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  1. Completely normal that is on there for getting the measure to drop completely and settle the powder it helps in consistent powder charges Put a spring around the measure and the aluminum pin up by the adjustment knob and it will help the measure come all the way back and i also seems to smooth things out. before the powder fail safe system came out the spring is what brought the measure back closed. I still use several measures with just the spring and no fail safe Put powder and dies in it and start loading. I have been on a 550 (converted from a 450) for more years than I care to calcula
  2. this is a GREAT measure and priced good. I have one and have for many years. It will even drop 3031 pretty well
  3. Double for reliability and then reverse them.
  4. I load 32 grains black max and 3/4 oz of shot and a claybuster CB0175-12 wad in STS or AA hulls If i use STS i load them twice AA once. and have never had a knock down not go down if I hit the crazy thing.
  5. If the press does not come with the primer alarm it is a must have accessory you will be shocked how fast that crazy machine eats primers and all of sudden you look up and find that the last rounds have no primer. also the primer plate on ebay with the bearing is all the after mairket upgrades it NEEDS and if I were you I would not evan think twice. it is cheep and the primer system works good from the factory but with this ZOOM. Before I added this I had to clean the primer feed about every 1000-1500 rounds now never think about it.
  6. I sent them the post and I can help although I am a ways away. any more thought on shooting at your place. ??
  7. I loaded on a 550 for over 25 years bought a 650 and I prefer the 550 for some things and the 650 for others. I think you can feel more of what is going on with the 550 you can also use it as a single stage press I do not think the manual indexing slows you down once you get a routine pick up bullet and as your thumb passes the indexer it hits it and the bullet is in place. I added a case feeder to the 550 and can load close or the same depends on how fate is treating me on that day. If I don't need two powder measures (black powder) I always use the 550 You can not go wrong with any
  8. Hoss shoer when you going to put together some shoots in Miles City. I could come up and maybe we could get BethAnn and Ty to shoot.
  9. I am not sure I have a lot of 223 brass and when my dies get here I will try and see if I can run them through it. but really would prefer the real stuff. I can get it from starline shipped for about 36 cents a round.
  10. Yes I do I read that you needed them and never tried it without them. figured I did not need to reinvent the wheel.
  11. I did 5000 38's the other day. in about 2 hours I buy the PC from a guy on the boolits forum (tried HF red and the PC sold there is MUCH better) . bought a two shelf toaster oven from walmart for 35 bucks cut down some dollar store cookie sheets and bent up the edges a bit so the bullets don't roll off. I line the cookie sheets with non stick aluminum foil, and dump them on seperating slightly but if a few touch I don't worry about it. I started with cool whip bowls, but found Reesers potato salad 3lb have the 5 on the bottom and work great and are larger as well as tougher with the lid
  12. thanx for the help I will wail and see what JJ comes up with if that is ok with the rest of ya. thanx Nem
  13. I'm thinking about 500 should be about right. let me know what you have. thanx
  14. I would like to buy some 222 brass. what is out there?
  15. Would like to buy a three die set for 222 looking for FL sizer, neck sizer and bullet seater. Prefer forster or Redding. thanx
  16. I shot a 97 for the first 6 or 7 years that I shot with never a failure I would still shoot one but the rules mandate that you must shoot a double in black powder classes. There are more shooting technique issues with the 97. Can one break sure but my experience and many others is that if you keep them maintained run it like ya stole it they are a fun gun to shoot and can be really fast.
  17. If I just have a couple I use a RCBS hammer type. It takes not a hit but a snap ( iguess i would call it) works great If I am pulling several I use a hornady collet type and it works really nicely on any thing I feed it.
  18. Ok You can ship it yourself through the usps to my ffl

  19. Marie should have no problem with bp in the 97 as stated above (I know very little about that) but bp catagories do not allow the 97 FRONTIER CARTRIDGE Any Main Match fixed sight model revolver. Revolvers may be shot two handed or one handed (duelist style). Must use blackpowder in all loads (rifle, revolver, and shotgun). Must use a side-by-side, single shot or lever action shotgun in the main match stages. Any SASS–legal pistol caliber rifle is acceptable. Frontier Cartridge Duelist is also recognized with all requirements being the same except the Duelist and Double Duelist shooting
  20. Hoss +9900000000000000 If you use a service they deserve to get paid for it.
  21. grizz can you really bite I thought ya needed to have teeth to do that.
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