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  1. My wife's 2018 Toyota RAV4 has a remote key fob. It has a mechanical key that will unlock the door. The hood latch is also mechanical. OP - What specific vehicle do you have as it might have a mechanical key included? If so, I'd dump on the dealer big time.
  2. My father's school ship when he attended the Massachusetts Nautical School (now the Massachusetts Merchant Marine Acadamy) in 1930-33 was originally the USS Ranger an Alert class gunboat commissioned in 1876 and later renamed the USS Nantucket. She operated as a gunboat in WWI. Was finally decommissioned in 1940 and scrapped in 1958. USS Ranger
  3. I have one in 40. Did all the Mcarbo upgrades and used it in ASI and other competition until Covid shut down the indoor matches. It worked fine. Only issues were due to the Glock extended 23 round mags which apparently are too heavy for the latching mechanism. It works fine with the std Glock 15 rounders. It's my SHTF gun and sits in a bedroom closet. They are an acquired taste.
  4. My cosmoline cleaning experience was in 1953 with the Jr. ROTC when our drill 1903 Springfields were replaced by 120 new M1's in original shipping crates. My company was given 5 gallons of leaded gasoline, oil, rags and rubber gloves with instructions to clean and lube them. Was done on the school plaza under the watchful eye of a US Army Col. Doubt if our clothes ever got rid of the gas smell. Our pay = $0 per hour. After drilling with the Springfields, the M1's felt like really heavy fence posts. Inspection arms during drills created a massive outbreak of "M1 Thumb."
  5. After 22 years of retirement, I've found all my time is taken up by either making or attending doctors' appointments.
  6. I have one imported by Garcia (fishing folks) of Washington, DC made in the early 1960's. It's now my only .22 rifle.
  7. I've got a Kel-Tec Sub 2K in 40 (16.25" barrel). Following are some chrony tests: 4.0 Grs. Bullseye, 180 Gr. TCFP coated, 1063 fps Same load in a Glock G22 (4.49" barrel), 906 fps 5.8 Grs. Power Pistol, same bullet, 1195 fps, Kel-Tec Same load, 984, G22 Accuracy with both guns/loads is excellent (red dots on each).
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