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  1. That's a great web site. Lots of neat info. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, Dan, 1840 looks like the earliest year. It's not a far stretch to go from the rectangular to the round buckle, so the round is probably a little later. Do your sources show buckles from the 1820's and '30's? Thanks, again, Brazos
  3. Both are great sources for Civil War equipment, and S&S firearms is new to me. They have some pretty reasonable prices. Thanks to both of y'all. Does anyone know how early that buckle might have been used? Is it exclusively CW, or did it appear earlier? Thanks, again, Brazos
  4. I'm interested in a belt from Texas Jack's, to wear in actions with the Texas Army, circa 1836. I asked Texas Jack's when it was in use, and I got a great document, see below, but I didn't get a specific answer. https://history.army.mil/html/museums/uniforms/survey_uwa.pdf Does anybody know when this belt and buckle would have been used? https://www.texasjacks.com/products/gun-leather/military-rigs/garrison-star-military-belt-brown.html Thanks, y'all, Brazos John
  5. Howdy, Red, Is the pair of black pants in photo 6 still available? Are they really black, or are they some other dark color? If black and available, I'll take them. I fattened up to a 34. Used to be skinny. A long time ago...…. Thanks, Brazos
  6. No, no, please no pics. If you sell all that, you ain't got no clothes! You ain't running around in your union suit, are ya?
  7. Aww, I was hoping someone was modeling the dress.
  8. Howdy, Castalia, I don't have one of these, and I might need it, if I ever clean my guns, so I'll Take It. I wrote a question about your throwing knife, too. I'll pm my details. Thanks, Brazos John
  9. Howdy, Castalia, Are the slabs wood or leather? If wood, are they solid, without cracks? Thanks.
  10. Howdy, Happy, Strange old guns are soooo cool. If I hadn't already exceeded my pocketbook this summer, it would be mine. After searching and guessing, I found that this is a Velodog Extra-Garanti Revolver. Here's a lot of info: http://www.velodogs.com/ Probably from Liege, Belgium, pre-1900. Liege had a big gun industry back then, and for many years afterward. Another neat topic to research. Keep you powder dry! Brazos John
  11. On Saturday, the little church in the piney woods was filled with friends and family, and lots of cowboys and cowgirls from all over. Several family members shared the praises Lady Ghost, but the words from the granddaughters reflected the thoughts of everyone there, and brought tears to my eyes. Lady Ghost was a true lady, and as wonderful a grandmother as there ever could be. She is already missed by a lot of folks, and will be missed until we meet again. Say a prayer for Texas Ghost as he works through the loss of his best friend. Vaya con Dios, Lady Ghost.
  12. I grew up in Pa, Del, and NJ, and call it a blinker. Here in Houston, the "newly-arrived" have a driving maneuver I call the ___ shuffle, where they don't use their blinker, and just kind of shuffle over into the next lane. Usually, I don't even bother to share with them that they're number I. Well, sometimes I do.....
  13. I saw this on the news last night, and choked up so bad I couldn't tell my wife about it, I could only point to the tv. Here's a print version. I hope the link works. http://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/article/an-entire-airport-came-to-a-halt-to-honor-the-remains-of-a-returning-vietnam-veteran/ar-AAFxAhc?ocid=ientp
  14. Tell has always been a high roller, especially at Trailhead, where he's always truly generous. I can only afford brass, myself. Brazos
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