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  1. Do you have any used 45CS left? 

    How used is used?


    Twelve Bore

  2. Are overall results posted somewhere? They are not on the Circle K site. This is my 3rd time at Heluva Rukus, always well run with great stages and as always at these shooting events a great group of people
  3. LOL!!! I think if you read my post you would see that I posted a reply on the muzzleloading forum where he only has the 1860 for sale.
  4. I will take it. Replied also on the muzzleloading forum. JAG
  5. If you are looking for one for Wild Bunch I have one I will sell. Very good condition, matching serial numbers, barrel cut to 23 inches, large bead front sight installed, holds six. $675
  6. Super Black Hawk hammers. I had these in my Vaqueros, don't like them. $35 each plus shipping or $70 for the pair shipped
  7. Like new (used in 3 events) Left Hand WB holster, fits modern sight gun, which means it will also fit Traditional as the difference is the height of the front sight. $110 shipped. Now a $100 shipped
  8. Looking for 2 to try shooting frontiersman. Steel frame, 5.5 inch barrels preferred.
  9. Sent you a message last Friday asking about the saddle rifle?

  10. Interested in the saddle rifle!

    The 18 inch barrel is that measured from end of chamber or front of receiver?

    Does the price include shipping and insurance? Zip code is 14411

    Shipped FFL to FFL?

    Thank you, Jim G.


  11. Can you ship FFL to FFL?

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