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  1. let me know and I will look into if a conversion is available for them
  2. I want to buy a set of 1851 Navy pistols with 5 inch barrel and conversion cylinders. I prefer that they have been tuned and ready to put into action. I want to shoot 38 special in them. I saw and shot a set of these at the recent HOW match and loved them..If I can't find a set used who is the go to person to have a set built. (ie tuned, and slicked up.) thanx
  3. Thank you to Assassin and his team (Mostly Belle keeping him straight) for the wonderful match put on over the last weekend in Cheyenne WY. If you have not attended this match it is a must attend match, make sure and get it on your calendar for the next year usually over the 4th of July weekend. best stages I can remember shooting in several years. thank you for all your efforts. Your Nemesis (NEM)
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