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  1. I miss his cartoons to I hope he comes back Keep your powder dry The Bearded Wonder
  2. Now thats funny, Are we allowed to post formulas? Would anyone be interested in specifics and results?
  3. Just out of curiosity, how many folks have made their own gun powder? Not as a necessity but more for the accomplishment of making it. To those who have made their own gun powder and are more knowledgeable than I. I would like to ask how you normally test burn rates of your particular formulation/granulation. I have my idea's for testing using a known powder(goex in my case) to get a standard for comparison. No i am not on a lifelong quest for "fast" powder, just a decent/consistent powder made by me. Like i said not a necessity but more a personal accomplishment. Keep your powder dry, The Bearded Wonder
  4. I must have missed that post, I thought the last one I seen was dated March 1st.
  5. Its truely amazing how oblivious these Idiots are of common saftey practices. That idiot needs to be banned from the range
  6. Does anyone know where Father Kit Cool Gun Garth is? I hope he is ok. The Bearded Wonder
  7. My wife made some the other day but used zucchini in the place of the pasta and it was awesome, it sounded really weird to me but i really liked it. I love my wife
  8. I always carry, 99% of the time it is 1911 in a outside the waistband speed scabbard covered by a tee shirt that is loose fitting. For the most part you cannot tell that im carrying. I always attempt to be aware of my surroundings. Keep your powder dry, The Bearded Wonder
  9. https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2019/01/09/colleges-move-close-chinese-government-funded-confucius-institutes-amid-increasing
  10. Just finished an omelette with sausage, fresh jalapenos, bell peppers, onions, and cheese
  11. I love homemade deep dish pizza. But several things that would normally be "baked" inside are completely transformed into a spectacular dish out on the grill.
  12. Here's some pics, The last pic is the 7round magazine beside a glock 43 mag. And yes the glock mag fits and feeds flawlessly in the Mossberg.
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