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  1. I’ll take 5 & 7. Relay the details, please. Cliff
  2. I’ll take the black, if still available.32159 will be zip code to figure shipping. Cliff
  3. I'm showing it as Robert's Mobile Home and RV Resort at 3390 Gandy Blvd. Come see us. Look forward to meeting you. We'll have handouts and such for our Feb. 1 & 2 Six Gun Show. Cliff
  4. That's right, we will be doing another Six Gun Territory Wild West Weekend and Reunion on Feb. 1 & 2, 2020 at the Kirby Family Farm in Williston, FL. That's about 20 miles west of Ocala off of Hwy 27. If you are interested in participating, you can contact me, Shadow Caster. I'm responsible for the overall safety as well as registering all of the weapon carrying participants. We did our first event here in September of 2015 with about 50 people. Now, we are running over 150. We have about 15 of the original gunfighters doing the same shows they did in the 60's and 70's. We also have a few of the original Can-Can girls who show up to help with the atmosphere. There will be gunfights in town, train robberies, even outlaws in the woods. Help is always invited, but you will have to register. You can contact me through the wire, or you can go to my Facebook page, Shadow Riders. For more information, go to Six Gun Territory (original) on Facebook, or my Shadow Riders group. Some of us will be in St. Pete on Jan. 11 doing a show at an RV park. Come see us there. Cliff
  5. If the belt and holsters are still in the game, I’ll take them. Cliff
  6. I’ll take the other pair. Please send mail info. sgtmatt427@yahoo.com
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