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  1. happy birthday early

    1. Sweet & Sassy Cindy

      Sweet & Sassy Cindy

      Why thank you! You’re only six months early, but better early than late!!:)

    2. Sweet & Sassy Cindy

      Sweet & Sassy Cindy

      You mean tomorrow!! I wish someone would give me a new darn brain:blink:

  2. k thanks, guess I'm giving up the experiment  LOL

    thanks again

  3. What does that mean that the hammer block didn't work?


    1. Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      There's a "hammer block" safety on these things that seldom owrk correctly and  are easily removed, this one didin't work and I removed it.  If you google it, you'll see.

  4. I didn't know how to attach the pix you requeswted to a "message", so i added them to the post.


  5. I would be interested  in Bin 2 item # 3 5 mags for $100.00 and 2 of bin 2 item #10- 2 10 round mags if shipping is included.


    Please let me know.


    Windy City Red




  6. We also load on a 650 with a powder check.

    However, the funnel check task  as a quality control, especially for any major match, or match important to someone, is pretty much fool proof to avoid squibs.


    The funnels are regular set of 3 found at most grocery stores.  The small one works on 32's, the middle on 38's, and the large usually on 45's.

    1. Marshal Hangtree

      Marshal Hangtree

      That's interesting, SWS.  I'll remember that.  Thanks!

    2. SouthwestShooter


      Happy trails to  you.

    3. Marshal Hangtree

      Marshal Hangtree

      And yourself, Sir.

  7. I'll be at winter rang starting Wednesday.  I'll take the 12 boxes of AA' low recoil if their not spoken for.


    1. The Coconino Pistolero, SASS # 72432

      The Coconino Pistolero, SASS # 72432

      Howdy SW Shooter, 


      You are the first on the AA's.  I will mark them SPF and hold them.


      Is that Wed. 13th? or 20th?  We will be setting up on the 13th but I could meet you

      during lunch.  Look around the Ranger tent about noon.



    2. SouthwestShooter


      we are driving up tomorrow(Tuesday) morning the 19th.  Expect to be there by 2:00 p.m.Will be doing the "Take No Prisoners" side match first shift on Wednesday.

      I can meet you either Tuesday or Wednesday 

      You can call or text me at 520-991-1315 to set up a place to meet.




      Happy Trail To You Until We Meet Again :-)..........

  8. Claw and link to claw is broken among other friggin things.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SouthwestShooter


      It's a sizemaster model 62.

      Does that help?

      Will bring it to acsa.


      love n kisses as always



    3. Boulder Canyon Bob# 32052L
    4. SouthwestShooter


      That's why you're my favorite.

      (Besides Jan of course)


  9. It doesn't work  :-0)

  10. Interested in any trade's?

  11. Might you have his e-mail or a link?

    I tried a members search and got zero results.



    1. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Also, Goatneck Clem responded to your inquiry on classified with phone number and statement he has some in stock.

    2. SouthwestShooter


      Thanks, I talked to Goatneck.

      I wasn't aware that many of the forearms do not come with metal, so I'm still looking.

  12. Is there 1 trigger or 2?

  13. If the deal falls thru, I'll take them.

    Windy City red

  14. does this gun come from the factory with the drop 2 modification?

  15. am interested in th single trigger Bakil.

    Please send pix if still available to


    1. Apachejack


      I haven't sold anything yet and I will post pics this evening when I get in. Please keep checking the forum and first "I'll take it" gits it

    2. SouthwestShooter


      when you say work donw on the single trigger Bikal; what was done?



  16. Is the price on the 73 firm?


  17. is the Bisley still available?


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