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  1. Hey Capt Dan, DON"T EVER handle one of his Charles Daly SxS's. Your life will change forever!
  2. I'm currently loading 35 grains (by weight) of APP with 7/8 ounce of reclaimed shot. I usually use whatever wads make for a good fit, right now it's Claybuster Lightnings. Plenty of smoke and the knockdowns are usually down when the smoke clears.
  3. Listen to what Jabez Cowboy says. I bought a Browning 92 (.357) from a former National Champion that had 3 distinct bulges just forward of the rear sight. That area sees higher pressures than the muzzle end. I shot that rifle monthly for the next seven years without a problem, then sold it to another cowboy who is still shooting it.
  4. Do this. I even switched to nickel shells for my bp sub loads. The pressures are low enough that I haven't split even one yet. Wash...Dry...Reload.
  5. They are usually favored by duelists and gunfighters. The fatter top seems to position the thumb better for one handed shooting. Not sure if of two-handed shooters find them advantageous.
  6. Rumor has it that his wife picked it up for him at either Hobby Lobby or Michael's. I know he wouldn't be caught dead in either place.
  7. You may not be aware, but every club that holds a State level or above match has to sign a contract with SASS. That contract requires you to offer EVERY SASS recognized category. If you make this a SASS recognized category, it MUST be offered in every one of these championships. That means these shooters MUST be allowed to compete for a championship, the club MUST buy trophies, buckles, plaques, etc. for every one of your made-up categories. That's who it hurts, clubs that are trying to produce championship quality matches. You may say, well they can write that out of the contract
  8. Trying to load APP and 1 1/8 oz shot in the shorter AA hull is not likely to work with modern plastic wads. Just not enough room. You can try cutting just the powder seal and shot cup off and using that without the cushion, or using some other combination, like fiber wads. Good luck.
  9. I bought one on Ebay. Never could make it work, despite trying all the internet tricks. Threw it away.
  10. Yep. Elliot James is a retired member of the Arizona Territorial Company of Rough Riders and was involved on the Winter Range Board of Directors 2012-2016. He retired from Ruger, I believe as the Plant Manager. He still lives up by you in Paulden, but I don't think he has been active in cowboy shooting for a few years. We can usually lure him back here to shoot the Trap League at Ben Avery a couple times a year. He's a great guy and still one heck of a trap shooter (with his Ruger Red Label of course).
  11. How about space to hang a banner that they provide, sponsoring a particular stage, and advertising space on your website. A sponsor who will be present at your match can be provided with space to set up for information or vending their products. If they are willing to up their financial commitment, they can be the "Dinner Sponsor", "Awards Sponsor", Campground Sponsor", or anything else you can think of. It looks like this is your first attempt at securing sponsorships, I'll PM you with my contact info if I can be of any help.
  12. Beautiful work. He was just saying Wednesday how much he was looking forward to getting these.
  13. I think the best idea is to make contact with the Match Director of any out-of-the-area match you would attend. Informing him or her of your specific needs and accommodations would give them some advance notice and ensure the best possible outcome. Showing up the day of the match with something like you describe would only increase the potential for misunderstanding. I've never met a MD that wouldn't bend over backwards for a physically challenged shooter and a couple days notice to make accommodations and remove obstacles will make a huge difference for all involved. I look forwar
  14. To answer your question, my Capital One Quicksilver is a Visa.
  15. Did it for years when I shot a '92 that liked loooong OAL.
  16. The only problem I have with mine (Flat Top Blackhawk) is the ACP cylinder doesn't like lead bullets. After a couple of cylinders full, the sharp shoulder accumulates lead and then the cartridges won't chamber.
  17. Just an FYI, I have placed orders in the last week from both Brownells and Midwest Gun Works that shipped within a day or two.
  18. GrizzleStomp: 1. You're a new guy 2. You asked a well-stated, intelligent question 3. You listened to the answers, although not all agreed with each other 4. You made a well thought out, smart decision Please hang around and play our little shooting game with us, we need (lots) more like you
  19. Since the OP was asking about a rifle primarily for hunting and defense, I think it's worth noting that both .357 and .44 magnums achieve their best accuracy (at least in my long range silhouette days) at about 90% of maximum or higher.
  20. I would just add that for hunting, the '92 with a round barrel or Marlin are much lighter to carry all day than the '73. Also stay away from that 16" barrel if you have any thoughts of using it in a cowboy match. It won't hold 10 rounds loaded to the proper length.
  21. On behalf of the Arizona Territorial Company of Rough Riders: Thank you C.C. Those that have not put on a match of this magnitude will never understand what all goes into such an undertaking. You are all to be commended and admired for your courage and your effort to tackle such an event given the circumstances and the short notice.
  22. Yes, the Pioneer Living History Museum is a great local find, as is the Cave Creek Museum and the Deer Valley Rock Art Center.
  23. Old west history can be found in Wickenburg (45 minute drive), Prescott (1.5 hours), Fort Verde (45 min) as well as Tombstone, a little touristy but still steeped in AZ history. A little more commercial (great if you have a shopper wife) are Cave Creek and Scottsdale. Also don't miss the Heard Museum in downtown Phoenix and the Scottsdale Museum of the West. All that is just the tip of the iceberg, plenty more to discover by poking around and asking your new Arizona SASS friends. Contact me for more info on getting started in Cowboy Shooting if you are interested. Best of luck in retirement.
  24. Irish Pat, tried to PM you, it says you can't receive messages.
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