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  1. Limited stock on hand, https://wonderbulletsllc.com/
  2. Hindsight being 2020, I should have ordered from them.
  3. I didn't try lbt but accurate had a pretty good lead time at the time of my order, magma got my order then they said that they received a bad lot of material for the molds and didn't know when they would receive a replacement shipment. I thought about cancelling but just stuck with it. I have several of there molds and they are top notch quality. I have three sets of 8 on order, and they first set should be delivered any day now.
  4. Ya, the industry is really backlogged right now. I have had molds on order with magma since June and I'm still waiting.
  5. That's how I do it to, coated bullets are smokeless, if it's bare lead then it's Black.
  6. The only molds I have for the 44 is a 240gr SWC, but hoping to add to that line.
  7. Pat, here's a link to my website. https://wonderbulletsllc.com/
  8. I am doing Hi-Tek coated cast lead bullets, mostly cowboy calibers.
  9. Thanks Pat, I'm doing it commercially and want to be legal. Just haven't ever sold to anybody in california before. The Bearded Wonder
  10. Thank you guys! Would I need to include a Prop 65 warning in the box?
  11. What are the requirements / legalities of shipping lead bullets to California? I'm looking for specifics , and links. Thanks everybody, The Bearded Wonder
  12. Just wanted to say thank you for the memes thread. I know a few didn't follow the rules of it but most did. It is at 99 pages right now and will be rolling over to 100 pages any day. Anyways Thank you Keep your powder dry, The Bearded Wonder
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