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  1. beautiful gun n ol number 4 does GREAT work. Hard to replace my SKB's though.
  2. all my rigs are for 4 5/8" NMV. Looking for a set for right hand strong side with crossdraw. Belt not necessary. Let me know what you have.. Thanks Windy
  3. BTT Friggin magnificent gun. If I had a pair of wooly chaps, I'd buy it just to carry in my cart it's so beautiful.
  4. I have one I'd consider selling. if still looking, e mail me at raceshots8@gmail.com and I'll send pic.
  5. well, we are definitely getting closer to the $2,000 mark :-). Windy City red
  6. next time you go into the gun room after church, see if you can find something really nice for under $2,000 :-). Windy City red
  7. Are the bullets corroded or is that just how they look? Thanks Windy City Red
  8. I have a trade offer for you. I will trade you a set of Jimmy Spur Blackhawks for your VQueris and 150.00 These are new, never used in a match and I think 10 rounds fired thru one of the guns. As you may imagine, I have approximately $2,200 in the set. Love and kisses Windy City red
  9. are there hammers on The vaqueros super Blackhawk hammers? Windy
  10. where should I send the gold? raceshots8@gmail.com
  11. high Rock, it's windy city. how long is the shaft on the boot? are you going to be at Los vaqueros Saturday?
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