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  1. Nimble Fingers - Thanks, ill check that out. I have AR-15 rails, Glock and 1911 holsters ( leather and Kydex ) , handheld flashlights, some mags, AR-15 quick change conversion kit.
  2. I am in the market for a double action revolver in 454. ( Taurus Raging bull or hunter ). Prefer 5" but will entertain others. I am cash poor but stuff rich. I've been cleaning and de-cluttering and finding all kinds of non-cas things to sell. Feel free to email me at Docdisaster45431@gmail.com for details and pictures. Thanks again Doc D
  3. TTT, no worries.. sent you an email with pictures attached.
  4. Top left - Streamlight ProTac 1L- Single 123 - 30 Top Right - Pelican 7600 LED Combo - 100 Middle Left - Streamlight TL-2 incandescent - 40 Middle Right - Surefire E1L Outdoorsman w/ detachable RED filter - 60 Bottom Left - Streamlight ProTac 2L-X - 30 Bottom Right - Torchstar rechargeable - 20 Daniel Defense AR-15 Lite Rail 7.0- 300 Shipping would be at actual price. Please email me at Docdisaster45431@gmail.com for pictures.
  5. Got a SS one on Ebay last night. Now to just blue it or paint it..
  6. WTB Marlin 1895 45-70 Forearm Tip Assembly w/Swivel in Blued GOT A SS ONE FROM EBAY..
  7. Shadow-Tech Field Tripod 10.8"-61" ( selling as i am looking for something taller for use when standing )Shadow-Tech Pig Saddle precision rifle restBog-Pod Adapt-A-PodBog-Pod Standard Camera Mount with quick release plateBog-Pod Single V mount$300 shipped Please email me @ Docdisaster45431@gmail.com for pictures. Thanks Doc D
  8. Would anyone have a Magma Engineering "Master Caster" they would part with ? E-mail at Docdisaster45431@gmail.com
  9. (Item #1) CVA eclipse hunter 50 is a plain black round barrel, black synthetic stock with fiber optic sights. Shot maybe 20 rounds thru this one. $125 shipped (Item #2)Traditions Lightning 45 with stainless fluted threaded barrel, optional muzzlebrake, thread protector for when not using brake, black synthetic stock with fiber optic sights and a Nikon Omega 3-9x40 BDC scope with quick detach rings, also a #11 percussion cap breechplug. This one has never been shot, been a safe queen for years. $350 shipped. Please send me a email to Docdisaster45431@gmail.com for pictures.
  10. I like this- looks a tad bulky though. Yikes! They cost $100 from shilohrifle.com
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