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  1. I went to the Great Eastern Show in Harrisburg right after Remington acquired Marlin and started producing them again. They had a Marlin display and the 39A's were using New Haven JM marked barrels. So be very wary when buying newer 39A's.
  2. I pocket carry a S&W Bodyguard as it is DAO. Don't like striker fired guns for pocket carry. Due to the trigger setup, accuracy is somewhat iffy. The main issue with it is that the small size has barely any easy way to rack the slide. I use a glove to rack it. Been very reliable. I'd recommend the S&W EZ model as it's larger. Use Underwood +P 90 gr. XTP ammo which I believe is about as hot as it gets. Do not, under any circumstance, consider a Taurus .380. Worst piece of junk I have ever gotten. Took five months for a warranty repair. Just tossed it into the back of the safe and never even tested it. It can sit and rot as would never sell it to anyone.
  3. Lumpy - The lock had a dented/crushed washer inside of it that was causing the issue. The tech disassembled it and greased it. The busted part was finally found after complete disassembly. I did not want to fiddle with it anymore. Did not have a mechanical replacement in stock, so went with electronic. I really like the electronic lock's features; no more 4 to the left, 3 to the right, 2 to the left, turn right until a stop. The main package of electrons are external; beside have a Goldenrod in the safe that keeps on chugging after 15 years.
  4. This is intended to be a lesion in how to save money if you need to replace a safe combination lock. The lock on my 15 year old Zanotti safe became more difficult to spin closed. It opened fine, but required lots of juggling to close. Contacted Zanotti and they sent me a tool to reset the combo. It helped for a while, but then got worse. Contacted a local locksmith and sent a picture of the lock which turned out to be a La Gard group II wheelpack, an industry standard. Said they could rebuild it. Tech came by and cleaned it. Turns out that it had a damaged brass ring inside it. Had it replaced with an electronic lock, an ESL 10 which is also an industry standard. Bottom line cost was $400+. The lock was $200, which is in line with Internet prices, rest was tax, labor, and transportation. Anyhow, could have saved $200 by doing it myself. Sat and watched the whole process. The only difficult piece was removing he old lock: four screws and channel locks to pull the keeper holding the dial on (from the rear of the safe). Apparently the holes through the door for mounting the assembly are standard. Installing was a cinch. If you need a new lock, consider DIY. If it's beyond your talent, can always call in a locksmith.
  5. bgavin - What I meant about building muscles is the strength required to cock it. Granted that was about 35 years ago and I have a good memory, however it's just very short!
  6. bgavin - My first air pistol was a Daisy 717 which I still use even after several rebuilds. My second was a Feinwerkbau 65 which I sold to get a Walther CP1. Should have kept it as they last forever while building muscles in the meanwhile. Send me a note if you ever want to get rid of the 65; wonderful trigger. We are experiencing smoke pollution from the fires here in WV. The sun was bright orange at 3pm. Cannot imagine what you are dealing with in CA. Just some trivia, after several years of serious competition with the CP1, it blew out the seals. Walther replaced it with a new CP2 under their 5 year Warranty. Not too long ago, got a SIG Super Target air pistol. The rear sight pin started backing out, sent it to SIG for repairs and they sent me a new replacement in a week. Again covered by a 5 year warranty. The Germans understand service.
  7. I participate in an international air pistol league that shoots .177 pistols at 10 meters all year round on NRA targets. Due to the Kung Flu it became an Internet league with the participants shooting at home and scanning their targets. It's all slow fire, 30 shots, 5 per target in 45 minutes. It's not CAS, but is shooting participation. BTW - A top-notch target air pistol (Hammerlli, Walther, etc.) runs about $2K and can shoot one hole at 10 meters. Like an idiot, sold my Walther CP2and Baikal IZH as had moved to an area where there were no air pistol competition's. Am using low-end guns as don't want to dump big $$$ into another high-end gun, but should probably do so as I'm so old that don't want to get my lazy butt out of bed early for CAS matches. Have also been shooting a lot of trap at a range 10 minutes from my house that starts practice at noon.
  8. I once bought a Marlin 39A from another forum for $275 and found out after I got it that it was a "B" prefix worth at least $650 at the time. Contacted the seller about it and he said "That was the price I wanted, got it, no need to pay me more." Could have flipped it at the time for a nice profit, but still have it. Will probably put it up for sale as I'm downsizing stuff. I expect dealers to snap up bargains as they know the market, and have to make a living. Again, as mentioned it's capitalism functioning as intended. You either sell stuff before you are gone or it becomes part of your estate after you go. Everyone checking the classified section has the same shot at the bargains.
  9. When I was shooting BP, I would wash them and set them outside on a cookie sheet. If it was near freezing on a cookie sheet in the basement for a day or so.
  10. I have a 2-1/2' hammerless that replaced my S&W 642. Bought it from the SASS classified. Mild recoil w/+P, don't like it w/357's. It's my HD carry gun when wearing a coat even though open carry is legal and encouraged in WV. We have coyotes and I always carry when walking my dog. I use a belt holster, so it does not seem heavy to me. Don't remember if I added a spring kit, but probably did. It is my favorite carry gun, even though I've got a bunch of Glocks.
  11. I went to Wilson Teachers College, which became DC Teachers College, and is now the University of DC. Was wearing a UDC sweatshirt at an annual Potomac Peddlers bike club party when a jerk DC professor-type came up to me and said: "UDC is a historically black school, why are you wearing that shirt?." I replied: "Because I went there." He left in a huff; Duh!
  12. My 39A is a B model made in 1941; still works fine: "We don't need no stinking parts."
  13. I had one AYA double (marked J.C. Higgens) that I used for a while. Don't remember the model #. AYA is a very well-respected Spanish gunmaker.
  14. I'll add Cody Conagher to the list for consideration. Not cheap, but good: Cowboy Shop
  15. I have my grandfathers .32 S$W Lemon Squeezer that he bought in 1899, Boston, MA. In mint condition, lettered by S&W. A safe queen.
  16. The rule in West Virginia is that the truck with the biggest wheels always has the right of way.
  17. Loading for a BP match using APP. Noticed powder stopped dropping. Found a tiny bag of desiccant jamming the hopper. Discovered the manufacturer puts them in the APP canister, but does not mention it anywhere. Stopped shooting BP as its too much of a PIA for me.
  18. I was a binocular/camera collector quite a while back. Was primarily into German binocs. Ended up keeping a pair of pre-WWII 6x30 Leitz that were refurbished by the Russians, and a recent U.S. Navy spec 7x50 Fujion. Don't go boating anymore, so the latter just sits in a drawer. Still use the old Leitz's. Suggest getting glasses with individual eye focusing. Price is a major indicator of quality. As a side note, I have an old pair of French binocs that has two range finder markings; one for a mounted man on a horse, and one for a standing solder with a 1' tall hat. These still work OK.
  19. Two options - Send it to Ruger or a light filing.
  20. The spring clip on the lower end of the feed tube keeps the primers in the tube; remove the clip and down they go.
  21. "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."
  22. The clearest explanation of shotgun evolution is H.H. Greener's "The Gun and. It's Development" written in 1910.. NRA did a reprint a while back. John Wayne liked Greener's.
  23. Cat Brules - Costco currently sells coffins at a very reasonable price.
  24. I bought a new Taurus Spectrum in January; fired 9 rounds, total jamomatic. Sent back to Taurus for warranty repair. They received it on 1/29/20. Checked repair status on 3/3/20, was told it would take 12 weeks to review it. Called them today 6/9/20. Was told they have not looked at it yet and have no idea when they will get to it. Four and 1/2 months and no action. Be forewarned that Taurus warranty service is beyond horrible. They give a new meaning to the word incompetent.
  25. This is OT as far as the photos. I just reviewed a documentary of the HMS Warspite. It was a British battleship built in 1912. It fought in WWI & II. At Normandy, It expended all of its 15" shells on the first day, went back to England, reloaded and then went back and expended all of its new shells on day 2. Then went back to England for new barrels as they were completely worn out. England certainly got their measure of service from this ship.
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