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  1. Gentlemen-thank you for pointing out the error ALOvera is correct. It is not a shortstroke-It is that in the factory the lever throw was smoothed out in this version. That being said, the lever throw is quite smooth. The error was not intentional and I appreciate the correction.
  2. Your profile says you cant accept messages: Saw your WTB I have an excellent condition Marlin 1894 cowboy competition model in 38 special only It is NOT short stroked but these models were smoothed at the factory and the lever is incredible-no effort to work it Selling only because I no longer shoot 38 These are more expensive than the typical but in my opinion worth it My price is 1400.00 plus 50.0 shipping Plz let me know!
  3. I am getting out of 357/38 and am reluctantly selling my Marlin Cowboy Competition in 38. Sp. It comes with original box and leather wrap. It is in excellent condition with only some freckling on one side of buttstock, probably from a cart. Octagonal barrel and case colored receiver. Factory lever throw very smooth. I replaced the sights with a Marbles Bullseye and red front sight and will include the original sights. 1450 includes shipping from my ffl to yours.
  4. The Laramie is the clone of the Smith and Wesson model 3. it is Beretta branded, Uberti made. I purchased off GB, was advertised as LNIB only dry fired-near as i can tell this is true, my 50 rounds are the only rounds through it. The "floating safety" which did not work ( a common issue with the Laramies) has been placed in the box and the gun shoots beautifully. It has a rebounding hammer. The trigger is incredibly smooth. The grip has a scratch on it, courtesy of the previous owner, as well as a turn line. You get, gun, box, manual, floating safety, and speed loader which fits the Laramie. 800.00 includes shipping to you from my FFL.
  5. This was my "unicorn"-I spent years looking for one and finally found in GB. Due to a nasty divorce, I need to sell some firearms, and unfortunately this is one of them. Here is the information on this firearm-I bought off GB from a seller/ffl who claimed it was LNIB except for a turn line from dry firing. When I received it, I found that was mostly true except there was a scratch on the grip (it is a scratch, NOT a crack). In addition-and this is important, like some of the Beretta/Uberti Laramies, the "floating safety" did not function, preventing the gun from firing. If you research this you will see that was a common issue. I had my gunsmith remove the "floating safety" and the gun functions beautifully. The trigger is very smooth. There is a rebounding hammer which in theory allows the carrying of six, but I would never do that. It is 45lc and has a 5.5 bbl. You get the gun, original box, manual, and the "floating safety" if you want to put it back in. I am asking 800.00 which includes shipping. To my knowledge, only 50 rounds have gone through it. Because I do not live in a "free state" this will ONLY go from my FFL to yours. Thank you for looking, pards.
  6. Sorry sir. Realized mine does not have octagonal bbl and is slightly dif. Apologies
  7. Sir. Do you mean an 1860 Army Richards type 1 conversion by ASM in 38? If so I have one I might be willing to part with. I bought unfired and put maybe 20 rds thru
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