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  1. Ok I would like to do some long range target shooting, like 1000 and beyond. Anyways the optics that are available now days have huge price gaps. So I need help before I make a decision. I am looking at, First choice Leupold mark 5 7-35 with PR2-MOA retical Other more economical possibilities, Arken Sightmark Vortex Some of which have good reviews but I think they are all made overseas I guess I'm looking for any advice on this cause I'm not super familiar with with all the different scopes available. But
  2. Had a guy collect air samples with a trash bag and everyone just played along, he took it to the qa manager and he told him it had to be in a halogen free bag
  3. Thank you, Everything is great. Till next time, keep your powder dry, The Bearded Wonder
  4. I have a picture hanging on my wall of me and my daughter looking like that, she was trying to feed me. Same color too. The Bearded Wonder
  5. Normally set in concrete, and often called barriers
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