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  1. General George S. Patton called it "the greatest battle implement ever devised." I know "not a meme"
  2. If there was more outcomes like this, there would be less crime.
  3. Have a machine down at work, ordered the part to fix it, UPS next day air early am delivery. It still hasn't shown up yet and now they cancelled my vacation time for Monday because the part is supposed to be here Monday morning now.
  4. Yes Sir, always have a great time shooting with him.
  5. A few bricks short of a full load A few fries short of a happy meal "Peeing" in the wind
  6. Don't feel like you're alone. I have to admit that I have had days like that, wrong targets, wrong scenario, ECT.. The main thing is that I always have fun doing it. And most of the time I get the highest score to. Keep your powder dry, The Bearded Wonder
  7. Merry Christmas everybody! For those that will be traveling drive safe. Keep Your powder dry, The Bearded Wonder
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