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  1. While I tend to dislike the "go look on GunBroker" response...right now there are a bunch of them
  2. Very helpful! I had an 1866 and sold it to a pard here but when I saw the 1873 I couldn't resist. You are correct...hammer spring heavy. On the other hand, it appears to be unfired and except for tarnish on the brass lifter in great shape
  3. I just picked up a Navy Arms Uberti 1873 in 22lr. Never heard of this. It's in excellent condition. Made in 1974 and clearly a safe queen. Any pard have more info on this model?
  4. Pards.....I am looking for a Colt "Base Pin Puller" Everyone seems to be out of them LMK if someone has one they are willing to part with.... with thanks LGP
  5. Lifting up prayers for your mom. May she have a full recovery of body and spirit
  6. Sir. Not sure. I am sure about the 90s manufacture and that it was a limited run of 500. Imported by Uberti of Lakeville CT. If you send me an email I can send a video of previous owner using the gun
  7. As a NJ resident, I would urge caution, as much as I hate to say it. This is a VERY gun unfriendly state (is there any less friendly?) and borders NY and PA. There are have been cases of arrests made of PA residents unknowingly bringing a firearm in NJ. Keep all firearms locked and ammo separate and locked as well. Virtually anything is considered a firearm, including black powder and "BB" guns. And remember that when Republican "hero" Chris Christie was governor he did NOTHING to further the rights of gun owners. There is a great club, Jackson Hole Regulators, and they might be able to help with info.
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