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  1. Western Three Gun is a lot of fun.
  2. FYI, Huglu factory had a huge fire this week . They may be shut down for some time.
  3. Sending some kneemail your way pard.
  4. The 9 x 13 dish is the entry level version. The bigger the dish the better Baptist you are.
  5. You are one lucky lady Miss Allie.
  6. Thinking we need to follow the money on this one. There is something fishy about this.
  7. All of sudden it was over. I feel they could have done a lot better.
  8. OK, if you still want one of my BSS's, we're comming down to shoot the big shoots at LaGrnde and Baker city.


    1. Paladin  Gun For Hire

      Paladin Gun For Hire

      Sorry sir, Just sold the 45/70

  9. Thanks for the offer. Sold to Cimmarron. I shot a 3200 in Trap Doubles for years , great shotgun. Maybe we can get together down the road and you can sell me one of your spares.
  10. I also have a Lefever nitro 12ga with 30” barrel I think that I can offer plus $500.

  11. Made an offer on the Hi Wall.  If you wish you can email me at leephl@yahoo.com.

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