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  1. Cimarrons site is down but maybe they had different versions of the II?
  2. El malo 2 has the “thunderball” birdshead grip frame I believe. Do you mean the Alchemista 2? I have a regular el Malo (plow handle) 4.75 357 and I have a thunderball 4.75 357 I may be willing to sell or trade
  3. I have a blued Pietta 45acp cylinder. $110 shipped conus. New/unused
  4. Sold pard. But small chance I may get more this week. I can let you know if I do
  5. Even the smallest flat rate is almost $8 now
  6. Looking for a couple of rugers. Single 7 in 327 fed mag and a blackhawk/SBH or vaquero in 44 mag. Thanks in advance.
  7. As the title says looking for a Pietta 61 navy. Thanks in advance.
  8. And I feel it’s unfair to assume everyone sells with the same intent. I’ve explained my rationale and your response ignores the premise I put forth repeatedly in this thread. Whether that’s intentional or not is on you. We shall agree to disagree. Be well.
  9. At this point I’m just repeating myself. I have no personal animas towards anyone. I personally think we should have ultimate discretion in who we decide to sell to. I also think there should be some warning that items may be claimed by resellers if no caveat offered by the seller, if this is the proscribed decorum the masses wish we all to abide. But until then if a seller realizes after the first bid that it’s a reseller I don’t think they should be publicly admonished for declining the sale if their intent was to sell to a pard and not a retailer. But I’m a no one and ultimately it’s t
  10. You assume the seller had the situational awareness to recognize “special terms” may be required. I would personally not list something here for the benefit of a reseller. I prefer to not sell to a reseller here. That’s not my perceived purpose of why this classified exists. Seems there are at least some others who feel the same. But I wasnt even aware this was a concern until I had bought and sold here for a few months. Matter of fact I even offered some guns for sale and was contacted by a reseller and that’s how I recognized the practice was prevalent. This reseller never
  11. then why admonish the seller repeatedly for not selling to you? Why invoke the dialogue to cause attention from the mods?
  12. Then why should sass compel a seller to sell something to someone they didn’t intend to sell to whether they were able to identify that person beforehand or not? This was your assertion that caused me to even want to address this publicly. That somehow you were entitled to the sale when the seller may not have been aware of the full scope of the situation beforehand. Moreover that they should be able to engage freely at their discretion just as you do.
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