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  1. replied to you message. Was interested in the TALO 45 LC. Will be at WR week from Tuesday n doing Speed Pistol @ 11:00
  2. Nice chinks. How tall are you?
  3. Don coyote, do you think Ruger vaqueros will work in the holsters? Windy City red
  4. I'll take it. Where do I send the gold? Windy City Red raceshots8@gmail.com
  5. What's her email, so I can't tell her what you said :-)
  6. Thanks, but a bummer, I don't have a facebook account. Thanks for your effort. happy trails to you.
  7. post says it all. Anyone have her e-mail address? Thanks Windy
  8. Bummer, well thanks for the reply. Windy
  9. If the deal falls through, I'm in.. Windy it
  10. Thanks Will take care of the gold Monday. Money order, check, Green stamps? What's your posion?
  11. I'll take the suspenders Am traveling till Saturday night. Email me at raceshots@aol.com and let me know where to send the gold. Thanks.Wondy City Red
  12. It looks from the pix that the chest size from pit to pit is 54. Is that correct. I'm interested. Will be in Phoenix for a match till Saturday afternoon.
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