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  1. 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. ET Bring Popcorn
  2. Normally set in concrete, and often called barriers
  3. The 45 Colt holds more GOEX than the Schofield.
  4. And another business about two weeks ago
  5. Yes it is, the deputy sheriff said they got another trailer less than a mile away from us.
  6. That trailer weighed between 9-10,000 lbs with that load on it. They are test weights for load testing overhead cranes
  7. Jeep Grand Cherokee, they showed up cut the lock off the gate drove off at that time the tag was on it but we couldn't make it out just could tell it was there, they returned about 5-10 minutes later no tag dressed in black hoodie with face mask gloves ECT.
  8. Not sure if y'all can see the other pic not sure what I did wrong
  9. Little Egg's trailer was stolen yesterday morningCH05120226.bmp CH05120218.bmp
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