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  1. But I travel to MD and southern pa regularly
  2. ATR in Fairmont Wv has one as well. 304-694-too ate seben sleven
  3. Anyone selling lead? Figured I would offer the business to a pard before buying off eBay
  4. If this is inappropriate, my apologies but I did try and search the topic to no meaningful avail. Do any pards work in silver jewelry or can point me to someone who does? Wanting a few custom pieces and I’d rather give the business to a pard here than what I’ve found searching the internet.
  5. I’ll take the hammers and one stainless cylinder pin plz
  6. I have amassed a ridiculous quantity of magazines over the years. All either gun magazines or motorcycle magazines. I’ll be moving again in a few months and I need to rehome them. Surely I’m not the only one who loves flipping through a glossy magazine. They are all in good to excellent condition. Gun magazines include Guns, Handgunner, Guns and Ammo, Recoil, Ballistic, and an odd combat weapons or other title. Motorcycle magazines are mostly Cycle Source, Easyriders, and some Baggers and to a far lesser extent other assorted titles. it would take too much time to parse these
  7. Went through this myself some years back and they worked just fine
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