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  1. I hate wires and cables! I use the wireless chargers for all my iphones and have never had an issue. Simple and convenient. The Apple Watch can only be charged wirelessly.
  2. +1 On the Kodiak! Best tent I ever used, and a snap to set up by yourself.
  3. I shot my first CAS match with a 1886 in 45-70......It was all I had at the time and the guys said, "Go for it!" Man, I was sure beat by the end of the match.......
  4. Hardest kicking rifle I ever fired was a friend's Winchester Model 71 chambered in 450 Alaskan. 400gr bullet, loaded just a bit north of 2000FPS. Hit me so hard, that I thought the dang thang had blown up! I suspect it would have been of great comfort to a fella eye to eye with a brown bear.....
  5. Hey, Bailey Creek, this may be of some interest to you..... https://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php?topic=23703.0 Good luck!
  6. Last Stand Of The Tin Can Sailors: Good read on the subject. https://www.amazon.com/Last-Stand-Tin-Sailors-Extraordinary/dp/0553381482
  7. As a recovering hataholic, I enjoyed this tour of your collection! Nice!
  8. Got the second Moderna shot last Thursday. No reaction what so ever. Arm wasn't even sore! However, I'm not sure what to do with this third arm!
  9. Little Joe. Sure miss the little stinker.....
  10. Griz -


    Hope you and Rose are fine.  Wanted to ask if you still had your band together and might want to do a gig at the NM state championship next Septermber 22 (2018).


    Garrison Joe - PM me or email at drcoles@flash.net 



    1. Grizzly Adams 3674

      Grizzly Adams 3674

      Still have the band, and would love to do the NM Championship gig.  Let me check with the others and make sure we have no conflicts, and I will get back to you.



  11. Grizzly Adams,

    What size is your Stratoliner ?

    What Color ?

    Looking for a 7 1/2 or maybe 7 3/8



    1. Grizzly Adams 3674

      Grizzly Adams 3674

      Hi, Fallon.  It is a 7 and 1/8.

    2. Fallon, SASS 20190

      Fallon, SASS 20190


      Thanks for the size - to small for me.

      I did pick up a Hobbs Golden Coach 7 1/2 - like new so i am good for a now.



  12. I believe the purpose of this is to provide an ID (REAL) that proves you are in fact a citizen of the US. A driver's license, in many places in the country, could easily be obtained by folks who are not citizens of the US - NM as a case in point!. Without a Real ID, you would/will need a passport to board a plane or enter a government building.
  13. If you examine the carrier on your Winchester /Miroku 73, you will note that the top of the carrier is beveled or notched on the right hand side. That was designed into the rifle so that it will throw the brass forward and away from the shooter. In short, the Miroku is tuned to show the brass forward - at least the 38/357 seems to be. The only "fix" I know of is to install the Pioneer Gunworks kit which includes a new carrier.
  14. Hi Grizzly, since my alias is Horned Toad Tom, I think I need one of these pins. Please let me know how to send you $. HTT/Chorro Valley Regulators & Pozo River Vigilance Comm.

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