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  1. Makes sense. They came on a pallet from federal
  2. Came across 8k of these. They are nickle plated. Other than being harder are they any good?
  3. It's time consuming, but not hard to reload primers. If you absolutely can't find any you can get by
  4. Well, registered. Now I need to figure the rest out lol
  5. Couldn't get through online after a while managed to get in by phone
  6. No don't go getting reckless.. a good sweater will suffice. Jacket weather starts at -45
  7. Well I guess the first thing is to see if we can even get in. Little miss lou who is going to try on Monday when they open up. If we cant get in I guess there is no need to debate. After that we will see what we need to do.
  8. The whole family. But the kids wouldn't be shooting. Mindy said she wanted to go which was a first. I never expected that or I wouldn't even be considering it. Shes been practicing gf all winter. While I love .45s, I shoot my 38s as main match guns. It wouldn't hurt me if they were gone, and it wouldn't hurt if they stayed. so it really isnt an end all. I already sold my dream guns this summer and I have come to realize that in the end memories are more important than physical items. I still have guns to shoot.
  9. While they are my favorite and some of the few guns I have left, i just dont shoot them enough. I have a case hardened in every barrel length from 3 to 7 1/2 and a stainless 7 1/2. Best part is none are new models
  10. Not an option unfortunately
  11. Since eot will be close enough to me that I might actually make it, a decision has to be made. Do I sell the last of my .45 vaqueros to afford to go, or not? What says the combined intelligence?
  12. I think mindy still has a video where I did a glory run in practice that was sub 1 with her marlin Kind words sir. Thank you
  13. Generally sub 2 for rifle. Pistol normally about 3.5 for a single round
  14. Sell them for what it would cost you to replace. If you can't buy new ones for less than 200 that's a fair value. If you can replace them for 40 a k then that's what you do. Right now I won't sell any of mine for less than 100 a 1000. my supplier said I won't be able to get another pallet anytime soon, so what I have may need to last me years.
  15. Outlaw what is your chest size i may have a spare double rig that i use in ahlmans melodrama that may fit you. If i remember right your a little bit bigger through the chest
  16. Boulder canyon bob has been using a shoulder rig as long as I can remember. Ive shot using two shoulder holsters several times. As long as you don't sweep anyone they are perfectly legal. You may want to brush up on the rules
  17. I loved the show, bought the series in DVD only to find some of my favorite episodes were left out
  18. So if a buckaroo was good enough to win overall you won't honor it if they are shooting a .22?
  19. While I still have been able to keep a steady supply coming in, I will not use up what I can't replace. We will still attend matches , and mindy and the kids might shoot. With the new shooting sport we are starting I'll get plenty of shooting in anyway
  20. I loved mine, was one of the last to go this summer. I would rather shoot it that some of the ultra light .357 snubnose revolvers ive shot. There is actually a video floating around of me shooting gf with it and a .460 factory loads I lucked into mine. The original owner bought it to carry for bear on his Alaskan moose hunt. Brought it back after the trip with only 1 round fired out of the box. He sold it to me for $500, on the condition I never tell his wife the real cause of the new scar on his forehead.
  21. The local gun store as well as myself were informed our orders will be in next week that's 180k federal sp lp and some 209s
  22. I had about 80, then My mother spent the summer in the icu. Now i have the essentials. Sometimes it's a kick in the nuts to walk past empty cabinets and safes. Moms home so it's worth it. Ammo I have some.... and components to load more.
  23. Bob pm me when you have time and we can go over some things. Before the owner died I was setting one up in mn
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