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  1. Looking around for a AK74 rifle or parts kit! Also interested in a Steyr AUG M1 A3 Cheers!! PK
  2. I have 3 DA 78's -4 3/4 .45(some finish good bore), 5 1/2 .45(same)  and a 7 1/2 38/40,(no real finish but a decent shootable bore) a 1909 Colt DA(pretty decent shape) and a 1877  DA(good)   in .38 Colt. All guns are functional - Not sure of value of any of them.  let me know what your thoughts are

    1. Preacher Kid

      Preacher Kid

      I really appreciate your offer. Im looking for DA in the sense of cobras, pythons, detective specials and what not. I would like a photo of the 1909 though. 

  3. Interested in any trade's?

  4. Browning bps 12ga pump. 2 3/4 or 3 inch chamber. Gun has the camo browning dura touch coating on it. Its in good condition. Great for duck hunting. $515 shipped
  5. Cimarron...we have some left I think. Give em a call
  6. Great seller! I can't figure out how to add to reputation so I am posting this comment to anyone who visits. Great communication. A+

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