisting motion.
  5. Is it cool? Do you want it? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, then it is probably not legal in California.
  6. Is that on Prime or Netflix? Where can a cowboy enjoy this film?
  7. Howdy, Coyote Cap. I am trying to send you a PM but apparently you cannot receive messages. If you have a free moment, could I ask you a question about a gun you may have worked on? Thank you very much.


    -Tall Tale Todd

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