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  1. I've never hunted deer, but I'm going on my first pig hunt in a couple weeks and I'm taking a 1979 Winchester 94 .30-30.
  2. Good looking lid. Now...Share that link, please!
  3. USA- Several Turkey- Huglu China- Coyote Cap, TTN, SKS England- Enfield Australia- Lithgow SMLE Israel- M1 Carbine Belgium- Hi Power Germany- Mauser, HK Czech Republic- CZ Italy- Uberti, Pietta Croatia- Springfield Japan- Miroku Brazil- Stoeger Switzerland- Sphinx
  4. Sent you an email, Scarlett. Thanks.
  5. I'll take 2 Giada De Laurentiis' and a Monica Beluci, please.
  6. Real good on peaches and plums. I'll have to try it on watermelon. Thanks for the recommendation.
  7. I got both the email and the phone call saying I'd been selected to purchase and i have 5 business days or they'll give my order away. No mention of choice of grade.
  8. Did you also ask for it "well done?" Order the chicken, you steak hating b@$#&€£.
  9. Child Sniffer bought me a hornady progressive press
  10. Got my Randomly Generated Number (RGN) today. Anyone else participating get theirs?
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