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  1. I’m still interested in your .44. I replied to your pm twice and haven’t heard back. My inbox is not full.
  2. If you’re willing to pay the shipping ATR Performance in Fairmont, WV had a stainless 16” 357 they just put on the rack yesterday. +1 (304) 694-2877
  3. I do. Wont be home until Monday though. Mines LNIB all black. Pm email and I’ll send pics when I’m home
  4. These guys aren’t total doofs they know about FFL’s and seem to know market prices . That’s what’s scary
  5. Imagine that. Jose also has the Alchimista I was looking for. No offer to send pictures. No information other than his price. “Let me know if he is still interested” in every reply.
  6. If pit bull doesn’t want a 44 I’m interested
  7. Please sell them to slowaz. My comment was not an attempt to undermine his purchase at all. Rather just clarification if you had seen my message or not? this has been happening to me frequently where I send a message that goes unanswered and I’m trying to discern if there is an issue I need to talk to a mod about or if people just don’t want to talk to me. again, please don’t allow me to interfere with Slowaz. He claimed them and I had not yet. I had a question and may have based on the answer but technically he committed first so he gets them. Just curious if you did in fact get a message Tuesday or not. thanks and sorry for any trouble
  8. I sent a message to you Tuesday about these and it says you “left the conversation”. Did you get the message? It’s fine either way just curious if you genuinely didn’t see it or didn’t want to talk to me for some reason.
  9. Looking for a 45-70. Leaning more towards a marlin 1895, but would also consider other lever guns and may even consider a traditional single shot. Thanks for your consideration.
  10. I have 3 new/unfired 45acp cylinder for pietta 1873 45colt variants. Will work in a Cimarron pistolero to an EMF Alchemista (I have one I’m keeping and I’ve tried it in every pietta manufactured 45colt I own which verified what pietta told me. $130ea shipped CONUS or Buy all 3 for $350 shipped conus. These are fluted cylinders. The last batch I had were not.
  11. Looking for a .45 Alchimista (prefer the engraved model iii but would consider any others and ANY charles Daly saa clone. Thanks for your time.
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