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  1. Need someone in charge of this to contact either me or Lodan. Please and thank you
  2. We are signed up and can't wait to play! See you all there!
  3. Prices reduced to $45 each plus shipping.
  4. Pm me your address. I'll get you a price for shipping. They are pretty light. I wore them a lot on the summer.
  5. 1)Scully - Black with brown & white, brand new with tags. Paid $79.00, $50 http://i1044.photobucket.com/albums/b443/theclassiccowgirl/D2CA677A-C383-45EF-87CF-AE552C93120B_zpsyapb8rs0.jpg[/ 2) Panhhandle Slim - Red with skulls (picture looks pink but color is a true red) $50 http://i1044.photobucket.com/albums/b443/theclassiccowgirl/64832ACB-D4B4-4D30-AD44-7A3F88346EEC_zpssemjxbtm.jpg[/img $8 flat rate shipping per shirt. Marie
  6. Good information gentlemen! Thanks for the quick response. Enjoy getting that question answered, one less thing to ponder!
  7. Ok so here's the current topic of discussion around the fire. I know you can shoot a 97 with BP but how bad does it gunk up and how fast? When my husband shoots a 45 rifle, it gets icky after just a few stages. Can a match be shot without cleaning it? Help me solve this question sooty folks.
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