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  1. I'll send you 50 for postage cost if you like. Raceshots@aol.com
  2. idve interested in the orange slicker if available.
  3. I have 2 mernickle rigs. quality always amazing. this is a great deal on a beautiful set up.
  4. glad you sold it . see you soon,,,,maybe Saturday in tombstone.
  5. can't see pix. can you send them to raceshots8@gmail.com? thanks
  6. did you ever get my payment for number 2? thanks. raceshots8@gmail.com
  7. pretty good deal. put me first in line if it falls through.
  8. you are a gentleman and a scholar. your generosity knows no bounds. Windy City Red.
  9. Shirttail,. congratulations,,, you're my second favorite short lady shooter. Windy
  10. one of my few regrets from EOT, is no Dairy Queen for our crews to get together. Oh well there's always Utah. :-) More important than that, congratulations on your championship. .WINDY CITY RED.
  11. Congratulations. enjoyed vthe the shoot off as well. see you soon. Windy City Red
  12. you're like a Timex watch. CONGRATULATIONS. WINDY CITY RED.
  13. so you still got it after all these YEARS. Congratulations. damn fine match. Windy
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