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    Love the outdoors including hunting, fishing, shooting anything that smells of gun powder. Around the sport of wrestling most of life. Also love shooting with my kids SASS Kicker and Cody James.

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  1. Recently I started using shipmyguns. Excellent service. You are using their FFL and shipping is discounted.
  2. Both Cody James at age 9 at the time and SASS Kicker at age 11 started with 12 gauge SKB's by Johnny. With low recoil loaded shells, both were able to knock down the shotgun targets and enjoy the game.
  3. Congratulations on a great presentation and congrats to Matt Black for the championship!!!!
  4. Have a Lyman mold, 500 grain, it is .458 before going through a sizer and lube die. it has Lyman mold handle. The mold has 12-98 744 on one side and 457125A on the other side. $80.00 plus shipping, used.
  5. I clean out around the carrier before every monthly match or after practices, including using a q-tip with break free in the corners where the carrier travels. I run the carrier dry. I will strip the rifle down, including taking out the bolt for every big match. Just last Friday my son started having problems at Bordertown with his rifle. There was carbon build up under the extractor allowing the cases to slip off. Palo Verde gave him a new one and we were back shooting. It was my fault for not checking it. Every three months I do take off the side plates and clean the carrier and all parts accept taking out the bolt, re-grease the links and oil and grease the side plates. This is a good time to inspect you lifter springs. Many great shooters will strip their firearms much more frequent!!! I use STOS and break free for lubrication. Good luck!!!!
  6. Please keep the thread about Cole. No scam; friend of family. Cole is a great friend and family will need help. Appreciate your concern.
  7. Another outstanding shooter from New Mexico. Appreciated being on your posse!!!!!
  8. What an outstanding match. This is the kid to watch. What a pleasure it was to shoot with him!!!!!
  9. It is with deepest sorrow that I announce the loss of a young father at Bordertown this weekend. Cole Thornton, aka Rollan’ Cole, lost his life after collapsing early Sunday morning at Bordertown in Tombstone AZ. Cole was only 35 years-old. He is survived by the family he loved: his wife, Amber, aka Rebellious, and their three children. Cole was a board member of the AZ Yavapai Rangers and enjoyed the competition and SASS community. His outgoing personality and willingness to help anyone will be greatly missed. Please keep the Thornton Family in your prayers. A Go-Fund-Me account has been set up for the family to help with current and future expenses. https://gofund.me/5969b165 to the Cole Thornton Memorial.
  10. Congratulations on your championship. Great match!!
  11. What a great family!!!! Congratulations on your accomplishments!!!! What a pleasure it is to raise a family around you. Thanks for your friendship!!! PS-Darla, you are incredible. Thanks for everything you do!!!
  12. What a remarkable shoot. Sassy, you rocked. Congrats on your championship!!!!
  13. Congratulations to a remarkable shooter. Bordertown Silver Senior Champion!!!!
  14. Congrats everyone on a great match and I second what a great bunch of shooters. AZ is very fortunate.
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