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  1. Yeah, that’s tip to tip. Still for sale.
  2. F/S New Cochise HS1885 Gun Belt, lined and with 45 caliber loops. Belt is 44 inches long. Can accommodate 5.5” and shorter barreled SAA Type pistols. This is $345 new, but I’d like $230 shipped.
  3. New, unused Pietta 1858 in .44 caliber. Asking $225 shipped.
  4. You don't happen to be in Central Florida by any chance, do you?

  5. Charlie Bison,

    I received a e-mail from you.

    Please give me a call at ( 928 ) 649-1130



  6. The best I can do on the 380 brass is $45 shipped. Send me an email if your interested. mike72655@mchsi.com

  7. Charlie,

    Do you still have the Colt SAA Birdshead for sale? PM me if you do or email me ari_techner@scratchgolf.com

  8. charlie,Is the Henry still for sale?


  9. Charlie,do you have original box and papers for it? and are there any dings or schratches on the rifle.i'm very very interested in buying it.I have been looking for one for some time.i'm here in california and I have an FFL dealer to send the rifle to.do you have a problem with that.

    Thanks you,sean murphy AKA murf

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