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  1. I put a case feeder on my 550 when Dillon came out with them for the 550. (which was a long time ago now) never regretted it. Most I could load on the 550 before the feeder was about 300-350 per hour now 500 is no problem and have hit just short of 600 several times . I now have a 650 with feeder but will never give up the 550. It has been around so long it would be like giving up one of my children. It was bought used and originally was a 450. Now is a full blown 550 and has been since they came out with the upgrade, probably close to 25 years ago. We have spent a lot of hours together.
  2. If it is more than $1.25 I let it sit
  3. I shot Hell on Wheels this year just like I normally do (Great Shoot if you have not checked it out you must) Mernickle holsters was one of the many drawings available I was lucky enough to have my name drawn. I had a Mernickle I was currently using (nine years old) Howlin wolf and Ivy wild (the new owners) Took GREAT care of me and about 5-6 weeks later my new rig came. I am not sure if this rig is much better than my old one or if my old one was worn out but it works really nice. The pistols come out and go back in like I never remember the other doing. (I am old) The new design of the shotgun belt has eliminated any shotgun shells falling out, and they come out nicely. A GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT TO MERNICKLE, HOWLIN WOLF, IVY WILD, and there team. Good luck in your new venture and THANX Your Nemesis.
  4. when I was shooting smokeless that is what I loaded it is a bit more per pound but I like the full case. as to cost if you shoot 5000 rounds a year it would cost 23 dollars more. I drive 6-700 miles 3 weekends a month to shoot. Not worried about 23 bucks. jmho
  5. Ok You can ship it yourself through the usps to my ffl

  6. I will go to my FFL next week and see how much is shipping

  7. Marie should have no problem with bp in the 97 as stated above (I know very little about that) but bp catagories do not allow the 97 FRONTIER CARTRIDGE Any Main Match fixed sight model revolver. Revolvers may be shot two handed or one handed (duelist style). Must use blackpowder in all loads (rifle, revolver, and shotgun). Must use a side-by-side, single shot or lever action shotgun in the main match stages. Any SASS–legal pistol caliber rifle is acceptable. Frontier Cartridge Duelist is also recognized with all requirements being the same except the Duelist and Double Duelist shooting styles are used. See Duelist description for the required shooting technique(s). FRONTIER CARTRIDGE GUNFIGHTER Any Main Match fixed sight model revolver. Only Gunfighter-style or Double Duelist-style may be used. Must use blackpowder in all loads (rifle, revolver, and shotgun). Must use a side-by-side, single shot, or lever-action shotgun in all main match stages. Any SASS-legal pistol caliber rifle is acceptable. See GUNFIGHTER category description for the required shooting technique(s) and holster restrictions. NOTE: Frontier Cartridge competitors may use any SASS–legal firearms and propellants in team
  8. Hoss +9900000000000000 If you use a service they deserve to get paid for it.
  9. grizz can you really bite I thought ya needed to have teeth to do that.
  10. just a few posts above this one i see the border vigilantes are shooting saturday should be a good shoot.
  11. Well look at that Kaya is wanting to stick her tongue out at dad but has to much respect to do it but the deer is doing it for her lol
  12. Ive shot 3/4 oz for two years now with CB pink wads designed for 3/4 oz loads cb0175 have never had a target not go down when I did my part.
  13. WOW what a deal someone is passing up. I paid way more than that for one off from here and it was VERY miss represented as a working machine. It took me about 8 hours of dis assembly cleaning and adjusting to get it to work. With NO help from the seller. I was obviously not happy. end of the story after cooling down and running the machine what a pleasure to use compared to the mec I had. (grabber) Evan worth the head ache and all it took to get it to work. Someone should get this and find what a FINE machine PW makes.
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