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  1. Not in my neck of the woods (WV). Had a wacko woman who once lived a block from me kill her 9 year old daughter and wounded her 11 year old (11 year old still lives here). WV does not have the death penalty, but does have two different life sentences, with or without mercy. Possibility of consideration for parole after 15 years for with, zero parole without. The sentencing phase is a separate hearing. Took the jury 15 minutes to decide without mercy. Appealed to the WV Supreme Court; again nope, no mercy. She was a fruitcake, but carefully planned the whole thing to seek revenge on her divorced husband. Her insanity defense got shot full of holes due to her extensive planning. In my opinion, not having to deal with the death penalty lifts a burden off of juries. My county does not fool around with wussy sentences. They also have prompt trials. The Baltimore gang bangers that come here to sell drugs (we border MD) usually find that out very quickly.
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