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  1. Looking for the lee mechanical scale. The one that comes in the kits is fine. Helping a new pard start loading thanks for considering
  2. Are they cut like a true 15 or do they run smaller or bigger?
  3. Replied to all with my direct contact info. Sorry again for my delay checking here. Everything is still available if anyone is interested.
  4. Sorry, this is my week away for work and I haven’t checked back on here reliably. My apologies. Sending my info now
  5. I have a spare lee factory crimp die if you end up needing one of those
  6. EDIT: I was able to confirm its M4x.7 for anyone looking for the answer in the future. Bought a used Pietta 51 Navy. Detail stripped it to discover the trigger/bolt spring screw threads are stripped in the receiver. Does anyone know the size and thread pitch of this screw (listed as same part number for the wedge screw as well)? I’d prefer to put a helicoil in there if I can find one rather than drill and tap it to a new size. thanks in advance
  7. Savage 10FP Tactical (heavy barrel) .308 $425 (I have 3) savage 11 “Hog Hunter” .308 $425 (I have 3) Howa 1500 in ABTACTICAL CHASSIS (factory/not aftermarket) .308 $840 ALL are LNIB (Like new in the box) meaning I’ve not fired them, they have not been physically used in any way and appear as new like the day I bought them. They will come in the original factory box (except the Howa which came with a factory hard case). These were purchased with the intent to have them customized but I never got around to it and they just sit idly in the safe now. Prices do n
  8. Looking to buy OEM cocobolo, one piece BIG BORE (not looking for rimfire grips). I can also trade ivory resin, walnut, or rampant colt (2 piece resin cast).
  9. Like new 1-8x FFP Swampfox Tomahawk with one piece billet mount. Guerilla cross MOA reticle. $355 shipped CONUS. Sold the rifle it was on and now not likely to replace it anytime soon so selling the optic as well. Mfg warranty still valid. Great optic I just don’t have anything to put it on.
  10. Or strip and stain. But me personally, I’d welcome a way to differentiate and my match guns have different grips for just that reason.
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