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  1. By your specifics. No not a bad idea It was designed for that very purpose. I can do nothing but shake my heads at the people who think cap and ball pistols are a joke. Try taking to all the people who were killed by them. Or the people who still chose to use them after cartridges were around. In some instances in this day they still have thier advantage. They are way better than any knife or club. They are deadly. You can have them mailed to your house. They are inexpensive. Would it be my first choice? No... but if I was facin
  2. It will be a top match, with free seminars from lassiter as well as duece giving a class again this year. Fun side matches, speed and skill. You won't regret going
  3. Picked up a single six for my daughter to shoot but the package was damaged in transit. The .22 lr cylinder was lost. Anyone have one sitting around they don't need? Saw some on gunbroker and Ebay but I thought I'd try here first.
  4. All 4 of us will be shooting.. the kids first big match. I have been working on guns ever since we got back from eot
  5. Our daughter needs a .410. We have tried the 12 ga route but she is just too small to lift them, even after we bobbed the barrel and stock. The single shot she had been using is a family heirloom so I don't want to chop it up for sass. She wants a sxs, but a single shot would work too. Thanks
  6. Dang, now you tell me, I had a new in the box one I sold at eot. I would have held it for you.
  7. Colt Faro if you want the best cross draw design. Functional art too.
  8. We are bringing some no longer needed goods. Ive been to clubs that charge for tables or take a cut of the sale. Does this happen at eot? I believe I have an ffl lined up for the gun sales, but is there anything else we should expect?
  9. I've been playing with one more and more lately. When I do my part I'm faster than with my 73s but I tend to short stroke more. I've seen an uptick here as well with use of them
  10. Both pietta and uberti have put out junk and quality depending on when it was built. if your looking at used. If your looking at new currently I'd put pietta ahead. As John said I'd put the great western 2 as the best out of the box currently being imported.
  11. I have had hinges blown off or packed so full of lead the target can't be reset with out being torn down. The others were launchers. The arm and pad took the brunt. Neither part is designed to take a shotgun blast
  12. No I never said that. I said shooting downed targets can create issues. I've had to fix several targets due to being shot while down.
  13. It can be a issue. I'd say a solid 90% of the shooters i have told to shoot where the target was, still shot the downed target. It seems that it's a hard concept to grasp to many. This can result in splash back or damage to targets I wouldn't make it the rule but I also do on occasion write stages where it is exact round count for shotgun. No makeups, It adds variety.
  14. I'll did through what I have and see. I don't reload shotgun much anymore but I'm pretty sure i still have some 209s floating around
  15. Not all. Several of us use an eye for each gun.
  16. It's really easy to load and you can get the components cheaper than buying factory. I sold my sharps a few years ago but I may still have some brass and lead. I'll check and let you know
  17. My father for one. He quit shooting sass because people kept pushing him to try to shoot faster. He was out to enjoy shooting the guns. Would walk between guns laugh and have fun. He could shoot a hell of a lot faster but didn't care to. Not everybody is here to shoot fast. Not everybody gives a hoot about the time. I shoot a single shot shotgun from time to time because it's fun. Even won matches with it over state champion quality shooters. Took 4th place at regionals with a bone stock steoger, a very well used non short stroked uberti 73 and a pair of vaqueros that onl
  18. I'll keep you in mind for the next ones we get in. I've enough for our needs and an extra. I've had probably 20 in the last few years that came home with me. There just isnt much of a market around us. With my wife preferring them, and now the kids too, I try to keep 5 or 6 around.
  19. In mn the going rate is about 350. Depending on condition. A couple weeks ago I was at an auction and picked up a clean one for the kids to shoot for 275 . Screw in chokes would detract from the value a bit around here. We still see a couple a month come in at the store.
  20. Limit 3 boxes $13 per box.
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