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  1. It's a serated pin and it only comes out one direction. Im in the process of converting my American derringer to a quick barrel change out. Bond worked for American derringer and when the old man died he had a disagreement with the wife who now ran the company and went his own way. Both are very reliable and built like tanks. Good Luck Pards!
  2. Tuco says it best! IF YOUR GONNA SHOOT, SHOOT DON'T TALK!
  3. Yep, that was an episode of Daniel Boone where "Josh" Jimmy dean wins the girl.
  4. Ebay stopped selling guns years ago. You can buy "parts" but no guns (including receivers). I was always under the impression that stealing a gun. Any gun is a FELONY in and of itself?
  5. You can open a can without any tools. You turn it upside down and scrape back and forth on a flat rock or cement with fair amount of pressure you will wear through the can rim within a minute or two,the then you simply pry off the lid.
  6. Here's one of me back in the day. When I was a Nukie. Yes, that's a Barret .50 semi auto! ( M82A1) It was AWESOME to Shoot!
  7. I have one whole hide but it has a small bald spot (see pic) it measures 29"w x 45"L (not counting the tail.) And a half hide 26"w x 22"L (not counting the tail) you can have them both $50 + shipping or just the larger one $35 + shipping PS (The light "dots" are from the blinds, not on the hides) Let me know. tklein_13@rocketmail.com Ooops! Didn't see the no hair! Maybe someone else may be interested!
  8. I may have one let me check, I'll get back to you this evening
  9. January 30, 1933 on WXYZ in Detroit. The LONE RANGER first aired and became part of American Culture. Hi Yo Silver!
  10. Oh Darn, I thought you were talkin bout this Teacher.........
  11. Very wise, Grasshopper!
  12. She's a Beauty Blue ! Definitely a "keeper". Here's a pic of mine. I have 2 both Browning 92's. Good Luck Pard!
  13. I wish Uberti or one if those outfits would make an 1875 remington clone in Stainless steel in .44 magnum! I would by two or three!
  14. Not to get off topic, but a guy I worked with used to send all his holiday cards by putting the address he wanted to mail to it the return address spot and his address in the "mail to" section and not put any stamp on it. Turns out the USPS will send a letter all the way across the US for insufficient postage !
  15. ......And The charging stations are powered by ........you guessed it DIESEL !!
  16. T.K.

    New Hat

    Here's one for ya. You don't want to look like a tenderfoot with a brand new hat.
  17. I have 2 and a half pair. *1 pair 7 1/2" .44 mag stainless with stag grips *1 pair 5 1/2" 44 mag stainless with stag grips * 4 5/8" .44 mag stainless with birdshead / stag grips
  18. While researching this subject this is what I have learned so far... During and after the Mexican War there apparently was a lot of grumbling in the ranks about the black ("Hardee") hats getting too hot in the warmer climates. During the Civil War hats were so scarce that soldiers on both sides wore hats of every color and description both civilian and military types and after the war the Army eventually kind of looked the other way if troopers "on the frontier" in the hotter climates wore lighter colored hats as allowed by their company commanders. In 1882 the light colored campaign hat was recognized Officially. Hope this helped, Pard!
  19. My little one died new years day 2023. It's hard to go on but remember the good times you had and remember you will meet again on the streets of Glory! Good Luck and my condolences Pard!
  20. I paid $140 for mine back in the 80's thru CMP. When it arrived at the post office the clerk was a little old lady who had to be in 80's she looked like the old lady in the tweety bird cartoons and could barely carry the box and put it up on the counter, she exclaimed " Wow that's heavy! What is it?" And I replied "A Rifle " And she started jumping around, arms in the air, screaming "You can't send guns through the US mail!" Over and over. I calmly told her to "look at the label......It's from the Federal Government !" She quickly calmed down. It was pretty funny, and I'll never forget the look on her face!
  21. I stuff mine with fresh sage, chopped white onions, cut up apples and add chicken stock and Apple juice. Baste to your preference. And the cooking upside down thing mentioned earlier really works good! Cook until the thickest part of the breast is 165° If you go much over that it will start to dry out.
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