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  1. Looking for a shooter, Reproduction or original, 56-56 or 56-50
  2. Nothing received, not sure if my profile got put on "ignore"? Regardless, the phone/text works.
  3. Sir, the last message I received just said "paypal will work". I too responded, so something isn't getting through the PMs. Feel free to call or text to 256, eight zero eight, 4028
  4. Sir, I'm just waiting for your paypal info, so I can send the payment. Thanks
  5. thanks, I already bought another Pietta, so am good for now.
  6. Cabela’s has the Pietta on sale right now, but figured I’d check to see if someone has a full size cattleman (not stallion) in 4 3/4” barrel, color cased hardended frame for sale?
  7. Dawg, I can use two, so let me know what you find out. Thanks, SH
  8. I've got a Uberti Smokewagon 1873 with a factory checkered Navy grip, and would like to swap it out for a complete Uberti Army Grip (frame, backstrap, grip) Let me know if you have one to sell or trade, thanks. SH
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