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  1. I have one I'm going to list tomorrow or Thursday. Stoger 12 ga. Shotgun Boogie full race ready. over $500.00 in upgrades adjustable chokes big brass bead rimmed tubes stay open single trigger safety removed grip thinned by Johnny Meadows to make it closer to a SKB grip AND LEVER OPENS IN BOTH DIRECTIOBS FOR A LEFT HAND SHOOTER AS WELL. Used in 3 matches.. over $800.00 invested..Will sell for $800.00 shipped to your FFL
  2. Up for sale is my recently acquired 1887 lever gun, 20 inch BBL. PW87-0023XX, Made in China (what a shock). Thought I'd like to try it. Big mistake. Used in 1 1/2 matches, maybe 18 rounds shot thru it. Lots of fun but I just can't give up my SKB's and I don't wanna take the time to learn how to use it like Lassiter :-). It's so new there's not even a gun cart nick in the wood (see pix). Has Lassiter drop 2 installed. $800.00 shipped to your FFL Questions? No trades at this time unless you have a AR15 9mm pistol with brace. Easier to find a Unicorn these days. Windy
  3. not before, but did now thanks
  4. What's the barrel lengty of the 66 and is it short stroked? Raceshots@aol.com
  5. um, I don't get it; but I'm old.
  6. Come to Tucson, home of the brave and land of the mostly free. A conservative state with way LIBERAL gun laws and about the same Corona -19 levels.
  7. So, 2 thoughts: 1-so now that Michigan knows who the "guy" is, as an ex convict did he have his rights restored? If not, isn't he a prohibitive possessor? If he is, is there gonna be a warrant out for his arrest? Just asking. 2-thanks for the video, I almost forgot to put my ar-15 in my car
  8. beautiful couch and chair how much to mail it to Tucson :-)
  9. Thunderstick Trading/Tucson Located on Jefferson (east side)
  10. might you be interested in a Ruger mini-14 in 223, extra mags, Red Dot sight, folding stock?
  11. Are you shooting Pima this weekend?
  12. Check with Lassiter. I got my last 2 from him.
  13. Might have about 500 of mixed head stamps. Figure about $60.00 with shipping; depending on where you are, will determine shipping cost. Let me know if I should start counting. Thanks Windy@ Raceshots8@gmail.com
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