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  1. Got about 1475 miles on with 450 left to go tomorrow. kR
  2. If you are worried about the residue on sg shells wash them in a 5 gallon bucket with some delead laundry soap. don't let them stay wet for very long as the primers may corrode. kR
  3. Spirolina works great, but it will also remove vitamins and other minerals from your system. If you use it you should take a multi vitamin daily. I take a vitamin in the morning and spirolina at nite. I also use cilantro for seasoning frequently. I had my lead level tested and it was 31, the Dr. told me I had to quit shooting. He never suggested any method to reduce the level. At about that time Chicken George was posting about elevated lead levels and ways to reduce it. I started with the spirolina and cilantro and in 6 weeks the level dropped to 24. During that period of time I had at least a 2 day shoot every weekend. I went to Tucson for a consult and they asked me all the usual questions and told me I was doing the right things and to get it checked again in a year. They did stress the fact that if a chelating agent is used a multi vitamin must be taken. kR
  4. I will make sure when we get back home we are on our way to a shoot right now. Black Gold. kR
  5. Hm, sounds like I'm not a veteran. I served 2 yrs 7 months and about 19 days. VA says I'm a disabled Veteran. kR
  6. May not be black but certainly is smoked up a bit. kR
  7. I'm not sure but it stretched from here to there so it musta been big. kR
  8. Bangor, ME 20 plus years ago fella was charged and convicted of carryin a concealed weapon. A hammer. kR
  9. What is all this gun buyin and sellin ya'll are referring to? kR
  10. Well, ............................ almost. kR
  11. I think down here in AT the lube would be comin out around the primer. Gets hot enough down here it almost melts the lead. kR
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