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  1. I'm betting with Yusta. Case lengths vary. Had the same problem with 45 Colt til I checked and started to trim all my cases. Although trimming a bunch of 9mm might be a pain, especially if you have a high loss rate at the range. Rev. Chase
  2. Howdy JJ, If Grey Ghost doesn't take the holsters, I will for $95. They sure are pretty. Reverend P. Babcock Chase
  3. Howdy July, I use those speed loaders on my Schofields and my Remington conversion. Reverend Chase
  4. Howdy Blind Eye, Years ago, I bought a pair of white painters pants. Before the first washing, I carefully cut off a back pocket and those down on the leg. After washing all the stitch holes disappeared and I had some "Mexican" pants. Reverend Chase
  5. Howdy Shooters, Although they smell like burning plastic when shot, are the plastic coated bullets better at reducing leading than normal lubed variety. I normally shoot Chey-Cast 200 gr. .454 dia. bullets. Hard cast, the bullets generate some blow back and apparently little upset on firing. If the coated bullets are a better choice, I guess I can live with the burning plastic smell (kinda reminds me of an automotive wiring short - ugh). Please let the opinions begin. Reverend Chase
  6. Howdy Boomstick, Lots of interesting surmise here, but no one has asked how hard you pull the trigger. Do you pull it the same on your sixgun and your rifle. A good stout trigger pull could be good for a few extra feet per second. Just a thought, Reverend Chase
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