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  1. That would be great, appreciate the offer. Thank you.
  2. I was referring to the bottom. Thanks.
  3. Yes, I’m referring to the bottle holders on the bottom. Thanks for the replies, sent an email to 3 Board Guys. Love that you can customize it too.
  4. The 3 Board Guys carts look really nice. Are those water bottle holders deep enough to keep the bottles from falling out when rolling it? Can’t tell by the pics.
  5. Guy named MattL just popped up in the classifieds with a new sass account one minute after someone was looking to buy brass. Looks pretty suspicious to me.
  6. MattL joined 1 minute after you asked to buy brass and this is his first post. Buyer beware.
  7. Do you take PP FNF for payment? If so I’ll take a brown one w brass rivets. Thanks.
  8. J Peterman is a real company? I remember them from Seinfeld. Lol. Nice looking shirts.
  9. XXL I would have snagged it. I haven’t been a L since high school. lol
  10. I’m able to download the pics but takes a few minutes.
  11. Looks really nice. Seems very similar to the muzzleloader range rod I bought off Track of the Wolf. I’d be interested but can’t say what a fair price would be.
  12. What is the knife and blade length? Does it come with a sheath? Thanks.
  13. I’ll take one more for 3 if that works. Do you take PayPal?
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