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  1. Yes sir, I will do that in the morning.
  2. If you will take the sight also , I will ship for prices listed.
  3. If you are looking for a single shot 45/70 , Consider this one. One of John Browning’s greatest designs. Has nice case color finish, no ding or dents , even has a cleaning rod in the stock. Will throw in Hornady dies. $1100.00, or Trade for nice shot gun ( O/U or SxS ) what have ya got hidden in the safe, shotgun wise that yur not shooting any more. I’m starting to do a little clays shooting. This gun really shoots well.
  4. Very good condition, up graded to new machine. This one needs a new home. Sells new for over $750.00, will ship for $435.00
  5. Ted Blocker rig, two strong side draw and one right hand cross draw . In very good condition, made for NMV 5 1/2” barrels. 58 1/2” to first hole from tip of belt with six holes. So about 52 1/2- 58 1/2 fitment. This is top of the line leather ,I have used it eight years and it still shows like new. $300 shipped. Shot gun belt, 6 double loops, 6 thirty eight loops. Fits 48 - 56 waist $60.00.
  6. Wahmaker Black Frock coat with Texas Star gold buttons size 56. $100.00. Vests, two Frontier Classics, Black and Tan, 3XL, $20.00 ea. Gold and black , hand made very nice $50.00. Pants, Frontier Classic , 54” x 28” worn twice $25.00.
  7. Justin Ropers, size 11 EEE. Vibrant sole $60.00. Loredo’s Size 10 1/2 EW, side zipper $60.00. Hat, Rodeo King XXXXX Beaver, size 7 3/8, hat band by Washougal Will. $60.00. Knife, Damascus 5” blade, 9 1/2 overall, with sheath,$75.00 Marbles peep sight, for Uberti model 73 with different apertures and mounting screws, new. $100.00
  8. Oregonian, Would you consider a trade sir. I have a Hi Wall Uberti 45/70 in the classifieds under Mec 9000, Hi Wall, Bond for sale. I have been looking for a 20 GA side by side and yours would definitely work. I live in Vancouver and would be willing to meet up with you.
  9. Mustang Gregg, I have a 45/70 Uberti Hi Wall for sale in the classifieds several spaces down from your ad ( Mec 9000, Hi Wall and Bond). Would you be willing to trade the Browning for the Hi Wall?
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