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  1. You guys sound like a bunch of old men sitting aro.... wait a minute! ;)
  2. Look at photos or even watch old film footage. Facial hair would not be the norm in the 1950’s. Beatnicks and academics maybe, but not the norm for mainstream.
  3. I just can’t imagine a place called Dicks has anything I’m interested in looking at or much less buying.
  4. Unless you are lucky, originals are gonna run well above $100. When I was shopping for grips, the cheapest beat to hell originals I found was $140
  5. Not that difficult to go to amazon and type in 1917 S&W grips https://www.amazon.com/Numrich-Square-Walnut-Compatible-Wesson/dp/B07MCDR8NS/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=1917+smith+and+wesson&qid=1553180567&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  6. Pearl doesn’t look right on a revolver in my eyes.
  7. I believe it was Ernie Pyle who mentioned the weapons repair depots in Normandy. These guys were not to far behind the lines salvaging what they could to get it back into service ASPAP.
  8. I wish I could find wool versions that didn’t require a co-signer to purchase.
  9. New job and kids have kept me occupied. I’ll send to you a message.
  10. The French Foriegn Legion acceptance of former Waffen SS guys was well known after the war. Plenty of those guys died it went into captivity in Viet Nam several years before Larry was in country.
  11. Been below zero here for so many days that 20 feels like a heatwave!
  12. Anyone have some used 50/70 brass? Would also like to find some “tired” brass to make a few dummy 50/70 rounds.
  13. Not particularly hard to find but they seem to come and go in spurts. About a year ago, I went looking for one and could never find one. I think Murphy in all his glory of preventing me from finding one must have disrupted the entire time continuum
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