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  1. I was going to have something similar custom made at Winter range. Price was $75.00. It was from the vendor that does all the canvas and leather shotgun and cartrige belts and ammo pouches. Would you consider $75.00 shipped? Windy City Red
  2. First of all, thanks for the many replies. However as new shooters, like the rest of us, they were kinna hoping for a bargain to start and while the offers were certainly reasonable, they were a bit much for the gold available. If anything like that is out there, please e-mail me. Thanks again- My neighbors are just starting to shoot cowboy. We let them use our leathers and guns and loaned them my square deal to help them reduce costs. I found a good used Stoger for them. They are now looking for a set of 357's and a rifle, hopefully a 66 or 73. We spoiled them by letting them use my Palo Verde rifle and Boogie pistols. Big mistake for starters LOL. Like many of us when we were young ( I myself can't remember that far back as me and Moses were very good friends), they don't have a ton of money to start this game. If you have some safe queens, please let me know and I can pass the info on to them. Thanks Raceshots@aol.com
  3. Blaze, are they short stroked? Windy City Red :-)
  4. I didn't know how to attach the pix you requeswted to a "message", so i added them to the post.


  5. Thanks for the reply. I started to shoot duelist so the low hammers make cocking easier for me By the way, I am a fat kid that loves cupcakes. Take care.
  6. I'd love to, but I can't separate them. they go together like peas and mashed potatos .
  7. Yes, the guns are free but the mat is $2,100.00 shipped to your FFL. :-) Thanks for asking. What about the skull????????
  8. Sorry I made a mistake, these are NMV not OMV as originally stated. OOPS. Up for sale is my precious set of Shotgun Boogie NMV Bisley's in 357. These are one of a kind guns: Full competition action work and short stroke by Boogie including widened rear sight which he no longer offers as an option; Super Blackhawk hammers; Custom grips; Engraving by Aspen Philly; Barrel shortened to 4 1/2" by Johnny Meadows including a brass front sight installed. This is not a slip on but a one piece sight; This makes for faster in and out of the holster as well as a tad lighter. Selling these as my other Boogie guns are plow handles and these make for a different muscle memory for what few muscles I have left. Otherwise I'd just make them safe queens to fondle occasionally. $2,100 firm shipped and insured to your FFL dealer OR $2,000 FTF at Bordertown , Cowtown or ACSA, in October. Any questions e-mail me at Raceshots@aol.com Thanks for looking...........
  9. Up for sale are custom grips for NM Vaqueros. Grip 1) Original cost $120.00 $80.00 shipped; Grip 2) Fleur de Lis' same as above I paid $120.00 for these $80.00 shipped; and Grip 3) Standard grips, not custom, Texas Star. $35.00 All 3 sets for $160.00 shipped FYI-Later tonight or tomorrow will post my favorite guns. Shotgun Boogie full competition set-up on OMV Bisleys in .357...... My other Boogies are plow handles and these require different muscle memory on my part, otherwise I would just keep them as safe queens. Windy City Red Raceshots@aol.com with questions.
  10. Up for sale is my SKB 200 which I bought new. Johnny Meadows full race gun with stay open and mechanical trigger. Low mileage as this is my back-up to my back-up. No real need for 3 SKB's,,,,,,, unlike 1897's if you know what I mean LOL. Best estimate is somewhere between 150-250 rounds shot thru it. Has large bead front sight and typical gun cart and safe nicks and dings. Has 1 small chip near lever, happened very 1st match it was used. $1,300.00 plus shipping and insurance to your FFL. Any questions Raceshots8@gmail.com
  11. oops, just finally paid attention. Musta seen a shinny object.
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