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  1. S&W 686+ .357 Winchester 1873 24" Octagon Barrel .357 Winchester 1897 12 ga. Kimber Stainless Target II 9mm
  2. Pat, In Fresno County, we qualify using a silhouette target. Also, I've carried my off-roster XDS 4.0 without an issue from my issuing agency. But, like you said, it could be dependent upon your particular Sheriff. Keep me posted, I'm interested in what you find out.
  3. I have mine through the county and I get 4. I have heard that if you get a ccw through Fresno City/Fresno PD then it's only 3.
  4. Hardpan, Unless this has changed in the last 2 years, Fresno County authorizes 4 handguns on a CCW. I'm trying to convince the wife that we should move to Madera County.
  5. It's delicious. They served it to me in the DFAC this very morning.
  6. At BMT we were instructed to sing the Air Force Song
  7. One of my goodest friends is a police officer and he flat out refuses to eat donuts while in uniform. When I went through drivers ed class many years ago, a CHP officer came to speak to the class and when he was finished he opened the floor up for questions. Some wannabe punk rock girl thought she was being clever and asked the officer what his favorite donut was. I’ll never forget his response, “Well, we’ve mainly switched over to bagels and Starbucks.”
  8. Hardpan is correct, the Kings River Regulators is quite a Cowboy Club. I love being a member there.
  9. I remember that commercial. In 5th grade we made giant raisins out construction paper.
  10. Saw the thread title and muttered, "Oh, boy. What's happened now?"
  11. Would someone please keep an eye on Utah Bob? He'll need some assistance once he passes out from holding his breath and probably hitting his head on something on the way down.
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