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  1. Bumped into him in 1977 when he and I were working at ERDA at 20 Mass Ave in DC. He asked where the head was; told him, he thanked me and went there. He was next to God there. Head of Naval Reactors. Visited his grave at Arlington near the Kennedy Memorial. Had a space next to him for a deceased wife, and a second one for a living wife; unusual.
  2. I'm a retired federal govt. employee under the CSRS plan (those that started before 1984). My wife's survivor benefit = 62.5% of my benefit.
  3. Check out Consumer Cellular. I have three unlimited phones for $62 net a month. They use the AT&T network.
  4. He basically only discussed the Army. I agree, Halsey's weather man sucked and they both should have been relieved. The take-out I got from this lecture was that in WWII you served in a role for the duration of the war, so screwups caused replacement. You were shelved and then probably used elsewhere eventually. Since then rotation is automatic, so no one ever gets relieved early; too much trouble for the powers-that-be, especially during unpopular wars.
  5. I neglected to mention that Taylors is just a few minutes away from the Cork Street Tavern which is in an 1830 building on one of the oldest streets in Old Town Winchester. It has a two page draft beer menu plus good food: Beer Menu Church Key
  6. I'm 20 minutes away from them and have to go there as they have some nice deals. Church Key
  7. Used the replacement gel muffs tonight at an indoor ASI carbine match. Worked great; never noticed the muffs. Church Key
  8. I have a couple of 50th Ann. Blackhawk's in .357 that I used for years until I went with New Vaquero's. They serve as (unneeded) backups. Work great. Just decided that I prefer stainless guns. The Blackhawk's were tuned by Mid-MD; Vaquero's by Cody. Probably should sell them, but too lazy. Church Key
  9. I ordered the gel replacement that S. Dave recommended. Should arrive tomorrow. Will let the Wire know how they work. Church Key
  10. I am currently using Caldwell electronic muffs for shooting indoors at Action Shooting International (ASI) matches, both pistol and carbine. These work OK, but get uncomfortable after a 1/2 hour or so. We shoot two stages and then do a reset which usually means about an hour before the headset can come off for a bit. I'd like suggestions on comfortable muffs. Ear plugs are not an allowable option for this range, unless they are under muffs. Appreciate all thoughts/suggestions. Church Key
  11. A Winchester, VA policeman was killed in a cruiser crash while responding to a call late last year and his funeral procession went through the old part of town where I happened to be. His coffin was on a wheeled bier towed by a police motorcycle. It was a very impressive and quite moving procession. May he RIP. Church Key
  12. Gee Wiz, many of the newer pistols made from late 2000's through now have dispensed with the older M designation and use a more modern letter like "G" such as the G-17, G-19, etc. They also upgraded from metal that can rust to more modern materials including various forms of plastic with rainbow colors molded into the frames. Progress marches on. Church Key
  13. If you decline part B when you are eligible, there is a premium penalty of I believe 10% a year added to the part B cost whenever you do enroll. Part A (hospitalization) happens automatically when you hit the enrollment age. Part A is at no cost to you. I'd Google the Medicare rules. and also discuss with the Social Security folks in addition to your Wife's insurance plan. There is a final safeguard if you reject part B as you have to do it in person at a Social Security office and they will advise you of your options. That said, I'm a retired Federal employee and declined part B for both myself and my wife as my insurance coverage continues as if I was still working. My wife was hospitalized past December and there was some major foul-ups as the stupid hospital submitted a claim for part B which was rejected by Medicare. They then billed me for $6,500; duh! My insurance company squared it away. Church Key
  14. I don't reload .44 Russian anymore, but recall using Dillon .44Mag/Spl for sizing and seating and a Lee .44 Russian crimp die on my 550. I remember contacting Dillon before I got their dies to confirm they would work. Suggest doing the same. Church Key
  15. I have a Ruger SR1911 that I use in Wild Bunch. It's the best 1911 I've ever owned (have had a bunch including a Colt made in 1916). Works great with my reloads (4.5 Bullseye under 230 RNL bullet). Only problem with it was that mine was an early one that had "The infamous front sight issue." The earliest batch of SR1911's used a non-Ruger made front sight that would break off when used hard. A new front sight from Ruger cured the matter. Only change I've made is to add an Extended Wilson Slide Release that I had in my parts bin, as WB loves mag changes. I second the Tripp magazine suggestion. The Ruger mags are fine, but the Tripp's are head and shoulders above everything else I've tried. Ed Brown has recently come out with a WB legal mag for $20. I might try a couple as they usually make really good stuff. Final comment - When WB started, Bomar slide cuts were not legal, so I sold my tricked-out Springfield and got a legal one. As soon as I did, the powers-that-be changed the rules to allow Bomar sights. Am still irritated with the matter. Church Key
  16. If you see the sign: "Use of Deadly Force Permitted" on a military fence/wall/etc., expect to get shot if you manage to get through the barrier. Legal recourse for your survivors = zero. Church Key
  17. I have a Panasonic 5 remote phone system on my land line that I got at COSTCO for $99. It has a built in (selectable) call interceptor that blocks robocalls. If the calling number is not in my phonebook, it states: "Please press 1 if you want to connect this call." If 1 is not pressed, it disconnects without ringing. I usually find 3 or 4 calls a day that get logged into my call directory. Is especially useful at election time. It also allows you to block calls such as those from the weekly NRA panic de jour. Church Key
  18. I just removed it on my 342. There are plenty of video's on how to do it. Don't care about the hole. Church Key
  19. I recently dumped Direct TV and went to Dish. Use Frontier for internet. Wanted Direct to add another TV which requires them sending a box, and will cost me $75 plus a monthly fee of $3 or something, I could plug it in as the cabling was already there. They insisted on my contract being extended for 2 years even though I was paying for the box + a monthly fee; told them to pound sand. Found out Dish equipment has far better capabilities and does not drop out whenever it rains. Their installation was excellent. Only issues with Dish are those of too many capabilities such as a very obscure key that turns on closed captions. Drove my wife nuts until it was explained to her multiple times. They have multiple examples of techie "enhanced features" that are like a cell phone on steroids. I have an MS in Information Management and can deal with this crap, but my wife is a computer novice and does not like to read the really fine print buried in the pop-up boxes. Church Key
  20. I was in a Winchester, VA Wally World yesterday and they had a Savage Axis for $279. It that price, it's a real bargain. Church Key
  21. The Chiappa M1-9 uses Beretta 92 magazines. They are pricy critters compared to Glock mags. Also don't like metal mags (Beretta) hitting concrete as I shoot indoor matches with the Chiappa. That said, they work fine. Church Key
  22. Sorry about the slow response; had a busy day installing a backup camera for my wife's 2010 Santa Fe. Anyhow, here are a few pics of the Sullivan sheath I mentioned earlier in this post: Not sure of their contact info, try Google. Church Key
  23. I have my first "real knife", a Herter's Improved Bowie that I got in the early 60's. The case finally wore out, so I contacted Sullivan in Tampa who makes the Randall sheaths. Sent them the knife and they made me a perfect fit sheath for $45. Can post a pic if interested. Church Key
  24. I bought a used Chiappa M1-9 PCC a while back and use it for monthly indoor Action Shooting International (ASI) matches. ASI is regularly discussed in the Dillon Blue Press and is sort of IDPA lite. Anyhow PCC shooting is really a lot of fun. I paid $275 for the Chiappa, but it uses Beretta 92 magazines which are $30-40 each depending on capacity. After buying a bunch of mags for it, could have bought a new Ruger. Anyhow, the Chiappa works fine. I use iron sights with no problems. The Ruger PCC shooters prefer red dots as they are easy to mount. I'd do the same on mine, except have not been able to find a mount. Now waiting for Ruger to build a .45 ACP carbine. If they ever do, will pick it up in a heartbeat. Church Key
  25. I'm in West Virginia where no permit is required to carry either open or concealed. Folks regularly open carry and no one cares. The permit does allow me to conceal carry in contagious states and 24 others, except for Maryland (where guns are totally evil and carry is a no-no). We have photo ID's that take about 2 weeks to renew and are very useful as they greatly speed up the federal NICS check, which is completely done online. I figure $75 every 5 years is no big deal. The sheriffs office has a window that does nothing but process permits with very fast service. WV's biggest concern is carrying loaded rifles in vehicles, a really big issue, because of the idiots that will stop anywhere they see a deer and try to take it. Get caught and it's lots of jail time. Church Key
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