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  1. Bah, not real unless they have chicken wire in front of the stage!
  2. 4,602 targets by a team in 12 hours doesn't seem that many. I've shot 500 bird marathons of trap where I walked away in the 490s in only a couple of hours as an individual. Am I missing something, or is it perhaps one of those records not many people have attempted?
  3. That was the first thought I had when I read the thread title. Ironically, the picture shows the B-52 over water, not ground!
  4. Now I'm wanting cornbread, thanks. I don't think Mrs. Doc would be particularly happy with me trying my hand at it at 10:00 in the P M
  5. The way I was raised, a cast iron skillet is a corn bread mold.
  6. Azas Azas? Autocorrect strike again?
  7. Meh... I've been called worse!
  8. I was expecting a parody of the song by The Doors.
  9. I propose all of the corporate types at Dick's cut off... theirs... to prevent rape... Makes as much sense.
  10. I'd hate to think how slow I'd be if I wore a white one!
  11. Actually, according to a couple of the groups I follow on Facebook, you probably saw 'Doc" fly over. It is the B-29 at the California Capitol Airshow this weekend.
  12. Good news. Having had a dentist use my dental work as a tutorial for a new tech in the Army, I can understand anyone being squeamish. I’ll continue to keep you in my thoughts and meditations
  13. I have my Pentax K-1000 that I've had for ages still. I thought about a career in photography because my father was an avid amateur photographer. I used to develop my own film and photos in his darkroom. Some months ago, my father gave me a large bunch of his old cameras, including a couple of very cool large format cameras. I need to get some sort of a curio cabinet to display them.
  14. Nope, don't have one, but a range report is awaited.
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