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  1. Guy named MattL just popped up in the classifieds with a new sass account one minute after someone was looking to buy brass. Looks pretty suspicious to me.
  2. Pete, send me your address so I have a place to ship your Carbon Steel knife.

    Happy trails


    1. Montana Pete

      Montana Pete

      Just sent you my address. What is your PayPal payment info?

  3. Great, send me a postal money order for $60 for 1 box of 500 rds . I do have severial boxes of this size is 500rds enough ?  send to Wayne Mitchell , 373 Trestle Lane , Roaring Spring , PA. 16673. along with the money be sure to include your address for shipping to you . As soon as I get the gold I will ship them to you and send you a tracking #.  Thanks so much , H C Drifter

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