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  1. If available, I'll take it. Cliff
  2. Pack these in with the double holster set and I’ll take them, too. Cliff
  3. I’ll take it. Just let me know how you want payment. Cliff
  4. Great, just get me your address and I'll verify the shipping cost and let you know. Cliff
  5. I guess it's my turn to add something to this thread. This is a Lawrence Holster, size 120. It is designed to fit a Colt or Remington 6" revolver. That is a Merwin-Hulbert shown in it to give a size reference, it's not included. Could use a good cleaning, other than that it's in good shape. Claim it and cover shipping and it's yours. It should fit in a Small USPS Priority Box. Not sure of the current price, but it should be below $10.00. Don't forget to post something up to keep paying it forward. Shadow Cliff Matthews, Central Florida
  6. Yessir, I may be bringing some PepperBall parts to the SO. If not, one of my cowboys is on the Mounted Patrol for Pinellas Park PD. I'm sure I can work something out with him if I end up not coming over. I should be able to let you know something definite by Wednesday. We do our next event in Williston on Nov 5 & 6. You are more than welcome to participate. We have 15 or so of the original gunfighters redoing the shows that they did when they were teenagers. They perform 5 shows each day. The Can-Can girls do their shows following the Six Gun gunfights. We have a narrow-gauge train that carries up to 200 people and runs about every 45 minutes. There are usually enough outlaws, mounted and on the ground, to rob it every time it runs. We also have an Indian village and Bloomtown in the woods. There is plenty going on. If you want to see some of what we do, go to our Facebook page, Six Gun Territory, (official). Cliff
  7. No sir, I lead a bunch of guys doing things like the Six Gun Territory Reunions. We did two shows in Pinellas Park back in April. I may be over that way later this week dropping some equipment off at PCSO. I can let you know if that happens.
  8. I’ll give the boots a go. Need to know info for shipping payment. I am at 32159 zip. Thanks, now I have to see what I can throw up here. Cliff
  9. I'll take these. I will PayPal you once I get the shipping cost. My zip code is 32159. Thank you, Cliff
  10. If for any reason this doesn't go through with John Barleycorn, I'll take it. Cliff
  11. What would the brown rig and the Single Six holsters be together? Cliff
  12. I always have new people joining our shows, and ladies have been coming on board like crazy. I am interested in all but the boots. Could you give me a total price, please? Shipping would be to 32159. Thank you, Cliff
  13. Pee Wee, go ahead and send them my way. They won't fit me, but I can find someone they will. I'll send the check tomorrow. Same address, I presume. Shove the bonnet in with them to save you some shipping. Cliff
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