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  1. Can extend a little by letting out or replacing the center leather ties also! Made by Clint Mortenson now out of New Mexico. $285 shipped
  2. ASM Solid gun. Needs used to lighten up a bit. 1989 manufacture. $330 with holster shipped.
  3. Got an older ASM that is pretty nice!! Will try to get some pictures later tonight if you are interested!! Little stiff but has not been shoot much!
  4. Had several questions on case length! They are .92 inches so I guess that makes them 32 S&W Longs!
  5. General information I should have put in the first post! 1) Remington Peters Headstamp 2) Nickle plated 3) General condition a few have a little pitting but still appear to be very usable. 4) Some have been deprimed and sized and some are just fired. 5) I do not know how many times fired. 6) I bought them from a feller that said they were 38 S&W which I needed however they are 32 S&W which I do not need!! 7) They fill a flat rate USPS box. About $8
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