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  1. Yes, it's a hassle. Also, not the point of my original post.
  2. What's in the envelope? Emergency use gun?
  3. What a Pard! Recently bought a rifle from him. I live in CA and he lives in a free state so getting the rifle to me was not an easy feat as all incoming toys to CA must come FFL to FFL. Since its such a hassle most FFLs won't ship to California. Kid Rodelo drove 45 minutes to the next town to find someone who would ship to me. When they began dragging their feet, he threatened to drive the package to the UPS store himself. I cannot say thank you or praise him highly enough.
  4. Several attorneys in my family. All agree on one thing, "Anyone who represents themselves in court has a fool for a client." But, it should be noted that despite all the aforementioned flaws of training or trigger discipline/muzzle awareness and just overall looking ridiculous, that couple successfully defended hearth and home from a violent intruder. That's not nothing.
  5. Howdy, all. I'm at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS for the next several weeks and was wondering if there are any Cowboy Clubs in the local area.
  6. When I was supporting the Security Forces Squadron on base, my office mate and I would watch Cops every day and he would refer to that as "training videos."
  7. For me, CS gas was an unpleasant 5 minutes. OC spray was a hellish 36 hour experience.
  8. My unit was directed to remove unit and morale patches to ensure uniformity.
  9. Been one of my favorites for many years
  10. Going to have to try this with my brother in law
  11. Yes. My former CMSgt earned his CIB in either Panama or Grenada and was authorized to wear it.
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