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  1. Sorry for the late response. The rifle is sold...awaiting a trade. Thank you for your interest. Pk
  2. Thanks, Kirk! Miss y'all....praying the whole family is well!
  3. Looking for some odd stuff. Of course I am internet savvy and can find it on gunbroker, ebay ect. I need Makarov PM magazines, possibly ammo, an ak Bakelite bayonet, and whatever soviet related items that may fall in line with those things. Thanks!!! PK
  4. Happy Friday! This rifle is ready for hunting season!
  5. Sounds exciting....I bet it rumbles pretty good. Should be a fun one to reload for!
  6. No worries...you didn’t write it on that forum! How is the 50-90 compared to a 45-70 or 45-90. Never have had the opportunity to shoot one.... best pk
  7. Considering the fact that my 30” octagon shiloh #3 sporter comes in around 13.5.....and this rifle seems lighter....I would say that isn't correct. Heck, a loaded BAR weighs in right under 20 pounds.
  8. 34 inch barrel. Let me figure out how to weigh it! Thanks pk
  9. No cowboy guns. I collect colts (not saa) and correct collectors grade US surplus guns. Colt 1902,1903, 1905 ect early colt autos. Pythons, ect. Thanks!!
  10. I have 2 shiloh’s now so Im gonna let this one go. I got this from a guy who used it for hunting, he left it in his gun case too long and in return had some light surface freckles that have been professionally cleaned up. The bore is perfect and the gun shoots good. 34inch half round/octagon barrel 45/70 fancy grade wood pistol grip with double set triggers shotgun buttplate Old C. Sharps vernier sight shipped to you for $2800//// LOWERED PRICE $2500 SHIPPED
  11. I have 3 DA 78's -4 3/4 .45(some finish good bore), 5 1/2 .45(same)  and a 7 1/2 38/40,(no real finish but a decent shootable bore) a 1909 Colt DA(pretty decent shape) and a 1877  DA(good)   in .38 Colt. All guns are functional - Not sure of value of any of them.  let me know what your thoughts are

    1. Preacher Kid

      Preacher Kid

      I really appreciate your offer. Im looking for DA in the sense of cobras, pythons, detective specials and what not. I would like a photo of the 1909 though. 

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