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  1. I’m interested in your rifles. I would would also be interested in your leather.? Thanks, pm sent.
  2. I’m looking for a new Vaquero birdshead frame. Let me know what’s out there. Thanks fellas!
  3. Can you send me the pics? They aren’t showing up in the file. 6015293941. Thanks!
  4. I looking for a set of Ruger Vaquero birdshead grips like these. Just the grip panels not the frames. Thanks fellas!
  5. I tried to send you a message but it is not letting me. I would like your birdshead frames and panels. Could you call me? My number is+16015293941. Thanks.
  6. Do yours look like the others pictured? Can you post some pics please? I’m very interested. I would like to find two that match.
  7. I’m interested in the gun cart. Can you send me some pics? Thanks.
  8. 80 Federal shotgun primers. Who wants ‘em?
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