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  1. My first career was a firefighter in Missouri, when I was married to the AH. If I hadn't been injured, I would still be doing that today.
  2. Had something similar happen at my office. Commercial coffee maker was started and brewing. A couple of gents came in chatting away. First gent didn't pay attention to the brewing in process and pulled the carafe away from the coffee maker. His partner pointed at the machine and started to say something when the first gent turned around to hear the hissing sound of the coffee draining onto the warming plate. I scooted out as fast as I could so I didn't get caught up in their clean-up efforts.
  3. Yes and yes. Hero's is another term I've heard bantered around but that is subjective. {We've also been called a lot of other things that you couldn't post here............}
  4. Prayers up for you and yours that your dad has a full recovery.
  5. My biggest concern about shooting that thing down is the "down" part. I would hate for the debris to come crashing through my roof, my kids school, a hospital etc. There is no way to "direct" the debris once you've done that.
  6. Not sure that's going to buff out.
  7. Thank you for the fun, Cindy. May you rest in peace.
  8. I have been with Verizon, since before they became Verizon. Have never had an issue.
  9. Sorry to hear this, LL. Hope you never have to face this again.
  10. 1) I think the video is contrived. 2) I believe this guy is an arsehole. 3) If I had married him, I would be gone in an instant, with this as video evidence of abuse in divorce court. DONE That's all I'm going to say on this.
  11. Pretty pup. Looks like you need to get him his own chair.
  12. Breakfast Breakfast Casserole Makes 6 servings Ingredients 1 dozen eggs 1/2 C cream 2 C grated cheese of your choice (We use cheddar) 1 pound thick cut bacon sliced into 1/2" strips 8 ounces Crimini mushrooms cleaned and sliced 3 stalks green onion chopped fine 2 T butter Utensils Disposable non stick cake pan (Must be non-stick) Optional 2C brown and serve potatoes/hashbrowns cooked Optional 2 1 C chopped fresh spinach Pre-heat oven to 350f Cook the bacon and drain in on paper towels Saute' the mushrooms and onions in the butter until soft Beat the eggs and cream until well beaten Layer the bottom of the cake pan in the following order: potatoes, bacon, mushrooms, cheese. Pour the egg mixture on top and bake for 45 minutes. {Just made it with the spinach and it was wonderful.}
  13. Prayers up for comfort. Been there many times ourselves. Enjoy your memories and know she will continue to live on in your heart.
  14. Sorry to hear that. Our provider, Flickering Power and Light {or Florida Plunder and Loot} informed us our bill will be going up about $100.00 a month starting in February. I can just imagine what it will be when summer rolls around here, starting in about March and lasting till November.
  15. BTDT. That helmet must weigh about 50 pounds with all that ice on it.
  16. OMG I'm gonna steal that. It so sounds like my office.................
  17. I want one of those.............
  18. According to my BIL, who also lives there. the perp is no more. Death by cop.
  19. I know the area well. Very sad. Prayers up for all the victims and their families.
  20. Back in the day, I've stopped at that CJs on more than one occasion going to or from Mammoth mountain for a ski weekend. After four hours on the road, even CJs tastes good when your really hungry........
  21. So the Mods have a Spam chorus because I reported them too. If they would only bring eggs to go with the Spam........how inconsiderate........
  22. I notified the Mod. Hopefully, this will get cleaned up soon.
  23. I'll bet the skiing is awesome right now!!!
  24. We're pretty lucky. Uno stood in our front yard and watched the launch and the separation where the boosters returned to earth. Pretty cool.
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