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  1. Howdy Dippers, I've never used Lee Dippers; however, for those of us who need the reminder: CC's and CI's are a measure of volume. On the other hand, grains are a measure of weight. Therefore, a powder dipper can't be labeled in grains as that will be different for each powder used as the density and weight of powders is different from one formulation/brand to the next. Unless I've missed something. Identifying as Capt. Obvious, Rev. Chase
  2. Congrats to Milo Sierra, Hey Moe and the other bushwackers who had anything to do with making the Buzzard Boil happen. A terrific banquet, too. All the shooters were real friendly and helpful and the weather cooperated. Rev. Chase
  3. Howdy Go West & Too Tall Bob, I just went down to the loading room grabbed a 3/4" socket with six flats and tried to push a 12ga. shell into it. Wouldn't come close to going in. Not that the factory shell was oversize. Maybe a little, but not given the differential I experienced. Thoughts? Rev. Chase
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